Eight Is NOT Enough!

Who cares what that old TV show said. The Yankees clobbered the Orioles 11-4 for their eighth straight victory tonight and I’m not ready to say, “Enough.” Why should I? This streak is a blast and I hope it keeps going. Call me greedy, even piggish, but that’s how I am when it comes to the Yanks (and cake). More. More. More.
What’s great about streaks is that they’re never just about one player. They feature a different hero every night. A different villain, too.
Tonight’s hero? Phil Hughes. Hat tip right back at you, buddy.
He wasn’t exactly Nolan Ryan out there, but he did strike out nine over five innings with a wicked fast ball. He earned another start for sure. If Wang rediscovers his sinker and takes back his slot in the rotation, I wouldn’t mind seeing Hughes in the pen, especially if it means sending Veras down to Triple A.
Other heroes?
* The sizzling hot Tex, who got the offense cooking with an RBI double in the first.
* The Nickster, whose first Yankee Stadium homer just made it over Markakis’s head.
* Cano, whose dinger sailed four rows over Markakis’s head.
* Melky, who went back-to-back-to-back even deeper over Markakis’s head.
Speaking of Markakis’s head, it had to feel like Linda Blair’s in “The Exorcist.”
Oddly enough, Guthrie, who served up the above bombs, not only settled down but hung around through the seventh, allowing him the opportunity to plunk both A-Rod…
…and Tex.
I know. The ball “just slipped.” Whatever. Suffice it to say that if Guthrie drove over to my house and rang the doorbell, he’d be greeted by this.
Speaking of getting hit, poor Melky. In the third, he took one for the team after he fouled off a pitch. The ball came right up and bit him in an extremely sensitive place, causing Posada to break out laughing in the dugout and Michael Kay to lament in the booth: “It’s not funny when it happens to you.”
On a brighter note, the Yankees weren’t done scoring. They tacked on a bunch of runs off Baez and Walker in the eighth – another late-inning burst. Does anyone have a good pen? Even Mo got taken deep again.
No, I’m not complaining. Eight may not be enough, but it’ll do….until tomorrow when we finish up with the O’s and then host the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies over the weekend.
Playing the champs will makes us the underdogs, with all the pressure on them.
Will they dominate us? Or will yet another pinstriped hero emerge and feel the love from his teammates?
I’m hoping for more pie.

(Final call for the Favorite Fan Moment photo contest. Deadline is Friday at midnight. I wish the people at Flip Video would give a camcorder to all 19 candidates, but only one will win!)


  1. levelboss

    “..if Guthrie drove over to my house.., he’d be greeted by this..” {video slap}


    and what’s really nice is that Boston has been playing Toronto this week.. either way, the Yankees gain ground (assuming the Yankees can keep winning over Baltimore).. only 2.5 behind the top spot and 1 behind Boston

  2. Jane Heller

    If we just keep winning, we’ll gain ground and be right where we need to be, Levelboss. It’s Joba’s turn next. Let’s hope….

  3. ibrenne@yahoo.com

    While i agree with you about hughes, i heard that veras can’t be sent down to the minors – he’ll have to be put on waivers first and girardi doesn’t want to lose him and his 95mph fastball. I for one would not cry if he “walked” since he does that so well, but veras is here to stay. That is why ramirez got demoted to the minors, bc he has options left and veras doesn’t.

  4. juliasrants

    It was the night of the long ball! The Red Sox added 5 of their own! I hope that Melky is okay – I need him to keep hitting to help my fantasy team! lol! And Hughes? It would be good if he could stay up; he seems to have earned his spot.


  5. latinyankeerebel

    Awesome block entry by the way!
    Yes, I have to agree with you I want more wins and I want to go to New York in november to the Championship Parade dammit! LOL

    Steve -> I have my eyes on you! :0p (suddenly I’m reminded of that Geico commercial (“Tell me who’s watching… Sometimes i feel like sombody is watching meeeeee.”)

    Free commercial —->vote for me! Lille Marie #2

  6. cheshirecat9

    These are the good times and I am enjoying them! 9 is my lucky number and I hope that Joba can help the team reach that. Go Yanks!!!

