Six In A Row Is Not A Freak Accident!

The Yankees’ winning streak started in Toronto against the division-leading Blue Jays. It continued against the Twins, who not only boast the services of Mauer and Morneau but who could have won any of the four games in the series. And it occurred without Wang in the rotation and Posada behind the plate and anything remotely resembling a reliable bullpen.
Bulls L 1169683581.jpg
Is it luck? A fluke? Mystique and aura? Or is it because the 2009 Yankees are simply playing like many prognosticators predicted they would?
All I know is that this team, despite the makeshift lineups consisting of no-names like Cervelli, Pena and Cash, despite the mostly awful performances by Jose Veras and Edwar Ramirez, despite the uncertainty of A-Rod’s health, is getting it done. There’s a different hero every day and a sense that everybody is gelling.
Take tonight’s 7-6 victory over the Twins. It wasn’t won in dramatic walkoff fashion, like the previous three games, but Pettitte, who wasn’t sharp, managed to get through six-plus for his fourth “W.” How?
* He had some sparkling defensive plays behind him, including a first-inning stretch by Tex..a second-inning shovel by Cano…a third-inning catch by Damon…and a fourth-inning throw by Cervelli to nab Punto stealing.
* He had powerful offense to pick him up, including two homers by Tex, who continues to heat up and prove why he will be the key to glory this fall.
* He had A-Rod back, not only smacking another one into the seats but providing protection for Tex in the lineup.
* He had Phil Coke to save the game for him, given Mo’s unavailability – Coke’s first save ever. It didn’t come easily. He walked Crede to lead off the ninth and allowed him to score on Cuddyer’s ground out, then walked Gomez, who is now Public Enemy #1 in the Bronx after his tiff with Tex. But he got Redmond to end the game and the sweep, and out came the broom.
The streak will end – I’m not completely naive – but I’m riding it as long as it’ll take me. Yee-hah!
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  1. lenn23

    Please no more Veras or Edwar. There’s gotta be somebody in the minors better than them. Also, I was afraid that Coke was going to have a breakdown in the ninth. Otherwise, another great win!

  2. cheshirecat9

    Brian Bruney is coming back and I read that they will lose a reliever. I hope it is Veras. I get a Farnsworthian feeling in my gut everytime I see him warm up. Six in a row and we are going up against the Orioles! I agree Jane, this isn’t a freak accident. Maybe things are starting to gell.

  3. Yankees Reality Check

    I’m trying really hard not to go overboard with my excitement right now. But I’m so psyched to actually enjoy watching this team again. Last night was really a great example of what a combo of vets and newbies can do when they gel right.

    Also, did you hear Coney say that he and David Wells went out the night before and “saw the sun come up”? I would be so down for a night of drinkin’ with those two.

  4. Jane Heller

    Len, I was afraid of the same thing. But somehow Coke got the out he needed. Whew. I wish there were others in the minors to try in the pen. I fear there aren’t.

    It was fun “watching” the game with you, Julia!

    Cheshirecat, I hope we can carry all these positive outcomes into the series with the O’s. Should I just kidnap Markakis right now?

    I felt sorry for them too, Jeff. They had so many chances and blew them. I know all too well how that goes.

    I did hear that about Coney and Boomer, Yankees Reality Check. Can you imagine hanging out with those two? I’d love to write about that!

    Kaybee, it’s so much more fun to win a bunch of games than lose them. I know I’m stating the obvious, but I’d almost forgotten the “high.”

  5. diamonddiva

    Jane, it certainly took a while for the Yankees to gel. And they’ve done so with the help of some unexpected people (e.g., Cervelli, Pena and Cash). When good teams face adversity, they fight through it. That’s something the Yankees didn’t do very well last month, but they’re getting the job done now. Thank goodness one of my teams is doing well…when they both were stinking, I was ready to throw myself off a bridge!

  6. Jane Heller

    I’ll go for ten games, Dillon. But I’m just taking them one at a time. I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment when we lose.

    I feel your pain, Shelley. Sorry the Nats have been giving you fits. But at least you have the Yankees as backup, and they must be making you smile right now.

  7. heartruss

    Congratulations to the Yankees. U R right, this is not a freak accident.
    The same people say that the Dodgers are #1 simply because the Western Division is so weak and they have not played any good teams. So I suppose the World Champion Phillies and the #1 Mets are not good teams. They also say that the Dodgers got a gift from the Mets last night in their win in 11 innings. People tend to overlook the great plays by Russell Martin, the catcher, Mark Loretta at third base, Randy Wolf, our fantastic pitcher, who had another super night, Juan Pierre who simply never get credit, and Matty Kemp who is always awesome in center field. The Mets committed 5 errors. I’m sure they were not planning on tying those errors up with a bow and giving them to the Dodgers as a gift.
    Thanks Jane for selecting my picture #3 in your contest. The event was so spectacular since my son was with me. He happened to be visiting me and being a huge Dodger fan although he lives in Virginia, he put on his Dodger teeshirt and cap and came with me. In the picture you can see him to my right with his arms up trying to catch the ball. He is in the Navy and has been deployed to Iraq twice. He always kept up with the Dodgers even then. I guess his Mom has some influence with him!!

  8. Jane Heller

    That was some wild Mets-Dodgers game, Cat. You must be relieved that your guys came out on top. And hats off to Juan Pierre for stepping into Manny’s spot and doing well. Your pic is great – even more so because your son was there to share your experience.

  9. joefromnewhampshire

    I’m telling you, I believe that Tex is heating up almost exclusively because he heats up every single May, and struggles every April. But I don’t believe in protection quite as much as most. Not that I don’t believe it is non-existent though.

  10. Jane Heller

    I can understand why you’d want the magic to continue for the Jays, Jeremy! They’ve been on a great ride. The series at Fenway will be a good test for them. I know they lost tonight, but it was a close one, right?

  11. Jane Heller

    I should definitely thank you, zkonedog! What a strange series, wasn’t it? Your guys really could have won any of the those games, but I’ll take the wins. Sorry about the pain. I’ve been there.

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