Was Manny Juicing In 2003?


I know. This is off-topic for the Yankees’ opening day in Baltimore. But I couldn’t exactly look away when I spotted the post on “WasWatching.”
According to a story in the LA Times, Jose Canseco gave a talk at USC over the weekend. He was asked about A-Rod and other players whom he’d accused of steroids use – claims that turned out to be fact. He discussed the list of 104 major leaguers who tested positive in 2003.
“What about Manny?” someone asked.
“His name is most likely, 90%, on the list,” said Canseco.
The reporter went in search of Manny for a reaction and found him at his locker. When told of Canseco’s remarks, he laughed and said, “I got no comment, nothing to say about that. I don’t even know the guy.”
So here’s my question. Is Jose Canseco a pathetic loser who goes around slandering players? Or is he a pathetic loser who goes around spreading the truth?
My opinion? He’s a little of both. It’s a sure bet the other names on that infamous list will trickle out over the course of the season, but I’m at the point right now where I don’t want to find out who’s on it.
I’m sick of the whole subject.
woman.sickinbed.jpgI don’t want to listen.
I’d rather stick my head in the sand.
bury head in sand.png
So maybe Canseco will shut up just long enough for me to enjoy some baseball.
On the other hand, if I really don’t care about who’s on the list, why did I just write this post?
I guess it’s because no matter how I’d like to pretend the story doesn’t exist, it’s out there….lurking.


  1. scofid

    I think the same of Canseco, and admittedly, I am no longer interested in hearing about what happened in the past. There are rigid standards in place today, so let’s worry about what the players are doing today and tomorrow, not yesterday. But like Julia said, today is a feel good day and let’s relish the 2009 season (which will be a very special one in the Bronx!). Go Yankees!


  2. steve_t

    Gee, I sure hope he was, Jane. Since we all know Jason Giambi was juicing his brains out in 2003 and he hit those two solo homers in Game 7 of the ALCS, I’d at least like to think the playing field was level rather than think the Yankees cheated their way into the World Series all by themselves.

    Steve T.

  3. Lissi

    I don’t want to know either. I just wish this could all go away and had never happened.
    The point is players now have a much harder time doing steroids and there are better rules in place to deal with it. I think we should move on and hope this issue continues to get better.

  4. steve_t

    Whoa, Jane. I just read the story myself. You forgot to include this critical piece of information in your post:

    “Canseco admits later that he has no way of knowing. But it makes sense to him, so he threw it out there — kaboom! — swinging for the fences, still.”

    I was wondering why none of the other major outlets had picked up this story.

    Steve T.

  5. Jane Heller

    Yes, you’re allowed, Julia. Play ball.

    Go Yankees indeed, Scott.

    Steve, I live in CA. Manny is a Dodger. The LA Times is the paper of record out here. They write about local happenings.

    Melissa, we can move on until one of our team’s players is named. Then it affects us.

    Sorry about your Phillies, Sue. I know you wanted a better outcome, but it’s a LONG season. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

    LOL is right, Katie.

  6. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Ruminations today…yes, I’m sick of all the ‘Roid Rumors too, but I’m also sick of sanctimonious Red Sox fans who think their Carmine Hose would NEVER stoop so low…yeah, right. Really excited about today, weather permitting…but I’m truly in a divided house (apropos for Maryland)…Son #2 and I are Yank Fans to the bone, but Son #1 is true-blue (well, black & orange) to the O’s, and The Wife is anti-Yankee and Go Boston…so the fun has just begun…at least Son #1 hates both the Yankees AND the Red Sox…all’s fair in love, war, and baseball! Let’s have a GREAT year…!!!

  7. Jane Heller

    We’re all sick of ‘roids rumors, Kaybee. But there was a furor when A-Rod admitted he was on that list. Should everyone else be off limits?

    Dave, you must have interesting dinner table conversations!

  8. tobymergler

    If it was going to come out, I wish it happened in the offseason. Then today could have felt like a pleasent rebirth and allowed us to renew our love for the game. I hope everyday doesn’t bring stories like this one and we can enjoy our national pasttime unfettered, but that’s probably asking too much.
    – Toby

  9. Jane Heller

    I agree, Toby. I just worry that even if Canseco goes off to a deserted island, the other names will come out eventually.

  10. heartruss

    Number one…Manny is in a Red Sox uniform. Yuck. He looks better in blue, Jane. And as far as steroids go…of course all hitters are suspect. And Canseco, he will point his finger at anyone and everyone and say 90% 50% on the list. That’s a good way to sell books. Start some controversy especially since baseball season has started. So Jane, you consider the Dodgers your second favorite team?? So cool. I think we should meet at a game sometime. http://catlovesthedodgers.mlblogs.com

  11. Jane Heller

    I do consider them my second team, Russ. And I’d love to meet at a game. But you’re in the fancy dugout club and I’d be sitting in the nosebleed section.

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