Random Thoughts For A Rainout Day

#1) I wouldn’t have gotten to see today’s Yankees-Angels finale even if they’d played it. Why? Because I was blacked out. Not just on regular TV but on MLB.TV too. BLACKED OUT.
What was the deal? I live in California. I get all the Angels games on the local Fox Sports channel. But today, for some inexplicable reason, the baseball gods decided to issue a blackout restriction. Am I not paying enough for my Extra Innings package, my Cox cable, my MLB premium, my everything? It absolutely infuriated me.
#2) The rainout means Nick Swisher will have another day to rest his sore elbow. I admit I wasn’t one of his early supporters. I’m a Nady person. But Swish won me over (he had me at: “Sure, I’ll pitch”) and I miss not seeing him and his bat in the lineup everyday.
#3) The rainout today also means I didn’t have to watch Angel Berroa play third. Girardi had him slated to go instead of Pena, and An-hell’s error-prone defense could have been contagious and led to a whole lot of slipping and falling.
#4) Back to Nady. He is undergoing a medical procedure that could return him to the Yankees lineup much sooner and without surgery. According to Peter Abraham, he’s having “platelet-rich plasma injected directly into the area around the torn ligament in his elbow.” Ouuuwww.
#5) Just wondering: Who pays for Nady’s procedure, A-Rod’s hip surgery and the countless MRIs that players undergo as routinely as they take batting practice? Do the Yankees foot the bill for all this stuff? The players themselves? The players’ union? All I know is that Cigna, my health insurance company, gives me a hard time if I even look at my doctor.
#6) I wasn’t going to get into Selena Roberts’ book about A-Rod, but since the game was rained out I might as well. If MLB needs to investigate whether he used steroids as a Yankee and/or if he tipped pitches while in Texas, they should go for it and, if he’s guilty, give him the Pete Rose treatment. But seriously. How will Bud and his investigators ferret out the “anonymous sources?” It could be a challenge, given that Roberts herself won’t cooperate. What I truly don’t care about is what A-Rod may or may not have done when he was a kid.
For all I know he’s the most unpleasant, selfish, needy, womanizing man on the planet. But unless he’s done something that requires discipline from MLB, I refuse to act like he’s…..this guy.
(Daily Flip Video Contest Reminder) I’m getting some really great pix!


  1. irishsoxkid19

    Coming from a Red Sox fan, your A-Rod comment made my weekend!! The only Yankee that I like, or more like can trust is Derek Jeter. He’s the definition of a Captain who is dedicated to helping his team and is a great all around player. Hope the rain clears up in NY- looking forward to the next few games!!


  2. scofid

    I was surprised that they called the game after just an hour. I don’t know how long they have to give it before making a decision, but the rain was much lighter after the cancellation. I went to Greenwich Village to buy some coffee, and then went home. That may be the most expensive bag of coffee I’ve ever bought! LOL!


  3. heartruss

    Thanks for all your concern re: my baseball related injury. I was considering taking a picture of my arm and entering it in your contest. Every fans nightmare: being hit by the ball and not even getting the ball. Too bad about the rainout. I too love Derek Jeter. He will always be a Yankee.
    Scott: the Dodgers will have rain delays but I can’t remember a rainout. Funny thing, the last couple of rain delays (they seldom happen in sunny California) there was a fireworks display planned after the game. Maybe God was putting on his own show??

  4. rosehof14

    I have to admit your use of pics today made me read this blog post tonight… How did she get Jason from the slasher movies, a bad GQ pic of a mediocre ball player, some 1970’s picture of a doctor and someone who I can’t identify if it’s a really thin dude or chick into a conversation about a rain out game? Now I know…and all I can say is ….wow…good work, brought me right in at the edge of my seat for this one!

    Love ya!

  5. diamonddiva

    OK, that picture of Swish is very…um, interesting! As for the claims made in Roberts’ book, I must admit that I’m suspicious about the claims made by a former high school teammate of A-Rod. They might be true, of course (wouldn’t be shocked if they were), but it’s just as possible that the ex-teammate may be more than just a little bit jealous of A-Rod…or maybe just made a tidy sum of $$$ for his claims. Some people will say anything for money. I do agree that if MLB thinks they should investigate the claims of steroids use beyond what A-Rod has admitted too, then that’s fine…but I also think the 102 other names on that list should be revealed and investigated as well. Stop persecuting ONLY A-Rod. As for the pitch tipping…I really didn’t think anything could make me dislike A-Rod any more than I already did, but this has done it. By all means, MLB should investigate those claims, and if he’s guilty of pitch tipping (or lying about his steroids use while with the Yankees), then yes, “Pete Rose” him.

  6. Jane Heller

    You puke easily, Jeff.

    I hope they can get the games in, Julia and Irishsoxkid. The forecast doesn’t sound good though. I think they said rain for both Monday and Tuesday? Grrr.

