Two Walkoffs Are Better Than One

What a game.

The Twins are formidable with their M&M Boys.
Whenever the Yankees play them and they hit bomb after bomb no matter who’s pitching, I can’t help but be reminded of these two.
But the Yanks are hot right now and no amount of Morneau/Mauer firepower is enough. Coming off last night’s stunning walkoff win, today’s 6-4 walkoff in the 11th was equally satisfying. I’m still jazzed, and it’s hours after the final pitch.
Highlights for me…
– Joba’s new pre-game warmup seemed to do the trick, and he made it through the first inning without damage this time. He went six, gave up two runs and struck out six. He’s looking sharper with each outing. Yeeehaaaaaaaah!
– Tex came out of the gate like a man on a mission, going 4-for-4 with a walk. Was there really any doubt that he would thrive in pinstripes?
– Veras and Edwar, the twin devils, walked their leadoff batters and made me nuts as usual, but Aceves was lights out. And Mo was Mo, which was the same as this.
– A-Rod, who had looked off-balance all day, popped one into the seats for his first hit at the new stadium and his first walkoff of the year.
Yes, I know there are Yankee fans who will boo him even when he does hit in the clutch. Not me. He admitted he took steroids. If it’s proven that he’s guilty of other baseball crimes, I’ll cross that proverbial bridge when I come it. In the meantime, I was ecstatic when he brought the game home for my team.
Take a look/listen. Sorry for the quality of the video, but this is what I get for shooting the action off my MacBook Pro. Just pretend you have Vasoline in your eyes and it’ll look normal.


  1. mikeeff

    and pete abe just loves stirring that anti-arod pot, doesn’t he?

    I wish i could have gotten as excited by today’s win as i was last night. maybe it was the fact that girardi basiaclly gave away joba’s W– he had to brink coke in too early to clean up the mess made by his guy veras. coke just doesn’t have the same fizz after coming back for a second inning. he should know that. then the mo thing. etc but yeah–great win and more importantly great to see tex off the schneid

  2. Jane Heller

    He does, Mike. I’ve noticed that. Did we need that lecture? I agree about Coke and don’t get me started on Veras. Well, OK. I’ll go off on Veras. I’m sick of hearing about what great stuff he has. HE’S TERRIBLE. But I’m thrilled with the win and Tex’s day.

  3. lenn23

    Another great win! Hope they keep it up and build a cushion between themselves and the .500 mark. I’m rooting for Arod also. I don’t see why not as he seems like a bit of an underdog right now. There is a real strain of negativism in the Yankee fan. I know because I have it in me. The thing I like about this site is its overall positive outlook. Thanks!

  4. latinyankeerebel

    OMG!!!!!! I’m so happy about today’s win!!!!!!! I was out shopping, or accompanying one of my friends to shop, when I receive the call from my father, from Panama (and I’m talking INTERNATIONAL LONG DISTANCE CALL) to tell me about Alex’s walk-off homer… My eyes started to water… I couldn’t believe it… so yeah, it’s almost 3-am over here on the east coast, and I finally got home and watched all the highlights.. I think the worst mistake I made was going to Pete Abraham’s blog (like I do everyday). The guy is great, and keeps us very well informed… but the anti-alex thing has dropped the hair from the camel’s back (? i don’t remember the saying exactly, but I hope you understand what I mean). is it because he is short, ugly, and wasn’t able to play any pro sports and get the millions Alex is earning? So, to him, Alex is a God and is not allowed to make errors???? First the time in my life of following the Yankees and seeing Alex Rodriguez…. the guy looks genuinely happy! When have you seeing Alex throwing his arms in the air like that and smiling after a homer??? Not even after his 500th!!!!! Alex made his mistakes, like any human, he cheated, everyone has done that, he got caught, we all have, and we apologize and move on. Damn Peter needs to let the man move on! he mentions a football player blah blah blah, NFL doesn’t I don;t see people fuming of steroid usage and the unfairness of steroid usage in the NFL,bad example Pete.
    Arg! Sorry Jane, i had to get that off my chest.

  5. latinyankeerebel

    Oh! I forgot, go to Yes Network’s official website and check out the interview Kim did to Alex, he got pie!! LOL hilarious!

  6. Jane Heller

    Len, the keyword in your comment is “overall.” I try to remain positive, but I’m plenty negative sometimes too. Veras is pushing me over the edge, for example.

    Latinyankeerebel, your father in Panama must have been especially happy to see Mo throw two excellent innings. I assume he’s such a source of pride there. And you’re entitled to vent. I hope you feel better having done so! I saw A-Rod get the pie treatment, like Melky did. I guess AJ brought the tradition over from Toronto. The debate is whether it’s whipped cream or shaving cream.

  7. Jane Heller

    Freudian slip on the “Tek,” Julia. LOL. And yes, we needed another walkoff today and got it.

  8. Jane Heller

    I kind of did cry, Wendy!

    What made me laugh about the A-Rod video, V, was the music. (Well, and the terrible quality from my computer.) Sort of fake salsa.

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