I Hate To Jinx Anything But…

Wow. The Yankees have been looking good. Last night, CC and Mo put on a show against the Reds. Today, Bombko shut down the Braves for a few innings. The truth is, the Yanks have been winning games and playing good baseball, and I’m feeling unusually optimistic (for me) going into the season. But again, I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’d better do this.

When I think back to the beginning of spring training, there were so many question marks.
Would Jorge’s shoulder turn into shredded wheat? 
Would Mo be carted off to the assisted living facility?
Would Matsui’s knees buckle the first time he DH-ed?
Would Wang’s foot fall off?
Would Jeter survive his stint in the WBC?
Would CC and AJ become best friends?
And there were other matters to be resolved.
Which Cano would show up: the ’07 model or the one from ’08?
Would Cashman let Melky and Gardner compete for center field or bring in a veteran like Mike Cameron or Andruw Jones?
Would Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady come to blows over the right field job?
Would Tex get off to one of his supposedly slow starts?
Would Brian Bruney gain back all the weight he lost and go from this…
to this?
So far, all the questions have been answered in an extremely positive way (well, the Gardner/Melky situation hasn’t been totally resolved), and there have been pleasant surprises (Ramiro Pena). Yes, everything is FINE in Yankeeland – a miracle! But again, I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’d better get some of these and hang them from my rearview mirror.
rabbits feet.jpeg
Uh-oh. I just read a recap of today’s action. Jeter left the game with a bruised knuckle on his pinky finger. How in the world did he let that happen?
And Ramiro Pena, the slick rookie shortstop I’ve been so giddy about, made a fielding error.
What’s more, Wang gave up two homers in a minor league game. Did his foot fall off after all? His whole leg too?
It’s my fault. I jinxed the Yankees with all my happy vibes in this post. I need to make things right. I’d better go out and get a Kabalah string and wear it around my wrist.
Oh, wait. A-Rod wears one, and things haven’t gone very well for him lately.
Maybe it’s time to give up my superstitions….if only I could.


  1. juliasrants

    Give then up Jane! Yes, we baseball fans are a superstitious lot, but our teams just need our love and support! And who knows – maybe they didn’t find all the “hidden” treasures in the new Yankee Stadium! Only kidding! lol!


  2. letsgoyankees

    Yanks have looked real good lately. Question, though: Should right field be Nady or Swisher? I’m in another one of those intense debates on the Pinstriped Bible (Secretly Building Trade Value thread). I’m saying Nady. Your thoughts?

  3. diamonddiva

    There was supposed to be a link to a photo of my Holland lop bunny in that comment. I guess links to sites other than the blogs here aren’t allowed in the comments? Oh well.

  4. Jane Heller

    And she got her $$$$, Russ. What I don’t understand is why the Beatles haven’t signed an agreement with Apple and let us download their songs on iTunes. That was supposed to happen years ago.

    I’ll try to give up my superstitions, Julia, but it will be like trying to give up the MLB Network. I don’t see it happening.

    You have a point, Russell. But it feels good when it’s your team having the spell.

    I agree with you about Nady, Letsgoyankees. I like Swisher’s ability to take pitches and work counts, but I think Nady is probably the better fielder. He looked good when he came over from the Pirates last year and now he’s in a contract year. I’m putting my money on him.

    Not sure why the link didn’t work, Shelley. Weird. But now I feel guilty about the pic of those poor bunnies!

    I’m just glad Bruney has stayed in shape, Baseballintheattic. It’s one thing for Sabathia to carry around the lbs because he actually knows how to pitch.

  5. rrrt

    I had one of those colored rabbits’ feet as a kid (probably won it at a carnival or something), not realizing till years later it was actually a REAL FOOT! Eww! The metal cap with the chain had fallen off and there was a bone in there! Eww! I think I threw it away after that.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  6. Jane Heller

    I care about everything, Rob, including errors. They make me nervous! But I’m with you about Pena over Berroa and I really hope they make that choice. I think the kid has real talent.

    I’ll never show a pic of rabbits’ feet again, Sue. I swear!

    Thanks, Rockiefan. I’ll have to check out your blog too.

  7. scofid

    I definitely laughed when I got to the fat guy photo. That’s a classic! I have had all the same questions, but I am very concerned about Chien-Ming Wang. It didn’t sound like his pitching performance yesterday went very well against the minor leaguers. Phil Hughes had better not get too settled in Scranton…


  8. Jane Heller

    I’m concerned about Wang too, Scott. But according to some reports, he’s still “working on stuff.” It’s getting late to be trying new pitches/mechanics, but if that explains the HRs, then I’m fine with it. Just let him be good when the bell rings!

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