    So sorry, Scott. What a bummer. But I sure hope the coffee is good!

    Cat, aren’t we lucky that the games out here don’t get rained out? Of course, I don’t love our wildfires so maybe a little more rain wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    Cob, that “1970s picture of a doctor” is a 2009 picture of my doctor! LOL!

    You summarized my feelings about the A-Rod thing exactly, Shelley. Do we really care what he did back in high school? I wouldn’t want anybody writing about what I did when I was a teenager.

  7. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Dear Ms. Jane,
    First up, sorry that your birthday wasn’t more fun. Had a bad feeling that after pulling Friday nite’s game out of their — um — posteriors, Da Yanks might get spanked the next day. RIP, Mr. Pen; maybe Mama Jane will unearth you for future use…loved the beisbol bloopers…isn’t that Schottzie, the Big Pooper from Cincinnati in there?…but where did they get that Gregorian chanting?? We are about to go under water here in the east, so I’ll be a bit surprised if they play ball tonite. Watched some of the Rays-Red Sox yesterday out of boredom (and to hex the Bad Guys)…late in the game, a Rays fan ALMOST pulled a Bartman — took a catchable foul pop away from Longoria, and he looked REAL embarrassed when the replays and boos ensued — then Pillsbury hit a deeeep flyout to end the inning (phew)…Rays Renegade, lecture your Fellow Fanz about those foul balls, if you please!!!

  8. Jane Heller

    One thing I’ll never have to worry about is catching a foul ball, Dave. Whenever I see those balls coming, I duck and let everyone around me scramble for them. Such a chicken. Yeah, the forecast sounds grim for the east coast.

  9. rrrt

    Sorry the Yanks didn’t do for your birthday weekend what the Sox did for Julia’s. And too bad for the pen – hopefully you will find it’s replacement soon! Love the video of the kid pushing the other kid out of his way – too funny!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  10. Yankees Reality Check

    Ok. I went to college in the grunge 90s so I’ll say it: that picture of Swish is awesome. Can’t help it.

    About A-Rod – I too couldn’t care less about what he did in high school. The tipping pitches thing is infuriating, but I could totally see it happening. The things I find interesting are: 1.) that people think sources for a book get paid a lot of money. I’m pretty sure that’s not what happens, and 2) that just because a buddy denies it, her sources must be unreliable. Baseball is the biggest circle-the-wagons sport ever.


  11. Jane Heller

    I laughed at the kid video too, Sue. He’ll probably grow up to be on Wall Street.

    The pen hasn’t cleared waivers yet, Kaybee. It’s possible it could get picked up by another team.

    It’s all such a slippery slope, Yankees Reality Check. Sources don’t get paid but they often have axes to grind. Mientkiewicz did go to high school with A-Rod and is an old friend, but he wasn’t with him 24/7. Who knows. But why was the NY media jumping all over Girardi for voicing his opinion yesterday? Something to write about during a rainout, I guess.

  12. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    That’s my favorite picture of Nick Swisher…minus the long hair. I hate baseball players with long hair. Although I he donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths after he cut it off. Anyway, that’s still my favorite picture of Swish. 🙂

  13. raysrenegade

    Sometimes I do not understand why MLB blackout certain games. I know they have done some of the Sat. night contests because of trying to stir-up attendance at some of the ballparks, but if you are not local, that is an issue.
    I mean if you play almost $ 200 for a MLB.TV subscription, you should be able to get any game that either of the teams broadcast out to the net.
    But such as most things in life, something has to be in the way and ruin it for some one.

    Rays Renegade


  14. Yankees Reality Check

    Jane – I have a few ideas on why the media would freak out on Girardi. First of all, A-Rod is the most, or one of the most, recognizable baseball players. He crosses into celebrity when he starts hanging with Madonna and such. He should be ready for paparazzi just like Lindsey Lohan is.

    Second – this country has developed a deep hatred for the media without ever understanding what their job entails. A-Rod’s personal life is a part of who he is as a personality. You wouldn’t be doing a good job of writing about him if you didn’t talk about that aspect. Isn’t talking about personal stuff what engendered such goodwill for Joba? You can’t have it be okay when it’s positive and not okay when it’s negative.

    However, that doesn’t mean they were right to freak out on Girardi. This is still a free country and he can think and say anything he wants. I just think he was being disingenuous.

  15. Jane Heller

    I hear you in theory, Yankees Reality Check. But as a practical matter, ballplayers (not all, but many) aren’t model citizens when it comes to their personal lives. I don’t dispute Selena Roberts’ right to write about A-Rod’s. But I can understand Girardi feeling that a certain code was breached.

  16. Jane Heller

    Oops. Your comment slipped past me, Renegade. On the subject of blackouts, I get that there are contracts that grant exclusivity when there’s a national game. But I was in the local market! And it wasn’t a nationally televised game! As you say, such is life.

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