Yankees Win, But Toronto Looms

I didn’t expect to be worried about playing the Blue Jays, but I am. Here’s why…
* They’ve been hot.
* We’ve been cold.
* They have Halladay.
Actually, I’m looking forward to seeing how AJ responds when he returns to Toronto to face his former mentor and teammate, but I wish the Yankees were in fighting shape. Today’s game in Baltimore resulted in a 5-3 win, but just barely. 
And so….questions remain.
1) Why does Joba falter in the first inning of every outing?
(Is it me or is he making this face?)
2) Why do the Yankees hitters turn so many no-name pitchers into Cy Young Award winners?
3) Why is A-Rod cleared to play every day when it’s obvious that he’s not healthy enough to run out ground balls?
4) Why is Melky our center fielder when he throws the ball to third base like he’s playing a game of catch?
5) Is Phil Coke the real thing or is he just toying with us until he gives up the next bomb?
On a positive note…
1) I’m loving Johnny Damon right now. The guy is a hitting fool.
2) How great/surprising/downright bizarre is it to have a catcher with speed?
3) Can we all breathe a sigh of relief that Mo is still Mo?
Mo. O's.jpg
4) Swisher and Damon seem to have an excellent rapport involving….I don’t know.
5) Pardon me, Aubrey Huff, but Joba isn’t the only pitcher on the planet to pump his fist.
Changing the subject, after another day of fog and humidity, the fire situation here in Santa Barbara is vastly improved. Even the Governator seemed pleased.
Most of the evacuees have been allowed back in their homes, and the fire is about 55% contained. We’re being cautioned not to get too confident; sundowner winds are supposed to return on Monday and Tuesday nights (please, no), but the hope is that they won’t do as much damage this time.
As for me, I’m starting to think about a trip to New York. I’m dying to check out the new Stadium and see a game or
two. Which brings up the issue of wardrobe. What does the female Yankee fan wear to the Home Run Palace?
Luckily, I just discovered a very cool web site called BomberBabe.com offering “fanware for the fanatic female fan.” That’s a lot of “f’s,” but the shirts are clever as well as great looking. My favorite BomberBabe item is this one.
But I’m also fond of this one. The front has a cryptic message…
…and the back looks like this.
wwjd back.png
Yes, it’s got Jeter wearing the robes. Works for me.
The person who came up with the shirts is a diehard fan herself, so cheers go out to her.
And just a reminder….Friday, May 15th, is the deadline for sending me your Favorite Fan Photo for the Flip Video Camcorder Contest. I’ll be posting the candidates for you to vote on soon after. May the best pic win!


  1. latinyankeerebel

    Yes, Alex is running funny, not like last year, so i did see some discomfort on his run today.

    What will happen with Swisher once Nady is back? I don’t want Swish to go… I’ll miss him too much! 😦

  2. Jane Heller

    It made me wince to watch him run. I don’t know if it hurts or he’s just afraid to let loose. I’m not worried about Nady whenever he comes back. We really need him on the bench or to DH when Matsui gets a rest.

  3. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Glad the fires have died down a bit. I hope they stay down. I have to admit that I’m a fan of those “Jesus hates the Yankees” (or whatever team…I see mostly Yankees), but I love the What Would Jeter Do? shirt. That’s awesome! I like that he pretty much looks like Buddy Christ from “Dogma.” 🙂

  4. Erin Kathleen

    Hopefully, the worst is over as far as the fires are concerned. They’ve certainly done enough damage already, even if it isn’t as bad as originally feared. As far as the Blue Jays go, they might have the best record in the AL, but they haven’t played many games within their division, either. This series against the Yanks will be an interesting test to see if they’re really that good. -Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  5. junojen

    We used to have a t-shirt that read “WWJD” but that was when we had Johnny Damon – What Would Johnny Do? And of course he was pictured in robes with his long hair and beard… he really looked the part.

    It looks like Johnny and Swish are KISS fans! Johnny is an amazing hitter.

    Love the t-shirts.

