Bernie Annoyed Jeter With His Guitar Playing

Bernie Williams has a new album coming out in a couple of weeks called “Moving Forward.”

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly to promote the album (hat tip: “Was Watching”), Bernie admitted that he used to annoy Derek Jeter with his guitar playing, especially on long plane trips. He would try to serenade the captain, but Jeter, who needed his beauty sleep, told him to “shut up.”
Bernie’s little anecdote was meant to be lighthearted and funny – at least I assume it was – but it got me thinking. How do ballplayers spend eight or nine straight months together and not get on each other’s nerves?
I decided to imagine myself in the Yankees clubhouse, on the charter flights, everywhere they spend time together, and try to guess who would get on my nerves. I love them all, of course, since they’re Yankees, but nobody’s perfect.
* Jeter. If he gave another interview in which he said, “Bottom line: We just have to win games,” I would nudge him in the ribs and say, “Just tell them what you really think already.”
* A-Rod. If I caught him looking in the mirror, pursing his glossy lips, I would break the mirror.
* Cano. I would be driven mad by his aversion to taking walks – and I don’t mean leisurely strolls.
* Joba. I would get annoyed by his nonstop talking.
* Matsui: I’d make him produce an actual photograph of his wife instead of that silly line drawing he showed the media.
* AJ: I would ask him to stop praising Halladay, since Doc was the pitcher I really wanted.
* Pettitte: I’m not over his long contract hold-out in the off-season, and at some point I would have to confront him about it.
* Damon. If he continued to wear his hair like a little boy who just got out of bed, I would be tempted to set fire to it.
Is there anyone on your favorite team who annoys you? Or are you going to read this post and pretend the answer is no? Come on. Tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
In other news, the Yankees beat the Phillies 10-2. I like the idea of Jeter batting lead off and Damon moving to the #2 slot. Why didn’t Girardi think of that last year? Maybe I need to add him to my list of annoying Yankees.
Of course, there is nothing Mariano Rivera could ever do to annoy me – not if he sang off-key or talked with his mouth full or told unfunny jokes. If he were a church, I would be a member of it.
And finally, courtesy of “The Voice of Yankees Universe,” here are the latest pix of the new Yankee Stadium. The place looks so clean I bet it has that new car smell.


  1. scofid

    I always liked Damon’s ‘cave man’ look when he played for the Red Sox. Too bad the Yanks don’t allow a little more flexibility for their hair policy. Well, not that I want to see everyone in a goatee, but I still can’t get used to seeing Damon so clean-cut. I saw Jason Giambi on an interview the other day, and it was great to see his old scruffy look back in place. I agree with you about Mo. I never thought we’d see a closer as great as Goose Gossage again, but Mo is better. I tried to think of who annoys me on the Yankees, but since Farnsworth left, I can’t think of anyone. But will I say that after Marte gives up a couple of game-losing bombs? Maybe not…


  2. juliasrants

    The constant glove “adjusting” that SO many of the players do! Coco was famous for that and Nomar had it down to a science! I agree with Scott on Damon’s hair. The Yankees need to loosen up on the “hair” policy! I don’t think even Catholic schools are that restrictive.



    So, Bernie’s got a new CD comin’ out…guess I’ll have to finally open up the old one (bought at the late Circuit City many moons ago) and LISTEN to it first! McCartney praised it, but then again, he’s a Yankee fan too…!
    Players on our team we don’t like…hmm…usually for me, it’s somebody I already couldn’t stand, like say a Kevin Brown… Sheffield was tuff to deal with too, but you grind your teeth and deal with ’em as long as they wear pinstripes.
    And thanks again for that link to the new pix of the new Stadium — ye godz, what a glorious palace it seems to be! Is that a wall of EVERY Yankee’s autograph? Unreal…!

  4. Jane Heller

    Scott, I was thinking of Farnsworth, because he did annoy me. But, alas, he’s the Royals’ problem now. I wish him and them well.

    I agree totally, Julia. The glove adjusting has gotten ridiculous. I think Jeter picked it up from Nomar!

    Yeah, Kevin Brown was hard to take, Dave. Really hard to take. I was thinking of smaller annoyances. Brown was in the “I can’t stand him” category. Sheffield? I never minded him. I loved to watch him hit the *&%^ out of the ball.

    “Hate,” Jeff? I could never hate anybody on the Yankees. Well, except maybe Kevin Brown (see above).

  5. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I love Bobby Jenks, but I saw something on him that irritated the crap out of me at spring training. Bobby’s natural hair color is a very dark blonde…almost light brown. But…he bleaches his beard. Well, technically I guess it’s a goatee, but it’s so long and fluffy that I have to call it a beard. I don’t understand that. And AJ bleaching his hair too. I hate it. My biggest irritation from last season is now something you get to deal with. Nick Swisher either walked a whoooooole lot, or he struck out a whooooooooole lot. He swung at a lot of ball four pitches. So beware.

  6. ztaknek


    I actually have the Bernie Williams CD and can attest to the fact that he is quite good! He’s one of the few Yankees that I actually allowed on a fantasy team in the past. The other one was the Big Unit, who shares my birthday.

    Nobody on the Orioles annoys me with any quirks or anything, but I was sure glad that we got rid of Ramon Hernandez and his lack of hustle. I could do a much better job of catching right now than he did. The throwing and hitting would be a problem though!


