Yankees-Cubs: Trying Out The New Digs

The game tonight was like a dress rehearsal.

The full cast was there.
So was the stage manager. 
And, of course, the theater was ushering in paying customers.
How did it go?
Without a hitch, despite occasional raindrops. The Yankees held back the Cubs 7-4, and a supporting player became a star. Yes, Cody Ransom, the understudy for A-Rod, belted a three-run homer off the left field foul pole and was instantly dubbed “C-Ran” by the adoring crowd.
Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t he look a little like Clay Aiken?
Anyhow, there were a number of “firsts” during the inaugural performance at the new Stadium, even though the game itself didn’t count. Here are some that stood out for me.
* First Yankees hit: Derek Jeter (leadoff double).
* First Yankees unproductive at-bat: Mark Teixeira (stuck out swinging with Jeter on third).
* First Yankees homer: Robinson Cano (two-run jack in the second).
* First Yankees display of superhuman speed (Brett Gardner’s double).
* First bullpen by committee to hold the opposition scoreless (Mo, Veras, Ramirez, Albaledejo).
* First Yankees player-photographer: Johnny Damon (took pictures of himself in the dugout).
* First mention of Michael Kay’s large head (Paul O’Neill during the YES intro).
* First semi-joke (Michael Kay: “Having the old Stadium right there is like getting re-married and having your ex-wife living across the street”).
* First camera shot of empty field boxes due to economic downturn (two minutes into the broadcast).
* First shout out to attending celebrity (Paul Simon with unidentified companion).
* First use of new kitchen appliance (I roasted a chicken in my brand new oven).
I’m looking forward to another dress rehearsal against the Cubs tomorrow. Luckily, I have leftover chicken. If the Yankees win again, I’ll be eating it every day until they lose.


  1. levelboss

    i thought it was interesting that Matsui’s jack hit the right field pole and then Cody Ransom’s tater hit the left field pole – in the first game in this stadium
    i just wonder if A-Rod was watching the game on tv

  2. Jane Heller

    Levelboss, I was contemplating putting that in about the two foul pole HRs – it was definitely an oddity. I would hope A-Rod was watching from his rented mansion in Vail. Maybe he was riding his stationery bike at the same time. 🙂

  3. heartruss

    Thanks for posting on my blog. I am enjoying your book. I plan on reading it at the parking gate at Dodger Stadium while I wait for it to open. One of my superstitions is that I have to park in the same spot everytime. I wonder if some of the Dodgers superstitions have rubbed off on me. I do wear rubberbands on my wrist like Matt Kemp (centerfield) does.
    The new stadium seems very up to date. I wish I could have seen Yankee Stadium before it closed. I also wish I could have been to ST at Vero Beach before it closed. I wish I wish. Oh well!!

  4. raysrenegade

    I think they actually needed to add a Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel to the stadium. I would stay there. What would be better, rock and roll and baseball. All I would need a hot piece of apple pie and cinnamon ice cream and I would be happy as a clam.

    The stadium looked like a jewel tonight. I still would love to hear a report on what did not go right tonight, because everything in the eyesight of the camera looked perfect. Even the field after the rain today looked drained and ready to play…………..You guys got a new castle to play in, that has the same old nuacnes of the old joint……………priceless.

    Rays Renegade


  5. juliasrants

    I think the Yankees Stadium must have had a big umbrella over it – the Red Sox-Mets game in Citi Stadium had a rain delay in the middle. Over on the Bomber’s Beat blog – he made mention of the catchers having to look into the new video screen when the pitcher’s released the ball. I suspect that could be more of an issue during sunny, day games – but was there any issues/comments on that during the game last night?


  6. latinyankeerebel

    I just watched the last 2 innings on tv last night… :0(
    the stadium looks incredible, i can’t wait to catch a game or two this year over there.

  7. mptalk

    Man I am so excited for this Yankee team this year. I have this feeling that I only get when I know they got the team that can do it. Cody Ransom lloks like he could be a starter for another team but he’s a back-up here. Y_A_N_K_E_E_S Here come the Yankees!
    Monument Park Talk

  8. Jane Heller

    Russ, it sounds like I should give you a commission on book sales if you’re standing in the parking lot holding up the cover and people come over and say, “Gee, that looks interesting. I think I’ll go buy it!” Vero Beach was heaven. I’m so sorry the Dodgers left and moved to AZ, but I suppose it makes it easier for you and others in LA to make the trip. Superstitious? Oh, yeah.

    What I heard, Renegade, was that the Yankees didn’t plan well for the TV coverage. The YES Network cameras have to shoot some angles from behind the screen and they’re not happy about it. I assume that will be worked out. Also, the ball seems to scoot right through the field very quickly, but that should change as the grass grows in and gets thicker. And there’s a lot more foul territory to catch pop-ups. Sight lines are a little different for the players too, but all in all a very good debut!

    LOL, Steve. I’d forgotten about the Tyler Clippard/Clay Aiken similarity. He really did look like Aiken. Cody’s a stretch.

    The weather in the NY area is so strange, Julia. It can be raining in Queens and sunny in the Bronx. Sorry your game got delayed. The old black background in center was a great sight line, but I’m sure everybody will get used to the new one, giant scoreboard and all.

    It was a fun game to watch, Latinyankeerebel. This year’s team seems different in the sense that if they get behind early it doesn’t seem as if they’re out of it. They have more of a comeback mentality.

    It wasn’t my actual chicken, Sue, but a very close replica! I’ve got this great new recipe where you stick the bird in the oven at 475 degrees for an hour, and it comes out really crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. I used to cook them forever at 350, but this way is quick and easy. And that’s my Food Network moment for the day!

    Hey, Nick. I have the same feeling you do – this team is exciting and has the fire to win. Let’s hope!

  9. heartruss

    Jane..I’m so in love with Dodger Stadium but the new Yankee Stadium looks perfect. Dodger Stadium is quite old but there are always upgrades going on. The nice thing is that they always keep the restrooms spotless. Now I don’t know about the men’s facilities but the women’s are very clean.
    I do sit in my car with the book in clear view. People do glance over and check to see what I am reading. I am planning on sending it to Harold, the other Canadian who posts on my blog, the other being Canuck of Watercooler fame. He is a Dodger fan from afar. He could have been a Yankees fan but turned the Dodger way.

  10. Jane Heller

    It was so funny, Kaybee. They kept showing Damon with a digital camera pointed at himself.

    So, Russ, what made Harold “turn the Dodger way?” Was it something I said? LOL.

  11. pagevalnat

    I still say they cloned the old (pre-’73) Stadium, Jane. LMAO
    As to the Olbermann question you posed on my blog: I actually commented on his blog about that very thing. So there!!! LMFAO
    A stunt chicken?? Me, I had noodles for supper. (And Josh Willingham just smacked a homer for the Nats in the bottom of the 1st against the O’s; 4-0 Nats right now.)
    Now I know I can’t wait for Monday…

  12. Jane Heller

    So now you have to eat noodles for the foreseeable future, Gary.

    The chicken worked, Levelboss. I’m turning into Wade Boggs. LOL.

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