I’m Hungry

The Yankees sent out a press release today. No, it wasn’t about Jeter’s return to spring training camp or A-Rod’s rehab in Colorado or the Igwana’s demotion to Triple A. It was about the concessions and restaurants that will be available to patrons at the new Stadium.

Since it’s almost dinner time here in California, I couldn’t stop reading the info, courtesy of Peter Abraham, and decided that this post would be about food.

Here’s a sample of what the Yankees will be offering this season. (And no, I’m not making any of this up.)
#1) There will be a “fresh-to-order” window in the left-field concourse where fans can watch butchers preparing prime, dry-aged steaks. 
Will the steaks be sold raw? Will the Stadium have George Foreman grills in every section for a “do it yourself” meal? Will anyone be able to afford steak?
2) There will be something called the Bleachers Cafe in center field.
Will Bald Vinny have a corner table?
3) In addition to traditional favorites, the new Stadium will debut a “Latin Corner,” serving nachos and burritos.

Shouldn’t there be at least one mariachi band?
4) There will be healthy alternatives, including Melissa’s, a “farmers market, carrying fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Will the fans throw Melissa’s fresh tomatoes at the players and each other after one beer too many?
5) The Yankees will offer a complete menu of Kosher food, as well as the standard Hebrew National fare.
Perhaps they will sell Kosher hats to go with the food?
6) Even the kids will have their own food, as the Stadium will sell such “child friendly” products as Kozy Shack Pudding.

Oops. Wrong Shack.
7) To ensure that the local Bronx community doesn’t feel slighted by the many first-class dining experiences at the Stadium, the Yankees will donate “edible leftovers” to those in need.
Will they at least put the leftovers in Styrofoam containers?
8) And finally, they will sell Pepsi instead of Coke.

Does Pepsi taste better or did the Yankees just get a better deal on it?
There will certainly be variety at the new Stadium concessions and restaurants, but after writing this post I have a hankering for a plain old hot dog.
hotdog.jpgP.S. Just finished watching Japan/Korea in the WBC. Great game (I was rooting for Bum Ho Lee to be the hero – oh, well), but I couldn’t help wondering….What were the fans eating? Any of the above?


  1. scofid

    Hey, I like Pepsi! The food choices at the stadium sound very good, but then again, with ticket prices up to $2,625, you’d expect 4-star restaurant treatment. Hmmm, I think I’ll check out Melissa’s. Might run into A-Rod there…


  2. juliasrants

    The dining choice at the New Yankees stadium seem to be rather odd. (Wonder if they will be serving the same food items at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium since the Yankees owners/Cowboys owners have an agreement to run the food service in those venues.) Are the Yankees trying to become like the LA-LA land and have their stadium be a place to be seen instead of to see the game? I think I’ll take Fenway Frank and cup of clam chowder thank you.


  3. crzblue2

    The hotdogs were grilling, Canters & Panda Express were cooking. One thing we no longer seem to have is California Pizza Kitchen. I noticed this pizza called Brooklyn Pizza. I have not checked it yet.

  4. rrrt

    Steaks??? Seriously??? Do they really think it’s a good idea to give New York fans knives and forks? (you did say “window”, not sit-down restaurant) Or will they be forced to eat it with their fingers, like the woman in the picture who’s in dire need of having her nails redone?
    Rays Renegade will be happy to hear about the Pepsi!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  5. Lissi

    Why are they showing people the butchers making the steaks? I think that would make me not want a steak.
    Melissa’s should be the destination of choice. I am not sure why they named something in the new stadium after me since I really don’t like the Yankees, maybe they are trying to mend fences? haha

  6. latinyankeerebel

    Arg… Pepsi? really? I’m more of Coca-Cola kind of girl.. LOL.. Even though they are selling burritos & nachos (which is suposed to be considered mexican lol).. Mariachi band? nah.. I rather listen to a good Merengue (Rep. Dominicana) or Salsa (Bronx, NY & Puerto Rico) band.. hey, it would motivate the few Latin players in the team, no?

    Any word yet if the hot dogs are going to taste better this time around? :0)
    How ’bout the pricing of the steak?

  7. Jane Heller

    Scott, if you try out Melissa’s, just don’t throw any fresh tomatoes at anybody, including A-Rod.

    Julia, I’m thrilled that they’re upgrading the food, which has been horrible. And New York is a melting pot for different cultures, so I like the fact that they’re mixing up the food options. I just don’t know how much money people will have for the pricier items.

    No more California Pizza at Dodger Stadium, Emma? That’s not right – as Steve commented above about Pepsi over Coke (I agree).