  7. Jane Heller

    Jen, I’m not wild about the hair bleaching either, especially when the head hair and the goatee don’t match. As for Swisher, that’s what I was afraid of – all or nothing. Uh-oh.

    I know something that bothers you about the Padres, Kaybee. They let Trevor go!

    Ramon Hernandez didn’t hustle, Ken? That would be cause for annoyance for sure. A benching too.

  8. Lissi

    I am sure I would be annoyed by Indians players. Let me think:
    Grady Sizemore: His charming inability to admit he is good would probably eventually get on my nerves and I would have to tell him to stop lying and admit he thinks is awesome.
    Mark DeRosa- His strange accent already drives me insane in the few interviews he has given. He sounds funny and It would drive me crazy.
    Kerry Wood- His refusal to shave his funny looking beard would be very annoying and I may have to so it in his sleep.
    Thanks for admitting the Yankees aren’t perfect.
    Also you would be happy to know that Derek Jeter is growing on me constantly. I don’t think I will ever “like” him but I don’t hate him quite as much as I used to.

  9. raysrenegade

    Bernie Williams has been a class act ever since he put on the pinstripes. As you already know, I talked to him once about his music and just by the way he described it, I had to go buy the CD.
    I was not disappointed at all. The man is a gem on and off the field. I am glad he annoyed Jeter with his strumming of the classic instrument. It might have given him a taste of simple jazz to relax with after a hard game…………how can that be annoying.

    Rays Renegade

  10. Jane Heller

    Glad you’re coming around to appreciating Jeter, Melissa. Or at least not hating him. That’s progress! I’ll have to listen to DeRosa in interviews and see what his accent sounds like.

    Bernie’s music is fantastic, Renegade. But I can understand wanting to sleep too!

    I’d like to walk on clouds year-round, Mark. Can post some clouds for us bloggers to walk on?

  11. denyankfan

    Damon looks like a 12 year old with bed head in that picture you posted. Starting pitching not getting people out the last few years bugged me. I think A-Rod has annoyed us all. If he wasn’t such a great hitter and huge piece of the line up I’d say “see ya” but we all know we need his bat. Jealous Yankee haters annoy me too.

    Bombers Weekly

  12. Jane Heller

    A-Rod has annoyed us all, Denyankfan, but he’s a Yankee and he’s ours and, as you say, he’s a great hitter. And yeah, jealous haters annoy me too!

  13. phillies_phollowers

    I am annoyed nealy every time Cole Hamels speaks – he should stick to just pitching; Howard annoys me when he strikes out looking and then yells at the ump; Charlie Manuel annoys me when he leaves pitchers in too long; oh, and the list could go on! But frankly, I am annoying myself just by thinking about it all ;0) Going to my happy place now…


  14. flairforthedramatic

    Interesting look at which Yankee would be annoying.. When I attempted to think about that, I found it hard to come up with one that I wouldn’t be annoyed by [probably because I’m easily annoyed sometimes].. I thought Jeter was a gimme, but I agree with what you mentioned. He’s almost too good to be true. He’s always politically correct, lol.
    I think I would never get annoyed with Andy though. He’s such a great guy.. I would only get annoyed when he has a horrible game..
    Mo could never annoy me either! He’s always dominant and actually a funny guy, lolz..
    – V [ ]

  15. Jane Heller

    Love your list, Jenn, especially Howard striking out looking and yelling at the ump. They all do that, and it’s so funny.

    Mo can do no wrong, V. There’s no other way to say it.

  16. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Julia. I’ll check out the list and see what’s going on. I’ve been busily writing the entry I just posted and am only just coming up for air!

    Thanks, Mark. I must go and look at the list.

    A stranglehold, Scott. Wow. I can’t explain it, but I appreciate your visits very much!

  17. letsgoyankees

    You know who annoys me? Cano. No surprises here. Cano just never takes walks. And he acts like everything’s rosy whenever he strikes out. Guess what? It’s not all good. You struck out.

  18. Jane Heller

    I get annoyed with Cano for the same reason, Letsgoyankees, but I’m really hoping he’ll turn it around this year.

  19. diamonddiva

    Unfortunately, I happened to be taking a sip of Dr. Pepper as I was reading your comment about Damon’s hair, Jane, and I nearly choked…it’s difficult to laugh and swallow at the same time! (And, for the record, Dr. Pepper burns when it goes up your nose.) I agree about his hair…either grow it longer or cut it and give it am actual style. I remember seeing him leaving Oriole Park after a game about 10 years ago, and he looked like Mr. GQ in his suit and tie, with perfectly coiffed hair. He looked hot! But now…really…be honest, Jane…if you had that kind of access to the Yankees, would any of them really get on your nerves? 😀
    Who annoys me on my teams? Let’s see, where the Nationals are concerned…Dmitri Young and his lack of effort to lose weight and stay in shape after being given a new contract…Wily Mo Pena, who just flat out sucks…John Lannan desperately needs to manscape his eyebrows…I should probably stop at 3, because this could be a long list. As for the Yankees…Jeter’s cliches do get old…A-Rod’s off the field issues are extremely annoying…and Cano’s strikeouts make me want to grab his bat and whack him upside the head with it.

  20. Jane Heller

    Sorry about the spit-take, Shelley! I hate when that happens. “Lannan desperately needs to manscape his eyebrows.” LOL. I nearly choked on my ginger ale, so we’re even!

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