  6. scofid

    Okay, the WWJD shirt doesn’t work for me! LOL! I’ve been pleased with Cervelli’s play. He may not be a long term answer but he seems to be providing a good bridge until Jorge returns. It’s better than seeing an over the hill Paul LoDuca or Johnny Estrada behind the plate. I am concerned about the Blue Jays too. Hopefully, the Yanks can capitalize on the momentum of winning the Baltimore series and start a run.


  7. juliasrants

    We all need to be very afraid of Toronto Jane. We play them for the first time next week. You might not like Melky in your outfield but he is doing wonders for my fantasy baseball team! lol! A-Rod needs to come back slowly, Mike Lowell did from his surgery and he had the benefit of the spring season – and yes, he is still running the bases slow though his fielding is very good. I hope it all works out. And I think Scott would like the WWJD shirt if it were Pink! LOL! On a serious note – I am glad that the fires are dying down and people are able to go home.


  8. crzblue2

    Glad that the fires are subsiding but I hope those winds don’t come back. I love how the Santa Ana winds clear all the smog but oh when they get really going they can so devastating. My friend who sits to my right at Dodger Stadium took her niece back to UCSB after the 7th inning. Note that she ALWAYS stays until the last out but having to take her niece back to Santa Barbara she left early.
    I have an old t-shirt that says WWLD (What would Lasorda do)

  9. Jane Heller

    Buddy Christ from “Dogma.” Good call, Jen.

    That’s true about the Jays, Erin. I’d like to see how they do against their division rivals before anointing them as a first place team. But Halladay scares me.

    I was thinking the same thing about Swish and Damon and their tongues, Jennifer! And I remember those Damon shirts from his RS days. I sure didn’t love him then.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get on an actual hot streak, Scott? Win a series…then another series…and another? Sounds good to me.

    I guess Toronto should be afraid of us, Julia. They’ll see what the division is really about! Thanks for the intel about Lowell. I know he’s hitting well, but I guess running takes awhile to come around.

    That’s the thing about those winds, Emma. They clear out the marine layer and bring out clear, sunny skies, but then they beat us up at night and create red flag warnings. Glad your friend’s niece is back at UCSB.

    The Reds do need one of those shirts, Russ. From the comments above, it sounds like every team has one.

    Free speech on the blogs! That’s why we love RSBS, Jeff!

  10. mikeeff

    This upcoming series should be quite telling about the make up and talent level of our team. On paper our line up is much better than the jays, even without posada, but at the moment, is it? I almost fear the two young guys more than halladay, not because of their abilities, but the utter futility the yankees display when facing unfamiliar pitchers.

  11. Yankees Reality Check

    Thank you, Jane, for the Papelbon reality check before I could even get to it! While I believe players should show emotion, I think it’s unfair that Joba’s the only one who gets slammed for it. Didn’t Huff look ridiculous? It kinda loses its impact when you aren’t even close to being a badass.

    Also, I’m so going to that website right now to shop for my July 25 trip to the Home Run Palace. I also broke down and bought a Swisher shirt. A girl’s gotta have options.

  12. Jane Heller

    You’re right about the Yankees and young, unknown pitchers, Mike. You’d think a scouting report and video would be helpful, but for some reason they spazz out against guys they haven’t faced before. So are we saying our best shot is against Halladay? That’s pretty scary.

    Yankees Reality Check, Huff looked like a silly baby rounding the bases with that fist pump. Joba isn’t showing anybody up. It’s called pent up emotion after you’ve had a tense inning. By all means, buy one of the shirts. The woman who makes them is a huge Yankee fan, so we must support her in her efforts!

  13. letsgoyankees

    So pessimistic, Jane! I think we’re on a team on the uprising after the dramtic opening day 2 (As I like to call it. You know, A-Rod’s return). I don’t think Toronto is for real. You have to remember that even if the Rays weren’t supposed to compete with us they were supposed to be getting better and were picked by some (like Baseball Prospectus) to win as much as 90 games. Toronto is a team that got worse in the offseason and is predicted to go sub 500, so even if they’re better than expected that’s not a competitive team in our division. They ARE hot, so the Yankees need to make a statement and make sure Toronto knows they can’t compete with us.

