What Kind Of A Fan Are You? Enter The Contest!

If you’ve been a frequent visitor to this blog, you’ve seen my occasional “She-Fan Cam” videos – clips of fans that I record on my always handy and totally addictive Flip Video camcorder.

If you’re new here, let me give you an example.
Now it’s your turn to focus the Cam on someone, because one of you is about to win a Flip Video camcorder.
Here’s the deal.
I want a photo of your Favorite Fan Moment – a picture of you at your diehard fan best. Maybe you’ll be in the stands at whichever ballpark you call home. Or maybe you’ll be sitting in front of the TV in full team regalia. Or maybe you’ll be scoring an autograph from a player. Your call. The point is to show you being a fan and loving it.
All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know you’d like to participate. And I’ll respond and let you know where and how to send the photo.
I’ll look over all the pics and choose my top five. Then I’ll post the five and you’ll vote for the Favorite Fan Moment.
The winner will receive a Flip Video Cam directly from Pure Digital. You won’t believe how easy to use this gadget is. For starters, it’s tiny – smaller than a cell phone and light enough to tuck in your pocket (perfect for slipping past surly security people at your local stadium). You just point it in the direction of your subject, hit the red “record” button, and you’re good to go.
I kept cutting off people’s heads the first day I got mine, but it’s really a no-brainer, even for technically challenged me.
When you’ve finished recording, you plug the Cam into your computer, download your videos and have fun. You can email them to friends or upload them on YouTube or make movies complete with music and credits. So many options.
I know. I sound like some cheesy infomercial right now. But seriously. I’ve had such a great time with my Cam that I wanted others to have the same experience. So I asked the people at Flip Video if they’d be up for giving one away to a deserving fan, and they agreed!
And no, this contest isn’t just for Yankee fans. It’s for anybody and everybody who’s passionate about baseball. Is that you? Then get to work!
Speaking of the Yankees, I was relieved (understatement) that they bounced back from Saturday’s debacle and beat the Indians 7-3. AJ didn’t have his best stuff, but he kept the Yanks in it, as did the relief corps of Albaladejo, Bruney and Mo. There were some really nice defensive plays by Ransom and Tex (I’m still pinching myself that we have a guy who makes Mattingly-like grabs at first base), in addition to Posada’s homer and Ransom’s double (many thanks to Choo for that one).
Now we take on the A’s for three games. It’ll be weird seeing Giambi back with Oakland. I wonder if he’ll be wearing his thong.


  1. louis.armistead@gmail.com

    I am very interested in entering the fan contest. Also, SheFan is the first book I have read (non-school related) in years! Thanks for bringing me back in to the literary world. I write every day now, too.

  2. cheshirecat9

    My girlfriend and I were on the Jumbotron at yesterday’s game dancing to “Enter Sandman”. I wish there was a way I could have captured that image to enter into the contest, I think it summed up our crazy fandom nicely.

  3. jeterformvp

    Hi Jane, I just found your blog and I love it. In my home there are 4 of us. My hubby Greg, Dawn(moi), Kady my 15 year old and Jordan my 7 year old boy. We are HUGE Yankee fans. 1 of my sons many sayings as a toddler was “dirk Jeter” ..my husbnad speculates he said it before “daddy” we are fanatics. We would all love to participate in your contest.

    Dawn P.

  4. Jane Heller

    Glad there’s interest in the Cam Contest!

    Melissa: I was going to put a deadline on entries but wanted to gauge the level of interest first.

    How about this. I’d like to have comments by the end of this week (Sunday) telling me who’s in. And then I’d like to have the actual pic by May 15. Only one per entry, so pick the best!

    I’ll contact those entering and let you know the details of where/how to send the pix.

    So far, here’s who’s entering (I’ll email you):
    Sue/Rants, Raves & Random Thoughts
    Jeff/Red State Blue State
    Dawn P

    Cat, I can’t tell if you’re in or out. I know you’re a great fan and I also know you have great pix. So let me know.

