A Few Minutes With A Mets Fan/Yankees Hater

I was at a party last night and overheard a man named Jon talking about his love for the Mets. So I hurried over with my She-Fan Cam (could I be any more annoying) and asked him a few questions.


I’ve never really been into the whole crosstown Yankees-Mets rivalry. I know I’m supposed to hate them, like White Sox fans hate the Cubs (or vice versa). The truth is, I don’t hate them. I don’t even pay much attention to them and never have, and the only time I actively root against them is if we’re playing them in an inter-league series.
So I often forget how much Mets fans despise the Yanks and show their anger.
Just to remind me, here are a couple of clips with the Mets fan I met last night. As with many of his generation who followed the Brooklyn Dodgers growing up, he developed his Yankees hate early in life.
Am I too mature to have my heart broken? I think not.
Actually, Billy Martin was the Yankees’ manager five times, not three, but who’s counting.
But Jon brings up an interesting question. How much influence does the manager have over the “spirit” of a team? Should the Mets fire Jerry Manuel after having fired Willie Randolph? At some point, aren’t the players responsible for getting the job done?
Reminder: May 15th is the deadline for sending in your Flip Video contest entry. Note to the lucky winner: Don’t shoot a subject with bright light overhead as I did in the above clips. I’m still learning.
I’m also really hoping the rain holds up in the Bronx long enough to get tonight’s Yanks-Sox game in. I wouldn’t mind a little payback. No, a lot of payback.


  1. p

    Still drizzling right now.. poor Phil Hughes can’t get some decent weather to make his second start! I’ll predict a good outing for him though should he pitch.

    Coming from a Mets fan, I’ve kind of developed a sour tongue for the Yanks, but its hard to keep that mentality when the Mets are now spending close to the money that the Yanks spend. They aren’t so different…


  2. juliasrants

    It’s funny, I have a friend who is in the Navy who is a Mets fan and he HATES the Yankees. For him, once he made a decision to be a Mets fan it was all or nothing. The thing that I find totally funny – he’s also a Red Sox fan! Go figure. I too hope we get the games in – I can’t wait to see Scott & his bear Lou in pink Red Sox attire!


  3. mikeeff

    that was fun..

    you know i have a lot of friends who are mets fans..guys that grew up in brooklyn or long island. they all are mets people. one has a nut job for a dad who says only republicans are yankee fans. yada yada… anyway it’s fun to torture them about how bad the mets are, but i don’t take pleasure in them failing myself. well maybe a little.

    the manager is the one responsible, but i think they should keep jerry manuel.


  4. Erin Kathleen

    And here I thought the Mets’ biggest problem is that Johan Santana is the only starter with an ERA under 5.00. Silly me, I should have guessed that it’s all Jerry Manuel’s fault and not because Oliver Perez walks batters about once per inning.-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  5. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Ah, dear Janie, another deep & rich subject. Two teams, same town (or area). I moved to N.Y. the year the Mets were born, and found it easy to root for them even as a Yankee fan — but I was The Outsider. Remember, all those Mets fans were natural-born NL lovers, so there was that extra 12 ounces of distaste for the Yanks…plus we WON all the time, esp. over Dem Bums…but look around. You’re so right about Chicago — when the Chisox won in ’05, I had friends who lived there who were (& still are) angry & depressed, because they were diehard Cubbie lovers. Now, Cali is likely different — Giants vs. Dodgers, sure, but Giants vs. the A’s? Dunno. Likewise, Dodgers vs. Angels? You tell me. I do know that nobody in Baltimore EVER roots for ANY team in Washington, and never will (and hey, we don’t like them either). NY and DC are so so easy to hate (sigh)…but now, as if Boston ISN’T?!?

  6. heartruss

    Okay from the Dodger viewpoint since it was brought up.
    It is hard to be a Dodgers fan as well as an Angels fan. I don’t like the Angels but I have admired their manager, a former Dodger. Our big rival is the Giants. None of us like the Giants. It was probably moreso when Barry Bonds was with the team. I am neutral about the Padres. I only dislike them when the Dodgers are playing them and when they hit me with the ball. I am noncommital about the Rocks and D Backs as well. Disinterested…unless the Dodgers are playing them.
    I have never disliked the Yankees. I did like the Mets when Shawn Green was a Met. That was for a brief moment. Okay so I’m fickle.

