Check That….Seven In A Row Is Not A Freak Accident!

Two weeks ago, the Yankees were old and feeble and caving in under the weight of expectations. This week? They’re the hottest team in baseball, caving in to no one.
Tonight’s 9-1 win over the O’s started out as a nifty pitcher’s duel between Cee Cee and a rookie named Bergesen. A-Rod crushed a no-doubter in the first inning – his fourth homer in as many games. Yeah, he sure does look rusty.'s.jpg
But the score remained at 2-1 for, like, ever. Three up, three down. Side retired. Nobody doing much of anything. La la la. It was enough to make me yell at the TV: “GIVE POOR CEE CEE SOME INSURANCE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!”
And then Chris Ray relieved Bergesen. All hell broke loose for Baltimore.
Jeter doubled, Damon singled and Tex hit his fourth homer in four games, putting the Yanks up by eight and confirming yet again that he has emerged from his April slumber.
I was surprised that the quartet of Roberts/Jones/Markakis/Huff didn’t do their usual damage, but all credit goes to Cee Cee, who dominated and got his first home win in pinstripes.
I know we’ve established this, but is he large or what? In the seventh, Mora lined one right at him and he swatted at the ball as if it were this.
He seems to enjoy throwing to Cervelli, who continues to be a spark plug on the team. And I thought he was just some kid whose wrist got broken in that spring training collision with the Rays guy last year. Little did I know.
The bullpen gained one and lost one tonight. Edwar got sent down to Triple A. Sweet kid with a nice change-up, but I hope the door didn’t hit him on the way out. Bruney came off the DL and pitched a 1-2-3 eighth. I’m not wild about his shaved head, but who am I to judge if he wants to look like this? Same with Phil Coke.
Bombko took care of the O’s in the ninth, and the Yankees’ seventh straight “W” was in the books.
I love these games. Just when I think I know the outcome, the boys surprise me. If there’s something more entertaining on television right now than watching them pull off their late-inning heroics, I don’t know what it is. I can’t wait to tune in tomorrow night.
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  1. mikeeff

    chris ray–always a fan favorite. i think i might even like him more than perkins from last night. this winning streak reminds me of that one in late may of 2007 when the went nine in a row and started to climb outa the hole they had dug. I still shudder whgen i think about the roadtrip that followed that streak though…swept by the rockies and then losing 2/3 to the hapless giants..then on to an ugly reception in baltimore. why am i recounting that litany of hideousness? i dont know. just occurred to me i suppose. anyway…lets hope mr softie ( phil hughes) has a decent outing…

  2. Jane Heller

    I wrote my book about ’07, so I remember that streak all too well, Mike. The sweep in CO and then the series against the Giants were pathetic and frustrating. But remember: they didn’t have pitching that year. I’m feeling more hopeful this time because of CC and AJ and Joba and Andy. If Wang/Hughes can contribute, so much the better. There’s just the tiny matter of the bullpen. Couldn’t they have sent Veras to S-WB too?

  3. levelboss

    Jane, if you haven’t seen this clip from tonight’s game already i recommend it.. the clip is of Jeter and Damon chasing a foul ball, and then they playfully greet a young fan.. i thought it was way cool, because it was like two legendary Yankees in a happy moment with a fan (perhaps as if Reggie Jackson and Thurman Munson or Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris had greeted a fan)..

  4. Jane Heller

    OMG, that is so cute, Levelboss! I didn’t see it because I was stuck with the Orioles’ feed tonight, not YES. Can you imagine being that kid? Talk about memories that last a lifetime.


    All Righty Then! I went to my first MLB ballgame of ’09 last nite (well, it was the Nats & Pirates, so it was almost MLB) — a nice new ballpark I hope you get to see someday soon — has a neat outa town scoreboard, thank the sports gods — yes, it sure DID seem like it was 2-1 forever — Son #1 and the wife were of course pulling for the O’s/against the Yanks, but I left it up to them to keep up — quietly, I enjoyed that N.Y. loaded the bases in the 7th — then it was 3-1, oh goody — then suddenly it was 9-1, game over, kinda like the Nats themselves (they lost in 10 innings, of course)…Jersey Bob is in LOVE with Cervelli, and how can ya not be? Keep on keepin’ on, Miz J…!!

  6. Yankees Reality Check

    Thanks for pointing out that clip, Levelboss. I too was stuck with the Orioles feed, which is always a snooze-fest. That was super-cute. Jane, CC is big, big man, and his size only makes his happy demeanor that much cooler. I read somewhere yesterday about how he stretches out his game pants to get that baggy look. It reminded me of what I have to do to my t-shirts when certain manufacturers decide that women shouldn’t have hips.

  7. Jane Heller

    They did indeed, Julia. Feels mighty good.

    They’ve been winning ever since he came back, Russ, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Any time you have your cleanup hitter back, it’s got to be a boost for the players.

    Glad you got to go to a game, Dave, even if you did see the Nats lose in extras. Hope you had a good time.

    LOL, Yankees Reality Check. I read that too about CC’s pants. I was thinking about it while his pants were ballooning out in the wind last night.

    I hope it lasts too, Kaybee. I know you’re enjoying every minute of it!

  8. luckylori

    Wow, Jane! When your Yanks pull it together, they really pull it together. Forget April ever happened and just enjoy your May. I’ll try not to be too jealous. (Although we’re on 2 in a row! Woohoo!)

  9. Jane Heller

    They’re making me forget April, Lori, and I’m enjoying this streak while it lasts. Maybe the Angels’ two in a row will become three and…You never know!

    Yes, it does feel good to win, Cat, especially when compared to the alternative!

  10. Jane Heller

    The AL East will be a dog fight all the way through, Jeremy. I agree that no one will run away with the division.

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