Enough Already!

Here’s how my Thursday went. How was yours?

* 7 a.m. I ventured outside to get my newspaper and was nearly blown over by the 60 mph winds that were fanning the wildfires.

* 8 a.m. I listened to our local news and heard that over 2500 acres had burned (we were at 400 yesterday), along with 75 houses.

* 10 a.m. I sorted through my emails and found one from a friend named John who’d been forced to evacuate. “We’re safe,” he wrote. “But our house is in the hands of the winds and the firefighters.”
* Noon: Among the emails that go directly to my web site about my book was one from a reader named Dennis who wrote, “I can’t believe you missed a game because it was hot out. I travel all the way from western Mass to get away from these ****** Red Sox fans and would drive through any type of weather to get to the Bronx. You don’t deserve to be a Yankee fan.”
* 2 p.m. A tree in front of our house was knocked over by a gust of wind and split right down the middle.
* 3 p.m. I turned on the water in the sink only there wasn’t any.
No water.jpg
* 4 p.m. I sat down to watch Yankees-Rays. Before I even blinked, Pettitte gave up homers to Bartlett and Pena, followed two innings later by another to Longoria. Oh, Andy.
* 5 p.m. With the Rays ahead 4-0 in the bottom of the fourth, the very large Niemann walked Melky and allowed a single to Pena before being replaced by Cormier, who gave up doubles to Molina and Damon. The Yanks pulled to within 4-3. That was the good news. Then, up came Tex, who K-ed and heard boos from the fans.
* 5:30 p.m. Matsui tacked on a solo homer in the bottom of the fifth, tying the score, but what was Cervelli, our newly called up AA catcher, doing behind home plate in the top of the sixth? Could it be that Molina, our backup catcher/everyday catcher, was hurt? Of course.
* 6:30 p.m. Just as I started to think about dinner, the YES Network showed its nightly anti-smoking commercial featuring the woman with the disfigured hands. Talk about an appetite killer.
* 6:45 p.m. Jose Veras had his usual meltdown in the seventh, and the Rays jumped ahead 6-4. But Damon lined a two-run shot in the eighth, tying things up at 6-6. I felt pure joy as I watched Mo trot in from the pen for the ninth….only to witness the unthinkable: back-to-back homers by Crawford and Longoria. Never has Mo given up two in a row. Not in his entire career.
* 7 p.m. The sight of Girardi taking Mo out and bringing in Robertson – and the subsequent news that Mo has been suffering from “arm strength issues” – was too much.
7:30 p.m. After the 8-6 loss, the Yankees’ fifth straight, I tried to perk up. I reminded myself that A-Rod had left camp in Florida and would be in the lineup on Friday in Baltimore.
* 7:45 p.m. But then I heard the wind start to howl even worse than it had been howling all day. The lights flickered too. I looked out the window and saw smoke – lots of it – and suddenly it was back to living in the midst of a raging wildfire.
With baseball over for the night, I grabbed my She-Fan Cam and went outside to play one of those Weather Channel people. Here’s my “report.” The sound isn’t very good, because I was getting knocked around by the wind, but I gave it a shot.
Thanks to all those who’ve expressed concern for my safety and that of the firefighters and residents of Santa Barbara. As of this writing, the fire continues to grow and has the potential to last for months, like the one I mentioned in my book that broke out here in the summer of ’07. But we’re supposed to get a cold front by the weekend – maybe a little fog, if not some actual rain.
(Flip Video Contest Reminder: Deadline is Friday, May 15th to win one of these!)



  1. heartruss

    Jane,your video of the fire is so scary. Can you smell the smoke??
    I feel so far removed from California: the Santa Barbara fires, the Manny situation, Dodger Stadium. Maybe God just wanted me away from all that turmoil. You will be fine. I know it.
    I have a feeling that the Dodgers finally lost tonight. I am afraid to check the score. My Dad was right…they lost without me there. Matty, James and Andre didn’t see me . They probably think I deserted them.

  2. Jane Heller

    They did lose in a close one, Cat. But it had to happen sooner or later, so it’s just as well that you weren’t there. I can smell the smoke – it makes my eyes burn – but it could be worse. Thanks for checking in.

