Some Birthday

I get that the Yankees won’t win every game. I do. But this one against the Angels looked like a “W” on paper, and I figured I’d be celebrating the anniversary of my birth, not stomping around the house like a kid having a tantrum.
I mean, CC Sabathia versus this journeyman?
The Yankees should have battered Palmer. Instead they managed a measly three hits off him. Jeter’s error in the sixth didn’t help Sabathia, but it was in the seventh that CC allowed the small ballers to do their thing. Did he ever looked pissed when Joe came to get him.
Then it was left to our crack bullpen to stop the bleeding. Yeah, sure. When I saw Veras coming in to pitch, I yelled at the TV: “NOT ANOTHER LEADOFF WALK!” This time he listened. He gave up a leadoff homer instead. So I’m saying goodbye to Jose. If Cashman wants to keep him around, fine. But I’m done with him.
So no more yukking it up with Mo.
No more stealing dirt from the old stadium.
No more man-hugging Molina.
You’re out of my life, Jose. Best of luck to you….with the Pirates or somebody.
With the score 8-1 in the ninth, the Yankees mounted a comeback thanks to Rodriguez, the Angels’ version of Veras, who gave up a couple of walks, a wild pitch, and a homer to Posada. It was 8-4 after Gary Matthews, Jr. dropped Jeter’s routine fly ball, and I thought maybe a miracle would follow last night’s miracle. But no. What followed was only sadness and disappointment as I watched my husband Michael take the loss very hard.
Not only were the Yankees beaten by the Angels, but here’s what also happened:
* Cano’s hitting streak ended.
* Tex continued to slump (and hear boos).
* Nick Swisher’s elbow was still swollen and bruised.
* Erick Aybar got beaned in the face by a ricochet off Jeter’s helmet and was carted off to the Yankees’ dentist.
Worst of all, today marked the end of the Magic Pen and its promising career as the Yankees’ Lucky Charm. Its own four-game winning streak snapped, the pen became expendable and was, therefore, DFA-ed. I didn’t have the heart to tell the pen, so Michael walked it out to the backyard and did the deed.
Rest in peace, Pen. There will be another pen to fill your roster spot tomorrow, but just know that we’ll miss you and we thank you for your service.


  1. ooaooa

    Thanks for pointing the pen east this morning. The clouds cleared and the sky brightened.

    The power of the pen must have been drained clearing the nasty weather away because it ran out of juice after the 1st inning of the game.

    Although Jose is a favorite of ours, yes, he must go.

    Just a few words about the Stadium. It is 1000 times more fan friendly then the building across the street.

    Employees are polite and helpful. Parking is much easier and getting to the Degan is easier. Food is expensive but a worthy try is the prime rib sandwich near the meat market in left field concourse. $15 but you get about 3/4 of a pound of nicely cooked tender prime on an onion roll. Much better than the $10 hamburgers at the Rocket stand. Glad I don’t drink beer, $9. Concourses are wide and open and a real pleasure. TV screens are everywhere and a real nice touch.

    Hopefully they work hard to keep it as clean as it is now. It looks like they plan to.

    Can’t wait till my next game in June.

  2. luckylori

    Happy Birthday, Jane! You shouldn’t get too upset. Your pitching just gave out like ours has since the season started. And that offer still stands…$20 and a couple thundersticks for that pen. On the chance that there might be just a little bit of mojo left in it, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on it. If you hear any digging in your yard late tonight, don’t pay any attention to it. It’s just a cat.

  3. scofid

    Happy Birthday, Jane! Hey, it’s not the Pen’s fault that Girardi brought in the human gasoline can, I mean Jose Veras! I am definitely looking forward to what the lineup looks like with A-Rod back at third. Hopefully, it will coincide with Teixeira’s “return” too! 🙂 I am looking forward to checking out the new Stadium tomorrow. Hopefully my presence will equal that of the Pen in the four games preceding today! Have a great remainder of your special day!