  7. Jane Heller

    Thanks for explaining the Veras situation, Ibrenne. I thought they were hanging on to him because he was blackmailing somebody. 🙂

    I heard your guys went deep a few times, Julia, including Ortiz. You must be happy about that one.

    So your absence was the lucky charm, Steve? Could I buy you a ticket to Tasmania or someplace?

    I would like nothing better than a parade in November, Latinyankeerebel. But it’s only May so we have a long way to go.

    One day at a time, Joe. That’s how I’m looking at this.

    I did switch pens, Sue. But I haven’t posted the new one. I’m afraid I’ll jinx it. LOL.

    Cheshirecat, if Joba strikes out 12 again, #9 will be a good bet. But that’s a big IF.

  8. latinyankeerebel

    talking about superstitions.. I haven’t changed my purse since I saw the Yankees play Baltimore on May 10th and they won. It’s a brown purse and in it is my brown Yankees cap with the pink Yankees logo on it… so yeah.. I look hilairous dressed in black with a brown purse, but I don’t care! LOL

  9. Jane Heller

    Latinyankeerebel, if there’s a tie in the contest, we’ll just have to do a runoff election between the first place candidates. No recounts! No hanging chads! Just one on one. Or two, depending.

    Oh, Jeff. I’m trying so hard not to be naughty. I had a great photo up of where Melky got hit last night, but I took it off, figuring I’d get in trouble.

  10. Jane Heller

    We have interleague this weekend, Kaybee. So do other teams. Don’t the Padres play an AL team? Anyhow, congrats on the winning streak.

  11. mikeeff

    i’m still laughing over the slap clip. and speaking of bitch slpas, i wonder if joba is planning on taking down a couple of O’d tonight to take care of unfinished business that andy and hughes failed to do. of course he has huff to deal with as well, but i’d prefer that he get one of the other guys. make it less obvious.

    more important that we keep the streak alive!


  12. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Oh yess, this has been a wonderful week. As a natch’l-born sports pessimist, I worry about how hard they may crash’n’burn when it ends, but let’s not think about that now, not with the Philthy-delphia Phillies comin’ in…another old baseball buddy sent me an article this week about that amazing Phillies-Cubs game in 1979 — anybody remember? — it was 23-22, final score, the wind blowing out at Wrigley –but with the new stadium’s N.Y. Jet Stream, so to speak, maybe we’ll see something similar!!

  13. Jane Heller

    Mike, I agree it would be satisfying to see Joba give Huff a little love tap. But I think he should just concentrate on getting batters out. No first-inning troubles. No walks. No hit batsmen. Just outs. And another win for us!

    The balls are flying out, Russ. Some of them are cheapies, but a lot are really tagged. I hope the Yankees can keep hitting them and prevent the other side from doing the same.

    No crashing and burning, Dave. A lull, maybe. That’s OK. Every team has them. But a 23-22 final score? Please no!

  14. Yankees Reality Check

    Ack! I had a girls night out last night and missed the homers! But I got home in time to monitor the last few innings on the Gamecast. I know, it’s not the same, but hubby had free rein of the television at that point. I too am greedy – more wins, more pie, more strikeouts (are you listening, Joba?), and more general happiness in Yankeeland!

  15. Jane Heller

    Naughty you, Latinyankeerebel.

    The back-to-back-to-back homers were fun to watch, Yankees Reality Check, especially since we started the season in such an offensive drought. More general happiness in Yankeeland indeed.

    I’m enjoying it, Canuck. Believe me. I know it won’t last forever!

  16. Jane Heller

    Jenn, I would never do that! The Yankees have a way of making even mediocre pitchers look great, so I’ll celebrate #9 after it happens. (Superstitious? Me?)

    That’s it, Dillon. Everybody’s contributing all the way down the lineup. Let’s hope….

    Now that you mention it, Paul, I think you’re right. Ah, show biz.

  17. Jane Heller

    It does seem like yesterday, Cat. But right now I’m not feeling so happy. The Yanks’ starter for tonight, Joba Chamberlain, got hit in the leg by a comebacker in the first inning and had to come out of the game. Very worried about him!

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