No Sweat

I really liked the Yankees 8-2 win over the Blue Jays tonight. There was none of this whatsoever.
I hardly ever just sit back and relax during a game. But this win was in the bag – or felt like it. The Jays’ supposed phenom, Scott Richmond, who was pitching for the Edmonton Cracker Cats until he was signed by Toronto, didn’t make it out of the second inning. Why?
Melky: double
Gardner: home run
Pena: triple
Damon: triple
Tex: double
A-Rod: walk
Cano: single
Here’s what was great about the offensive outburst….
* It came early.
* It came in bunches.
* It came against the type of pitcher we usually have trouble with.
* It came against a first-place team.
* It came from guys who were in the minors last year as well as marquee guys, including Damon, who continues to wield a hot bat – and a pair of happy feet.
It also gave Pettitte some breathing room. What was up with his three walks in the first?
andy's arm.jpg
No clue, but when I look at this photo I wonder why his arm doesn’t fall off. Ouwww.
Aceves did a good job when Andy was done after six, but Albaladejo?
He took the mound in the bottom of the ninth, then walked Bautista and Scutero and gave up a single to McDonald, loading the bases for Rios. A conference ensued, and Girardi got Mo up, which was weird. Ultimately, Rios grounded into a double play and the game was in the books. But seriously, like Veras and Edwar, Alba cannot be trusted, besides which he suffers from thunder thighs.
OK, they’re not that bad, but he should put himself on the Brian Bruney Diet.
After reading William C. Rhoden’s New York Times article about how old and decrepit the Yankees are, it was heartening to see so much production tonight from Gardner, Melky, Cano, Cervelli and Pena – none of whom is a day over 25. I’m not saying they’re the greatest players ever to put on the cleats, but they prove that the team isn’t quite ready for this.


  1. levelboss

    THREE TRIPLES for the Bombers! maybe the Rogers Centre has the same air stream problems as that of the new Yankee Stadiumnice to see the ‘kids’ hit so well tonight (hopefully Melky and Gardner will keep battling for time in the outfield; their ‘battle’ could only work out well for the team -> game theory i believe)

  2. lenn23

    Great win. Hope they can start a streak. Hey Jane, I am almost finished with your book. I’d like to know if you still give opposing players the finger when they appear on TV? I don’t know why but that kind of cracked me up! Len

  3. bern_asoto

    “It came against the type of pitcher we usually have trouble with.”
    Agreed. The guy is a 29 year old rookie who last pitched in an independent league. It would have been pretty embarrassing had he beat the Yankees.

  4. Yankees Reality Check

    “Edmonton Cracker Cats” – is that seriously the name of the team he pitched for or did you make that up? Yes, last night was fun to watch. I love, love, love that the young guys are contributing! But now I’m worried about Swisher striking out 50 bajillion times.

  5. crazy19canuck

    Man, I’m sick for one week and I missed so much! Congrats on the win! I love seeing the Jays go down. Too bad AJ didn’t take it to Doc…guess we know which is the better pitcher now. They were always arguing about that in Toronto last year.

  6. Jane Heller

    I agree, Levelboss, that having Melky and Gardner battle will bring out the best in both of them. And when Nady comes back and Swisher stops striking out, we’ll have another surplus of outfielders as well as a bench again!

    Glad the book is cracking you up, Len. Yes, I’m guilty of flipping the bird. I should be ashamed of myself, but what can I tell you.

    I hope Melky keeps hitting for you, Julia – and for me!

    Exactly, Bern. You know how the Yankees are with guys like that – they do zero. So this was a nice surprise.

    I didn’t make that name up, Yankees Reality Check! That’s where he played. I’m worried about Swisher’s K’s too, although his reputation has always been that he takes a lot of walks and strikes out a lot. He needs to cut down on the latter for sure.

    Sorry you were sick, Canuck. But I hope you had a happy birthday. I still think AJ will throw a masterpiece. I just wish it had been against the Blue Jays.

    Damon has been amazing, Jeff. I know he’s in a contract year, but whatever it is, I just hope he keeps it up.


    Great Win last night ! Mr. Damon rocked. I say keep this guy with the
    Yankees for the rest of his playing days. We need more guys like johnny ! God Help us with the bullpen .. what is up with this guy Albaladejo ? Didnt he seem dazed out there. Cracker Cats ? Sounds like another Team disney had a hand in naming . I hope Swisher snaps out of his slump, he is another guy with a good attitude like Damon . We need sparkplugs on this team, Damon and Swisher are those kind of guys !

    P.S. – Jane, Rick’s Tavern in Santa Monica – went there for the first game of bluejays series. Good Beer , Good Cheeseburger, only about 2 people watching the game. Maybe its better on the weekend !

  8. Jane Heller

    Well, they’re not “mostly under 25,” Kaybee. They do have an older core of players. But there’s variety. That’s what I was trying to say.

    Johnny does rock right now, Brendan, and thank God he does. We need him. Sorry Rick’s Tavern turned out to be a dud. They make such a big deal about what a Yankees bar they are. Ha. Maybe it’s better on the weekend, or maybe Barney’s Beanery is the place to be.


    “Those Oldies But Goodies, remind me of you-oo…” Remember Little Caesar & the Romans? Ah, nevermind… still, nice to get one for the N.Y. Geritols, thanx to our young whippersnappers, eh? Miss Jane, you couldn’t make up the Cracker Cats! How CANADIAN!! They already have Tiger-Cats in Hamilton, and 2 CFL football teams with the same name (there’s the Roughriders, and the Rough Riders)…can you even imagine an AMERICAN team called the Cracker Cats?! Maybe if they’re the Boca Raton (Saltine) Cracker-Katz or something, ya know? Oh, it’s just nice to win one easy, for once, let those old goats & young kids have a nice nite grazin’ in the grass, it’s a gas, can you dig it…

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