  7. scarlettsmom@gmail.com

    I totally get what Jon was saying about hating the Yankees as a child. I also grew up in Brooklyn within walking distance of Ebbets field. My dad would take me, in the late 40’s, and seeing Jackie Robinson and the rest of the guys made listening to them on the radio so exciting and intimate.
    WE were brought up to hate the Yankees much as we were brought up to hate the Nazis: totally and without reservation.
    They were the ” Rich People’s Team” the Republican Party of baseball, as it were.
    I’m trying to recover and accept the Yankees because my husband is a huge fan and I cannot keep walking out during every single sporting event all year. Baseball is the only sport whose RYTYHMS i can listen to. So A=Rod get hold of yourself.. Let me love you!!!
    scarlettsmom – carpinteria california

  8. yankeemeg

    You know…growing up a Yankees fan, now living in the Philly area, I do go to Phillies games. I grew up to hate the Mets. I sure did show that last Saturday, at the Phillies-Mets game at Citizens Bank Park. I sat in a section of Mets fans….totally surrounded by them. I never felt so much joy to sit there and see them lose, in the bottom of the 10th, by a walk off walk, given up by Oliver Perez. YAY! I thought for sure that as soon as Matt Stairs came up to bat it was gonna be lights out….but the walk was just fine 😉

  9. crzblue2

    Jane, First happy belated birthday! I am catching up here!
    Great interview with the Mets fans. Wish you would have asked him why some Brooklyn fans still to this day have that deep hatred for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I understand the hatred but I don’t understand why in some Brooklyn Dodger fans is still so strong.

  10. Jane Heller

    Jason, the Mets and Yanks are both big-market, high-payroll New York teams. We have more in common than ever. You may have gone sour on the Yanks but I’ve never really soured on the Mets. Now if they played in the AL East it would be a different story!

    I bet your friend had a tough ride when the Mets and Red Sox played each other in the WS, Julia.

    I guess it depends on which part of NY you grow up in, Mike. Where I lived, there were Yankee fans everywhere. But my Long Island friends were solidly for the Mets.

    You have a point, Erin. Maybe they should fire their pitching coach instead of Manuel.

    That’s why I like you, Russ. You’re not the jealous type!

    Dave, the Dodgers and Giants have an intense rivalry and have for years. I just can’t muster much hate for the Mets.

    Sorry, Sue. But the chances are good that there won’t be too many Mets posts on this blog…unless, of course, I run into another Mets fan at a party. Or the supermarket. Someplace.

    It’s not really apathy, Paul. I honestly don’t pay enough attention to NL teams to call it that. Well, I do follow the Dodgers but they’re my second “home” team now.

    Cat, I think you now have a perfectly good reason to hate the Padres. They injured you! That’s grounds for more than apathy.

    Scarlettsmom, aren’t you going to explain that it was YOUR party I was at last night and YOUR guest who reveled in his Yankee hate?

    Yankeemeg, I think the Mets-Phillies rivalry has blossomed into one of the better ones in baseball. It must have been incredible to be at that game, btw.

  11. Jane Heller

    Emma, I guess Brooklyn Dodgers fans feel betrayed that the team left them and they can’t get over it. Frankly, I’m not sure what I would do if the Yankees upped and moved to another city across the country.

  12. tigersmvp

    I’ve never understood those cross-town rivalries. They play for the SAME town. NEW YORK Mets, NEW YORK Yankees, CHICAGO Cubs, CHICAGO White Sox, LOS ANGELES Dodgers, LOS ANGELES Angels – I mean, they aren’t competing against each other for the most part, unless it is the post-season. Actually, they two clubs are both trying to boost the same city. So what gives? I know Brooklyn is still sore about losing the Dodgers, but come on. After all these years, it’s time to get over it.

  13. Jane Heller

    I guess that’s why I don’t feel I’m competing with the Mets, Tigersmvp. We’re in different leagues and don’t face each other except for inter-league.

  14. plubin007

    Emma, if you get a hold of the documentary, “Brooklyn Dodgers: The Ghosts of Flatbush”, you may get a sense of why the heartache and resentment still exist toward the Dodgers. I grew up about 5 blocks from the site of Ebbets Field and I’ve thought many times about the what-ifs. And I have no generational ties to the Dodgers, as my parents emigrated from Haiti in the late 60’s. I was born in ’73, so the Mets have always been my team, but when they were talking that nonsense about bringing back the Dodgers (which I naively bought into), I was ready to jump ship. It’s a Brooklyn pride thing that really unless you’re from Brooklyn, you can’t truly understand. Now if only the Cyclones could move up to AA…

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