  3. levelboss

    “..A-Rod.. would be in the lineup on Friday in Baltimore”

    i know one player is not enough to fix all the problems the Yankees have right now BUT it sure as heck helps! let’s see – the 1st or second best player in the mlb coming in ~ gonna say it’s gonna help a lot. these games that the Yankees lost this past {HORRIBLE} week were not blowouts – i really think the dynamic of the lineup will change when ARod comes in, and ARod’s bat and glove could actually have changed the outcome of some of these games.. i think Tex’s production will be better too with ARod following him in the lineup
    no offense to Cody Ransom, Angel Berroa, or Ramiro Pena.. BUT come on! lots of errors between those three plus inconsistent and lack-o-power hitting (Pena did alright for a little; some clutch hitting and some extra base hits i believe but certainly not like what ARod’s production can be)
    so Yankee fans, have heart.. i think it’s gonna be better

  4. levelboss

    you know, Jane, i just thought of something..
    the Yankees started the season at Baltimore with CC vs Guthrie.. and now the Yankees are going BACK to Baltimore with CC vs Guthrie AGAIN!
    BUT THIS TIME, ARod is gonna be in the lineup ~ it’s like the Yankees are starting again but with the real power in the lineup ~ maybe this will be the REAL start to the season for the Bombers!
    [or maybe i’m just delusional after the past 5 losses 😦 ]

  5. scofid

    Jane, I am glad you are doing okay, but of course, I wish the Yankees were doing their part in providing you some comfort. But alas, I think the Joe Girardi deathwatch is going to start soon. I was fairly optimistic…until Jose Veras entered the game. Then, I turned pessimistic…even though the Yanks tied the game after he gave up his usual plethora of runs…


  6. luckylori

    Oh Jane! I can’t believe this is happening again so soon after that horrible, horrible November. And I’m sorry your Yankees aren’t at least giving you a little something to be happy about right now. You’re welcome to head south to safety. I have experience as an evacuation point (Mom from the Brea fire, my sis’s family from Yorba Linda), although I couldn’t guarantee my house wouldn’t collapse when you walked in. Never had a Yankees fan in the house before. I’d be kinda curious. (Be sure to pack the pen!) Seriously, stay safe and we’re all praying for you guys up there!

  7. juliasrants

    Jane – I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Please stay safe. I have to agree with Scott; I fear that Girardi’s days are numbered. I did think he would be the first manager to go – not Melvin from the D-Backs. I hope today is a better day for the residents of Southern California.


  8. Yankees Reality Check

    Yikes! You’re lucky the tree didn’t fall on the house!

    The Yankees have worn me out this week – as I’m sure they’ve done to most people. My question is this: If a player is struggling like Tex is, why boo him? Don’t guys in slumps try too hard to get out of them? They wave at bad pitches. They lose their patience. Doesn’t booing them only exacerbate those tendencies?

    I am worried about Mo, too. But I have to say, they should have been purposefully developing someone to take over before now. Mo may or may not be the age they list him at in the media guide. Why wait until he’s turning 50 to train someone else?

  9. dschaub@gpo.gov

    OMG, Jane. Like everyone, I’m truly worried for your health and safety. I feel the tension and stress in your voice, as much as you’re coping with, being so brave and calm in the face of this, which looks like Pompeii or Dante’s Inferno to the untrained eye like mine. And it’s changing hourly — be of good faith, as we continue to pray for you…
    Right now, I don’t know if prayers, curses, a black cat bone or a mojo tooth would work for the Yanks. Resurrect Mr. Pen — tell latinyankeerebel to do a little dance in Camden Yards or something — right now, there’s not much diff’rence between the Yanks and the Nats (good hit, no pitch), except the Nats do win a game every now and then…

  10. latinyankeerebel

    Jane, I’m still praying everything goes well for you. and nothign will happen!

    i might go to the game tonight.. alone, don’t have nayoen to go with me. 😦 and maybe tomorrow, but I have some kickass seats for sunday…

    I’m kindda feeling blue right now..many thigns going on over here as well (job wise) so yeah…

  11. respectjetersgangster@gmail.com

    I could never live where you live Jane! I hope everything goes well, and the fire is contained.