    Sue, if I read the press release correctly, the steak window is not only to encourage people to head over to the Stadium’s new “fine dining establishment,” NYY Steak, but to buy a steak sandwich from one of the carts that will be stationed around the ballpark.

    I’m absolutely sure they named the farmer’s market stand after you, Melissa. They’re trying to convert Indians fans and thought it would be a good PR move.

    Doesn’t Bum have the best name in baseball, Jeff? OK, one of them.

    I hope the hot dogs taste better this time around, Latinyankeerebel. As I wrote in my book, my husband rated them the worst of all the ballparks we went to.

  8. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Yeah, I agree with Michael — they GOTTA make the dogs better — why not kosher dogs? — and they should sell BRATS like they do in Cincy and Milwaukee and elsewhere! Now for the most important question — what kinda BEER? Yes, I’m sure it will cost more for one beer than it normally does for two six-packs (at least for me), but inquiring minds like to know. Don’t think that Schaefer or Ballantine will make the cut — remember when Ballantine sponsored the Yankees? And those 3 rings on the label? “Purity, Body and Flavor.” And I didn’t even DRINK back then…!

  9. Jane Heller

    I do remember “Baseball and Ballantine,” Dave, and can still hear Mel Allen’s voice – and I didn’t drink either!

    Based on my informal survey, Canuck, which means that it was my husband Michael’s sampling of all the hot dogs while we were on the road for my book, the best one was at Comerica Park in Detroit. He really liked theirs the best.

  10. ztaknek

    Where is the Roger Clemens Juice Bar? How about Pettitte’s Petites, where you can get small “cream” filled pastries topped with a “clear” glaze?

    I bet the Kosher stand will do great business 6 days a week, but for some reason will be closed from Friday night to Saturday evening. I just hope they don’t offer Kosher pizza!! That is one food item to avoid at all costs.

  11. Orangebird

    Judging by your book you would prefer something from Boog. They should sell the Orthadox rabbi beards rather then the hats! Don’t you wish the Yankees got a hold of Boog Powell, Jane? That way you wouldn’t have to travel or Door number two you can move to Baltimer hon!! Doubt thta would happen though.

  12. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Now I’m hungry. I really want a steak and some garlic fries. Where the craving for garlic fries came from, I don’t know. But they’re delicious and I want them now! And a good old Best Kosher dog from US Cellular. Too bad Sara Lee is discontinuing the brand. 😦 I get Vienna Beef from now on when I’m home, so it’s a good thing I like them. I think I’m gonna go make myself some garlic fries now since I have French fries in the freezer.

  13. Jane Heller

    Good ideas, Ken, but somehow I don’t think the Yankees will be up for them. And I agree: The Kosher spot should do a brisk business.

    Orangebird, I wish Boog would set up a concession at Yankee Stadium. That would be a dream!

    Isn’t it weird how reading about food makes us hungry, Jen? My stomach started growling reading your comment!

  14. letsgoyankees

    All soda tastes the same. Yankees must have gotten a better deal.
    I’ve heard bad things about the Yankees’ ticket sellers. Heard weird things about their ticket plans, with them getting rid of the plans for the lowest number of games. Also heard that the Stadium blocks sight lines.
    I’ll be going to a game and have decent seats, but even so, I’ve heard the Yanks have treated people pretty badly. Thoughts?

  15. Jane Heller

    I hope you get to go to the Stadium too, Elizabeth, and have some steak.:)

    My thoughts, Letsgoyankees, are that some season ticket holders I’ve spoken to are furious about the seats/prices. I’m glad you have decent seats though.

  16. Erin Kathleen

    I have to give the Yankees credit, they don’t do anything half-^ssed. It’s first class all the way (except for the Pepsi thing, blecch). Dang, now I have a sudden urge to take in a Yankees game. Of course, I might have to sell a kidney to buy tickets.-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  17. raysrenegade

    Actually, the dis sell Pepsi in Yankee Stadium and their Spring Training home for many years, but after a bit of a fight with the vendor, they swapped out equipment and went with the so-called ” Real Thing.”
    But there has been Pepsi in the stadium before, I used to go over to the complex and deliver it to them ever once in a while in Tampa when the Tampa warehouse did not have a certain product, or they needed a special item.
    And, Pepsi is the beverage of the MLB……………..and has been for 5 years running.

    Rays Renegade


  18. Jane Heller

    I knew you’d come to our rescue and solve the mystery of Pepsi vs. Coke, Renegade. I didn’t realize Pepsi has been the beverage of the MLB. See what you teach us?

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