Yankees/Red Sox Star Of The Game


Jerry Meals was behind home plate for Boston’s 6-4 victory at the Stadium on Monday night. According to the umpires’ web site, Meals was born in October 1961 in Pennsylvania and resides in Ohio with his wife, Robyn, and their five children: Laci, Peyton, Jansen and twins Rylee Ann and Raegan Grace. In the off-season, he enjoys hunting and woodworking.
If only he called balls and strikes with such precision. Both teams seemed frustrated with him, but it was Jeter who argued (as much as Jeter will ever argue) and Girardi who shot out of the dugout to chime in, ultimately getting tossed.
Joe’s ejection ignited the Yanks – temporarily – as Damon and Tex hit back-to-backers against Lester and turned the manager into a human version of this.
But a come-from-behind win was not to be on a night that only began after a two-plus-hour rain delay. (This was one of those times when it’s good to be on the west coast.) Lester dominated while Yankees pitchers allowed eight of these.
Hughes was in trouble right from the get go. Ortiz came into the game slumping? No problem. Phil kept throwing him fat pitches and – presto! – no more slump. Did the rain delay affect him on the mound? Was that last outing in Detroit a fluke? And why was he shaking off Molina so many times that it made my own head shake?
woman shaking head.jpg
Aceves did a respectable job in long relief (Brett Bombko must be wondering who he has to blackmail in order to get to the bigs), but Edwar Edwar Edwar. Eat something, would you please?
You’re the size of a carrot stick. And walking two out of the three batters you faced puts you in the Jose Veras category, which could lead to this.
Molina had a lousy night behind the plate – a rarity for him.
He looked like a tub of lard trying to catch up to those two balls in foul territory. Maybe he should lose a few pounds and give them to Edwar.
Congrats to Tex for hitting his first homers – one from each side – this season. He’s probably pissed that he struck out in the ninth with two on (so am I), but at least there were signs of life there.
Will the Yankees beat the Red Sox on Tuesday night? I guess it will depend on Joba’s ability to deal with his mother’s arrest. I’m sure it won’t be easy. On the other hand, maybe he’ll welcome the chance to focus strictly on baseball instead of on the mug shot that’s too pathetic for me to post.
O.K. Fine. I’ll post it for those who haven’t seen it. Here is Mrs. Joba.


  1. juliasrants

    Jane – maybe it’s the pothole outside of the visitors clubhouse that inspired David Ortiz. The Yankees have chosen to not fill in the hole that they dug to remove the buried Ortiz shirt. They have a railing around it; so maybe they are going to put a plaque up there! And Molina was not at his greatest; I’m glad he missed it but there was a pop-up in foul territory early in the game that he would have caught if he has just hustled some. I did not see the whole game – you were lucky to be on the west coast! Let see now if the weather will cooperate tonight.


  2. russ4192

    I didn’t see the game, but I do know this – Much like his idol, Barry Larkin, if Jeter argues you know there is a problem. He is not some hot-head prima donna who barks at every umpire you throw out there.Russhttp://wight4256.mlblogs.com

  3. cheshirecat9

    I had to turn off the game game and get some sleep after Edwar walked the first guy. Is it me or was he and Veras better last year? I am going to the game tonight and our seats are in prime home run catching territory in right field. Let’s hope I have lots of chances to catch souviners from the Yankees. (Clearly any Red Sox offerings will be tossed back onto the field).
    For those of you who enjoy conspiracy theories, I was at my favorite dive bar around the Stadium last year and met a local who claimed to be a construction worker helping build the new Stadium. He said that the whole Ortiz jersey thing was a publicity stunt, that there was no way that guy could have planted the jersey where it was discovered and that even if he had there was no way it would have been found so easily.

  4. yankeemeg

    I couldn’t agree with you more Jane! Jerry Meals definitely deserves the AFLAC award last night. I’m so peeved that i can’t talk about it. Nice strike zone FOR LESTER. Hughes? Not so much. I really believe we’re in for a different game tonight. Let’s hope Teixiera keeps it going. 5 men LOB though is a little disturbing but I’ll take the shots from either side of the plate. Thanks for the comment on my post yesterday! I commented back if you get a chance to look. Just put up another. I enjoy your blog immensely!

  5. raysrenegade

    I have to say that this season the Umpires have seemed to be in the forefront a lot more than usual.
    Either by missing calls or being flamboyant, they have become a cult classic to some fans now.
    I would not be sureprised if soimeone made up an Umpires Fantasy League after this year based on missed calls, wild arguments and maybe tossing people.
    But then there was a baseball game going on too.

    Rays Renegade


  6. Yankees Reality Check

    Ugh. That was one long night for us East Coasters. I went to bed, none too happy, at 1:15 a.m.

    And the weather? Based on the sheets coming down against my window at work, she doesn’t seem to want to cooperate either.

    Maybe a day off will help Joba. I think his quote about his mother was very mature. Those of us who had easy childhoods can’t possibly understand how this feels.

  7. Jane Heller

    There were two pop-ups in foul territory that Molina missed, Julia, plus a passed ball. As I said, it wasn’t his night.

    You’re right, Russ. Jeter may give an ump a look now and then, but he never argues. Jerry Meals was making people nuts with his calls.

    Cheshirecat, Edwar and Veras were much better last year, but they’ve always had trouble with walks. Who cares how good their stuff is if they can’t control it? I hope the weather cooperates and you get to see some baseball at the Stadium tonight. Catching a ball would be great too!

    Mike, when I saw Jorge grab his leg and then limp back to the dugout….Please let him be OK. And will do about the pen.