    The Yankees have been awful. The only exception is Johnny Damon who seemed to be the only Yankee to show up this week.

  12. rrrt

    Jane – I’m not sure how you sleep at night with all that going on; I don’t think I’d be able to! Is your water still out? The latest news says that around 30,000 people have been forced to evacuate! Good grief! Once again, I will be thinking of you and your husband, and praying that you stay safe.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  13. Jane Heller

    I hope you’re right, Levelboss, and not delusional!

    I guess Girardi is under a “deathwatch,” Scott, but the injuries aren’t his fault (Molina? How many more have to go down?) and neither is the ineptitude of the bullpen. I don’t always agree with his moves, but I feel a little sorry for him at the same time.

    I appreciate the offer, Lori. Seriously. We have some friends in LA who’ve invited us to stay there if we’re evacuated, which is looking more and more possible.

    I hope it’s a better day too, Julia, but it’s getting off to a bad start. They just issued an evacuation warning for the neighborhood adjacent to mine.

    Yankees Reality Check, you bring up good points about Tex and Mo. I understand that people are frustrated with Ted. But I couldn’t agree more: If he’s struggling, why boo him? It’s not as if he’s not TRYING. He’s pressing. It happens, no matter how much money people make. And yes, there should be an heir apparent to Mo, but I guess Cashman hasn’t wanted to think about it.

    Tension and stress, Dave. That’s what it’s all about right now. I’d like a week at a spa. Or just a week without a drama.

    I wish I could go to the games with you in Baltimore, Latinyankeerebel. We’d have a great time and forget all about our problems. Well, except for the Yankees’ problems. Sigh.

    I’m not sure I can live where I live, Gangsta! And yeah, Damon has been the true bright spot. Love those one-handed shots to right.

    I don’t sleep, Sue. It’s impossible. And yes, the fire worsened during the night. Today could be a tough one.

    I ask that question every night when that horrible commercial comes on, Jeff. Finally someone explained that smoking constricts circulation. The woman in the ad keeps losing fingers!

  14. Jane Heller

    Thanks Kaybee and Jen. It’s all about the winds right now.

    Russ, send those rain clouds over here! And thanks for the nice words about the Yanks.

  15. raysrenegade

    Even though I have not been on online for the past few days, I was not in Cali and did not set the fire.
    I had a squirrel decide to take a Hari Cari stance on my electrical box outside and send the entire neighborhood into darkness on Wed night just as the first pitch was thrown in the Bronx.
    I have not seen either game, and am going to watch them now on MLB.com so I can blog on them.
    Rats with extra hair have ruined my week lol. And cost me about $ 2,000 in electrical replacements so far .

    Rays Renegade


  16. scottproctorsarm@gmail.com

    Stay safe, Jane. This definitely puts this losing streak into perspective.

  17. Jane Heller

    Yikes. Sorry about the hairy rodents, Renegade. You’ll enjoy the games since your guys won them both.

    It does, Andrew. Thanks for checking in.

  18. crzblue2

    I included you along with everyone involved in this fires like our wonderful firemen in my prayers last night.
    I am excited about the weekend series wtih the Giants! Go Dodgers! Go Chad! He is going for win #6!

  19. Jane Heller

    Well put, Duque. I don’t do anything halfway.

    I hope the sun comes out for you, Jenn, and the rain comes out for me. Moderation. That’s what we need!

  20. letsgoyankees

    Nothing I could say except I’m keeping all those wildfire ravaged Californians in my prayers Jane.

  21. Erin Kathleen

    Yeah, I’m not going to complain about how my day went. I didn’t have to worry about my house burning to the ground, so it wasn’t all that bad. I’m going to try doing a rain dance again, and hopefully it’ll reach you guys this time :)-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  22. Jane Heller

    It’s worse, Cat. I just watched the Yankees game and am now packing, just in case.

    Alex, I’m one of the ones who may evacuate. We were told to prepare, but haven’t received a reverse 911 call yet.

    The winds haven’t picked up yet, but we were told it could be bad during the night. So I’m packing. Ready to go at a moment’s notice. In the meantime, I’ll post a blog entry in a little while.

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