She-Fan Exclusive: Japanese Manager Disses Americans

Shortly after Jeter and company were eliminated from the WBC, I fought the crowds at Dodger Stadium and the blustery conditions and found my way into the clubhouse. I made it inside just as the manager of the Japanese team was answering questions posed by the media. Fortunately, I am fluent in Japanese and can interpret everything for the American blogosphere.

She-Fan: “Sir, why do you think you beat Team USA so convincingly?”
Managerアメリカ人weren’ よいt非常に。
(Translation: “The Americans weren’t very good.”)
She-Fan: “Could you be a little more specific?”
Manager彼が打撃練習を投げていたように先発投手、見るローイOswalt。 彼は何も有しなかった。
(Translation: “Their starting pitcher, Roy Oswalt, looked like he was throwing batting practice. He had nothing.”)
She-Fan: “That’s rather harsh, Sir. It wasn’t all Oswalt’s fault.”
Manager本当。 アメリカ人は3つの間違いを作った。 いかに薄く水っい得ることができるか。 Weren’ 巧みなプレーヤーがあるために仮定されるtデイヴィッドライトおよびブライアンロバーツか。 そしていかにデレックJeterについてか。 私に彼はfat.”を見た;
(Translation: “True. The Americans made three errors. How sloppy can you get? Weren’t David Wright and Brian Roberts supposed to be skilled players? And how about Derek Jeter? To me he looked fat.”)
She-Fan: “Fat? Jeter is in great shape, Sir. Well, I guess he could lose a few pounds, but once he’s back in Tampa he’ll – Never mind. Any other comments about the game?”
Manager: エバンLongoriaは主状態で打った。 He’ s子供だけ、権利か。そしてアダムDunnはこと彼を過ぎた球のしたたりの権利認めた。 私達の全チームはそれが起こったときに笑い始めた。
(Translation: “Evan Longoria struck out in a key situation. He’s only a child, right? And Adam Dunn let that ball dribble right past him. Our whole team started laughing when that happened.”)
She-Fan: “Not very good sportsmanship, if you ask me.”
(Translation: “Maybe not, but it was hilarious.”)
She-Fan: “Any thoughts on your match-up against Korea?”
Managerはい。 私はアメリカ人がTVのゲームを見ることをして非常刺激的があり、私が望むことを考えるそれらを。 私達がこと”のそれらの競技者より面白いあなたの読者を言いなさい; アメリカIdol.”
(Translation: “Yes. I think playing them will be very exciting, and I hope the Americans will watch the game on TV. Please tell your readers that we are more entertaining than those contestants on ‘American Idol.'”)
So there you have it – straight from the post-game press conference. I tried to get Jeter to say a few words, but he was on his third Big Mac with fries and didn’t want to be disturbed.


  1. scofid

    On the bright side, DJ and his Big Macs can return to Tampa…assuming of course that the pinstripes fit! 😉 How could Team Japan be more entertaining than Megan Joy Corkery or Danny Gokey? Or Anoop-Dawg? LOL! I didn’t think that Team USA would be able to get past either Japan or Venezuela, so I wasn’t surprised by the loss. It should be a good final…


  2. juliasrants

    I’ll have to agree with Scott – I sadly didn’t think the Team USA would make it to the final round with the way they had been playing and with players dropping like flies to injuries. Can’t comment on the American Idol comparison since I don’t watch it. What can I say – I am outnumbered by males in my household!


  3. Jane Heller

    I agree, Levelboss. I kept wondering why Davy Johnson didn’t pull him when it was clear he was getting pounded. The game should have been played like a Game 7 of the WS.

    That’s a definite bright side, Scott. Now DJ will be in camp getting to know his new teammates, even though he did miss the bonding over the pool table.

    I don’t watch American Idol either, Julia. I’m not big on reality shows, unlike the rest of the country, apparently.

  4. ztaknek


    I agree that Jeter looks fat, but as an O’s fan and someone who looks forward to Jeter’s errors, I say, “Let the man, eat!!!” Maybe he can have one of past girlfriend’s, Jordana Brewster, cook up some Latin food for him!

    On another note, Orangebird and I looked at your book yesterday and enjoyed what you had to say about visiting Camden Yards! We were pleasantly surprised to learn that you had seats one row below us for one of the Sunday games you attended there. I’m positive we were there for that game!

    I’ll be back blogging next week in earnest, with the continuation of my stadium tours.


  5. Jane Heller

    Kaybee, I know they say the camera adds ten pounds, but Jeter did look heavier to me. He needs to lose a few. Or maybe it’s muscle?

    I’m a whiz all right, Alex. I’m having enough trouble making sure my English is grammatically correct.

    That’s hilarious that you and Orangebird were sitting right in back of us for one of the games at Camden Yards, Ken! It was definitely my favorite ballpark (after Yankee Stadium, of course).


    Well, goodbye to WBC and all that. It’s kind of like when your school/team gets bounced from The Big Dance in college hoops — too bad, so sad, but if they won a game or two, then it’s alright. And NOW you can finally turn to the Important Stuff, full-time! BTW, a fellow Yankee fan in these parts sez that Hughes has a big ego problem, which has something to do with why he was sent down; we’ll see!

  7. Jane Heller

    Phil Hughes has a big ego problem, Dave? I thought it was Kennedy who has some attitude? I heard they sent Hughes down just to get him innings and because he had absolutely no chance to make the rotation, given that all the spots are taken.

  8. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jane …

    The USA had a good team, but it has been very clear right from the beginning of this event that Team Japan and Team Korea are the two best teams in this 2009 WBC !!! Most of the WBC games were fun and exciting to watch, and the Championship game between Japan and Korea should also be very exciting to watch tonight !!! … It will be good to see Derek Jeter return back to the Yankees spring camp. Maybe he will play in the game vs. the Red Sox Tueday night … Anyway, the new season is almost here !!!
    Take care, Jane; and, have a great day !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  9. Jane Heller

    It will be great to see Jeter back in camp, Jimmy. I’d like to see him spend some time throwing to Tex and getting used to his new first baseman.


    Hi Jane funny stuff as usual. Mike here from Yankees Online Magazine. Just to let you know I am writing over on Bronx Baseball Daily now. Its giving me a lot more exposure. I have a ton of WBC stuff their check it out. Hey If I send you a copy of your book and a postage paid return label would you autograph it for me. Drop me a note


  11. crazy19canuck

    What to say? That was hilarious! Well, after Jeter is done those Big Macs, and returns to Tampa, maybe Girardi make him do extra running at practice to help with those “camera” pounds! Right….or maybe they’ll go out for a McMeeting first…

  12. Jane Heller

    Hey, Mike. Congrats on the move over to BBD. Good luck! I’ll send you an email about the book.

    A McMeeting. I love that, Canuck!

    That’s exactly what happened, Erin. Everybody else was clamoring for Lasorda’s attention, so I slipped in and got an exclusive with the Japanese manager. Sometimes you just get lucky. 🙂

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