    I do hate the rally monkey, Jeff. But Girardi’s ejection seemed to put a charge into the game. Whatever works. Maybe he should be ejected every day.

    Yankeemeg, I was very encouraged by Tex’s homers. He’s really due to break out in a big way and I can’t wait. Leaving men on base seems to sink the Yanks every time. It’s very simple. When they hit in bunches, they win! Thanks for the kind words about the blog. I enjoy yours too.

    Edwar is thin, Kaybee. But he has a great change-up. Too bad it’s his only pitch.

    LoToya is exactly what he looks like, Steve. I used to think he was going for the Diana Ross look, but I guess he’s keeping it in the family.

    Renegade, I don’t mind that much when umps have their own peculiar strike zone. What drives me nuts is when they’re inconsistent. If you’re calling the outside pitch, call it all the time, not just in certain circumstances!

    Is the weather really that bad now, Yankees Reality Check? Maybe they’ll have another window of clear skies later. And I agree about Joba. He’s lived with his mother’s addictions for years, but this latest news can’t be easy.

  8. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Ugh…I’ll be glad when tonight is through, and they can go back to being tormented by other pests, like the Orioles…Jersey Bob was gleeful about Hor-hay, and then was esp. righteous about why the NY Times said that Girardi got tossed — a claim about the 1B coach stealing the signs from the catcher? Aha!! Do Yankee catchers have the easiest signs to steal, or have the Red Sox just decoded them? May not matter if the ump is inconsistent, but… Now, may Tex keep up that long ball stroke, when it counts!

  9. Jane Heller

    Forget about Jersey Bob, Dave! Who needs someone who’s gleeful about an injury? Very encouraged that Tex is getting in gear. We’ll need some runs against Nick Markakis and Co.

  10. Yankees Reality Check

    Actually – the weather has cleared up here. I think I saw the Ark going down the street earlier though. Hopefully all of that has moved out of NYC.

  11. jewsonfirst and http://brooksrobinsonrules.mlblogs.com/

    I thought the rally monkey got canned by ESPN! Did you sign him up with your lucky pen??

    By the way, the Orioles did something strange last night. I think its called a win. I have a vague memory of that occurring back in the old days (April 2009).


  12. letsgoyankees

    I really, really, really hope Jorge is okay. Because if he isn’t we’re in huge, huge trouble.

  13. Jane Heller

    Congrats on the O’s win, Ken. Bet you can’t wait until the Yankees come back to town so your guys can beat up on us again.

    Jorge isn’t OK, Letsgoyankees, and I’m sick over it. He could be out for a long time.

  14. levelboss

    when it rains it POURS (so to speak).. maybe the weather is matching what’s happening to the Yankees
    1. Selena Roberts’ book on A-Rod
    2. Jorge on the 15 day DL
    3. Joba’s mom arrested for pushing meth
    can somebody get Edwar a sammich already! (he should be buddies with CC!)

  15. Jane Heller

    It was a LONG night, Emma, but being out here in CA, I got off easy and went to bed at a reasonable hour!

    Seriously. We’re due for some good news, Levelboss. Enough with all the bad stuff and let’s have an Aaron Small fall into our laps or something.

  16. Dillon M

    It was a good game all around. There were moments when I felt excited and pumped for a comeback and then there were times when I was in the dumps because the bullpen and the offense couldn’t do anything. Well, hopefully we can pull it out today to avoid the second sweep of the season.

  17. heartbeatofthebronx

    great job as always Jane. Molina is going to have to do a better job as backstop moving forward with Posada hitting the shelf. If only we all had Edwar’s metabolism huh? haha…and I know the umpiring was spotty, but I could not stand to watch one more frisbee curve land in the middle of the plate resulting in a backwards “K”. Drove me absolutely crazy. We now have to win tonight just to prevent us from going 0-5 to start the year.

  18. letsgoyankees

    Okay, Jorge is not okay. I hope he’s not out for long.
    W/no Jorge we’re still a bat and a half better since Tex is showing up and A-Rod is better than Jorge. Think positive.

  19. Jane Heller

    You echoed my emotions exactly, DillonMcT. One minute I was up, thinking we were coming back. The next minute I knew we were done. At least the rain has let up and they’re playing tonight. First pitch any minute. GO YANKS.

    We need a win all right, Stephen, but the news about Jorge is tough to swallow. Molina will be OK, but Cervelli?

    LOL, Sue. Edwar needs extra poundage!

    Word is he’s really hurting, Letsgoyankees – a “grade 2 hamstring strain,” which usually takes more than 15 days to heal. Some are saying he could be out 6 weeks. But, yes, we will be positive and hope for the best.

  20. crazy19canuck

    Jane, what happened to Posada? I go away for the weekend and the Yankees are getting hurt again? Hope you guys don’t lose to many more players. My dad will be bummed out now with the line up changing every day practically.

  21. Jane Heller

    Tell your dad I’m as bummed as he is, Canuck. The cold weather seems to be taking its toll on hamstrings all over the place. Posada could be out awhile and it stinks!

  22. heartruss

    Umpires…I could talk about that topic forever, Jane. The funniest thing that happened occurred yesterday. We always assume that the players can’t hear what we are saying in the stands. A kid who was given a ball by the batboy decided to sell it for $20 to someone sitting a few rows away. They were talking very loudly about what a smart businessman the kid was when we saw the umpire lift a ball out of his pocket and hold it behind his back so we could see it. We all started to laugh.

  23. Jane Heller

    Funny story, Cat. I can’t believe the kid sold the ball! Talk about an entrepreneur. And I’m glad the umpire had a sense of humor. It’s hard to tell with them most of the time.

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