    Cheshirecat, I wish you’d captured that moment too (very cool). If you have another favorite fan moment, leave a comment to enter.

    Russ and Julia, it does seem like the new stadium is an airport. The balls are really taking off.

  5. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Wow…you sure do find a thousand ways to get everybody intrigued & involved!! Great idea for the free cam — not sure that I can commit yet; must try to get a photo taken if possible (my house is rather DIVERSE in its fandom, so I can’t recall any old photos of me in Yankee glory, but I’ll see…). Meanwhile: what a relief to pull out the game Sunday, despite not hitting Carl F. Pavano (how very frustrating) — maybe if the Yanks go with an all-lefty lineup against all righties, they can take full advantage of the Jet Stream in right field (I fear 3 or 4 taters/game by Giambi)…!

  6. Jane Heller

    No pressure, Dave. If you want to enter, feel free….As for tonight’s game, it won’t be pretty if Giambi gets it going into right. We have to put our trust in Andy to keep it from happening.

  7. raysrenegade

    I might have to get a stadium shot of the “Ground Rules” for you where I get pictured a few times in the first 20 seconds of the in-stadium promotion.
    But I did not get any speaking lines this time………..Bummed but okay with it (lol).
    That is an awesome idea, and I wish the “Maddons Maniacs” had a meeting this week. I would of sent you a film clip of all of us crazies cheering and getting ready for a game.
    Wild times in the Trop.

    Rays Renegade


  8. eshamusoconnor77@gmail.com

    ooooooh ! I want in on this action. I have the best photo ever!

    Thanks Jane !

    Yankee Shamus

  9. diabetesgurl@yahoo.com

    Hey Jane. I’m in the process of reading your book (a real page turner, which I whole heartedly identify with.) My Grandfather worked at Yankee Stadium for 48 years as an usher because he loved going to the games. He was retired FDNY & USPS as well as being the biggest Yankee fan I have ever met. Obhiously, he made me into the fan I am today. I’d love to participate in the contest, my email address is diabetesgurl@yahoo.com because i’m unsure of how I would be reached via mlb.com.
    Thanks for making me feel somewhat sane, in a very male dominant world, it’s a real lonley place out in baseball land for some of us die – hard – fans, whom are chicks of course.

    Talk soon,
    Kristen (Long Island, NY)

  10. Jane Heller

    Just sent contest info to the following:

    Rays Renegade
    Yankee Shamus
    Yankee Rose

    I can’t wait to see everybody’s Favorite Fan photo and hope we lots of great ones.

  11. americansoldier

    Sorry to say that I won’t be getting involved in this. I’m the long-suffering Reds fan – losing years AND living too far from the ballpark.

    I’m at an Army base – @ 8.5 hours from Cincinnati. Still, I have important business that will bring me close enough to the ballpark there, and I’ll be attending a Reds game – FINALLY – on 19 July, against the Brewers. I hope the Reds are still playing great baseball.

    I’ve been to other games, but the last Reds game I was able to attend was back @ August 1999. I think everyone who played in the game is retired, or almost there. Still the Reds hit 2 GRAND SLAMS in that game and defeated a Montreal Expo team (RIP, Montreal). The late, Expos was headed by a young slugger with superstar potential – still playing quite well today, though currently down. His name: Vladimir Guerrero.

  12. Jane Heller

    I wish you were entering the contest, Americansolder, but I do understand. I hope your Reds have a great season and that they’ll win for you on July 19th. And boy do I remember those days when Vlad was an Expo. Seems like a long, long time ago!

  13. YankeeYears2009

    Hey, Jane I’m an avid baseball and fan and I follow your blog especially when something interesting occurs in the Yankee World and I want to see your take on it. I’m an up and starter with a blog with alot of confidence that one day I’ll be able to say that Jane read mines. Hey, I would love to join that contest! I’m in…Great Idea.

  14. Jane Heller

    Great that you’ll be entering the contest, YankeeYears. I’ll be in touch and look forward to reading your blog.

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