And The Winner Of The Flip Video Cam Is….Lillie Marie!

You can see the full voting results here. It was neck and neck down to the final moments, but Lillie, also known as Latin Yankee Rebel, is the champ with this great Fan Moment pic:

LillieMarie:Apr20 at camden yards 07.contest.lillie mari.jpg

Lillie got 202 votes. Congrats to her and to everyone who participated. I’ll be posting about another contest soon (yes, more swag, thanks to the generous companies that offer their wares), but in the meantime this one was lots of fun for me to host. All the photos were wonderful and proved once again how much we all care about our teams.


  1. latinyankeerebel

    OMG!! thank you everyone who voted!
    it was a very tough race, in fact I actually voted for Wendy, her pic is so adorable, love the fact that you are teaching your children about baseball and showing ’em the Yankees are the best.. LOL
    But all the pics were amazing! We are all fans of this great sport and that is what it is important!
    Thank you Jane for this really cool contest! You rock!

  2. mikeeff

    congrats on your win

    and jane i’ll be looking forward to a new i didnt have any worthy fan pix of myself…i’m usualy just pacing back and forth like a caged cat.

  3. crzblue2

    Congratulations! We expect to see cool videos now.
    Thank you Jane for all your hard working doing this! It was nice putting a pic to the words.
    If any of you come to Dodger Stadium, keep in mind that no signs are permitted. I see fans from other teams and sometimes our own coming with signs that end up in the trash.

  4. Jane Heller

    Dodger Stadium doesn’t allow signs, Emma? That’s surprising, since it’s so fan friendly there.

  5. heartruss

    thank you for picking my picture as part of the contest. It meant a lot to me, As I’ve said it was my most special picture since it included my son in my favorite spot Dodger Stadium. I have many pix of myself with players and at the stadium but I love the one I entered..
    Dodger Stadium is very fan friendly but there has to be limits. No cans or glass, no signs (could poke someone in the eye and also may be offensive) no bags larger than 14 inches. However people can bring in a whole picnic lunch. No alcohol but a 1 liter bottle of water is permitted. I’ve seen all kinds of things printed on tee shirts which is permitted. I have never seen any other stadium where the staff is so helpful as my stadium. They are the best.

  6. Jane Heller

    Thanks for explaining the rules at Dodger Stadium, Cat. Yankee Stadium is the most strict of all, I think. People bring signs, but they’re usually asked to take them down. And if you get caught wearing a T-shirt that’s unacceptable, you’re gone.

  7. latinyankeerebel

    Well, I have taken posters to Yankee Stadium and no one told me to put it down… I usually pull up the posters in between innings.. I’m from Panama, Mariano is from Panama, so when I first went to the Old Yankee Stadium (this was in 2002 and I still lived in Panama) All i wanted to do was show our support as Panamanians to our fellow Panamanian… I brought a huge flag and we were seating at the upper deck and we had some tape and we hung the flag there… Security came and told us to take it off because it was covering a commercial sign of some sorts… we took it off and then I checked if we really had a sign there… we didn’t….

    now, in Camden Yards, there is NO problem…LOL…

  8. Jane Heller

    Speaking of Mo and your Panamanian connection, Lillie, I think it’s time you asked him to let me interview him for this blog!

  9. latinyankeerebel

    I wish I could interview him too! Let’s see what can be done.. who knows maybe it’ll happen!… Let’s just pray the new Ambassador let’s me keep my job here. :0p

  10. contractyear

    Hi, Jane, I actually watched the end of that game and thought of you. “Wow, I bet Jane is going nuts!” I told my husband.
    Sorry I haven’t commented in weeks. I just returned from my high school reunion which I ran. Lots of work! No time for baseball.
    In case you haven’t noticed, Jason Giambi has shaved off his rebelious grunge look and–amazement of all amazement–he’s hit a dinger in each game since. He’s back! We A’s fans are delirious!

  11. Jane Heller

    I did go nuts, Bee, but we had a great home stand. Hope your reunion was fun. I’m glad for Giambi and A’s fans that he’s back and hitting well. You must be thrilled!

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