  14. raysrenegade

    Alex is doing that ouchy, yowiee, dang it pain walk that comes with trying to do too much too soon. Nothing that a few Tylenol plus will not sure.
    I hate to bring up another name you will not like after this series……………..Richmond.
    The kids is smoking hot on the mound right now for those troublesome birds, and he is the real thing.
    At least Johnny Damon is playing like his career is on the line right now. Maybe he is having more finacial problems and has to do more to get more……………Did they ever release those funds from that schandal yet?

    Do not fret, the Birds have only played the Orioles in the AL East so far this year, and they swept them in three. Now they will get a taste of the Bronx surprise during this series.

    Rays Renegade


  15. Orangebird

    In defense of Koji-
    1. He lead team Japan in K’s in the ’06 WBC, not DICE-K
    2. 9-Time Japan Lague All-Star
    3. Lifetime 3.01 ERA.
    4. 112-62 record lifetime
    5. He record 32 in ’07
    6. He has no middle name!!!!!
    Yah, he’s a no-name pitcher!

    I knew you wouldn’t like Huffdaddy’s fist pump.

    Also what would Jeter do, make an error on a grounder and miss the throw to texeriera by 5 feet.

  16. Jane Heller

    I would love it if the Yankees made a statement in Toronto, Letsgoyankees. But they’ll have to do better with RISP and get good starts from AJ, Andy and CC. All doable, but not a given.

    Gomets, I was gone all day (Mondays are my volunteer shift at my local hospital). Sorry I missed your live chat.

    Renegade, I never did hear if they released those funds to Damon and Nady. I assume so. Damon’s in a contract year, so naturally he’s playing great. Which leads me to ask: Do they try harder when there’s money on the line? I guess they do.

    Kylie, it’s so weird how some pitchers just can’t get certain guys out – no matter what they do.

    Koji for Cy Young, Orangebird!

    I’m hoping to go next month, Alex. Can’t wait to see the new place.

  17. heartruss

    Hi Jane
    I heard on the news that there is a bit of a marine layer in Santa Barbara which is good news and there is 70% containment. I have kept up with the fires religiously knowing you are there.
    It will be good for you to get away. You have been through a frightening experience and seeing your beloved Yankees will help. My Dodgers always make me feel better.
    I hope your guys begin a winniing streak but you are right, Toronto is pretty hot now.
    I also hope that A Rod did not come back to work too soon. I heard Russell Martin make that comment before a game, he had to go to work and I realized that they consider baseball as their job. It is very serious business for them.

  18. Jane Heller

    Yes, Cat, there was another good marine layer today! The weather has really cooperated. Thanks for keeping up with the situation. You’re right about having been through an experience. I’ve been feeling exhausted and couldn’t figure out why, until someone I work with at the hospital (Mondays are my volunteer day) said, “It’s all the stress from the fire. Everybody’s feeling it.” I hope A-Rod didn’t come back to work too soon, but supposedly his doctor has been monitoring him daily. And the off-day today should help.

  19. irishsoxkid19

    Yea, the Yankees aren’t doing all that good this year. You’d think that as a Boston fan I would like that, but I don’t!!! Geez, I want a good rivalry people!!! As for A-Rod, who cares…go see Manny, he can help ya!!! Have fun vs the Jays- Don’t get to see them till next week!!!

  20. Jane Heller

    I want a good rivalry too, irishsoxkid. It’s not the same when our teams don’t play each other.

  21. heartruss

    Red Sox vs Yankees
    Must be like Dodgers vs Giants.
    We also like a good game.

  22. cubsjunkie2

    I love those tshirts! I’m no yankees fan but I’m def lovin’ those shirts… it would be better if they said “My other boyfriend is on the northside” and “W.W.R.D. (What would Riot do?)” ;)Stephaniehttp://steponme.mlblogs.com

  23. Jane Heller

    Maybe they’d make some special shirts for you, Stephanie. I’d send them an email and see if they’ll expand their line. Couldn’t hurt.

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