  4. mayz

    I almost chose the Yankees as my team for today for’s Survivor Contest. I didn’t think there was any way they’d lose today. Man, they’ve got to get Joba back in that pen of theirs ASAP!


  5. lennysyankees

    Happy birthday, it sucks the Yankees couldn’t hold the lead today for you.

    By the way, I am a relatively new follower of your blog, and yours is definitely one of the more enjoyable ones because of your unique style. The pictures are a nice touch in your recaps! Also, what’s the history of this “Magic Pen”?

  6. cheshirecat9

    Happy Birthday Jane! Sucky game all around. RIP Magic Pen. But the bright spot is when the Yanks started to come back in the 9th we all had hope. That is the beautiful thing about being a Yankee fan. Somewhere deep down you can always hope that they will pull off some sort of miracle because their past is full of such miracles. This is a team with a tradition of winning and it is only a matter of time before they win the World Series again. I still think this could be the year. You can be sure that Mets fans do not feel the same way about their team.

  7. Greg

    Happy Birthday Jane. Sorry to hear the Yankees disappointed you on your day. I’ll just share with you that the Sox have NEVER lost on my birthday, so keep that in mind 😉 They keep their fans happy on their birthdays.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

  8. Jane Heller

    Glad you got to be at the game, Jadamski, since you thought you might get rained out. And thanks for the first-hand report on the stadium. Sounds like your overall experience was very positive. Can’t wait to try those prime rib sandwiches.

    That’s exactly right, Lori. The pitching gave out. Looks like we’re both struggling in the bullpen department. And if you want the pen, I’ll dig it up and send it to you. It was really good for four games.

    Scott, you’re probably at the stadium as I write this! I can’t wait to hear about your experience and hope the Yanks win for you. If they do, you might have to follow them around the country for every game.

    I thought they were a lock too, Jason. Well, as much of a lock as they can ever be against the Angels. Clearly, something has to be done about the bullpen.

    Welcome, Ballplayer. Glad you like the blog. If you scroll down a few days, to the second game in Detroit, you’ll see that I started using a pen I swiped from a Marriott hotel in Tampa to score the games – and the Yankees started winning. So it became the Magic Pen. Unfortunately, the magic died yesterday.

    Cheshirecat, I really thought we’d see another miracle yesterday, but it wasn’t to be. Let’s hope Hughes will be as good today as he was in Detroit. And I agree: This is our year!

    LOL, Greg. Maybe your team wins the birthday stat!

    Thanks, Jenn. I ate a fantastic dinner that my husband surprised me with. And I turned off the computer right after I posted and left it off the entire day. THAT was huge.

  9. Jane Heller

    I feel about Veras the way you feel about Lopez, Elizabeth. When I see him coming, I go, “Please no!” Don’t know what to say about Ortiz, but I know he still strikes fear in me when he steps in to hit.

  10. heartruss

    Uh oh, sorry I missed your birthday, Jane. I was nursing a baseball injury. I wish the Yankees could have eked out a win for you. Omigod, to think that the Dodgers were kinda considering Sabathia??? We have odds and ends with no pitcher making any money but yet they are doing okay. The only two we have who are pretty consistent are Billingsley and Wolf. It’s rotating fifth starter. I don’t think I would read that A Rod book just because of what Mienkiewicz said. That is a name to spell. Did he have a nickname? Anyway sorry I missed your birthday. Yesterday I guess it was “all about me” day.

  11. Jane Heller

    I’m sticking with CC, Jeff. He’ll deliver.

    Glad you had a good trip to NY, Julia.

    Irishsoxkid, love the name and will have to check out your blog!

    Cat, you were nursing your wrist yesterday! I hope it’s better and will go see if you wrote about it. As for Doug (some people use the nickname Minky), he’s known A-Rod so well for so long. He’s a very a good “character witness.”

    Thanks, Shelley. I’m looking forward to starting a new win streak with a new pen!

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