Movie Break – “Duplicity”

Just came back from seeing the new espionage thriller/romance with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, and loved it. Crackling dialogue and lots of plot twists, plus great performances – my kind of movie. If you liked “Michael Clayton” with George Clooney, you’ll like this one too (same writer/director).

Here’s the trailer.


  1. scofid

    I was planning to go see a movie today, but I was going to check out Nicholas Cage’s new movie, Knowing. Perhaps I’ll check out Duplicity instead. I thought Michael Clayton was very good, and I agree with you regarding those types of films. Have a great day!


  2. Jane Heller

    Maybe the Nicholas Cage movie is more of a “guy” movie, Scott, although there were a lot of men in the audience at “Duplicity” and they seemed to be enjoying it. All I know is I liked it! Hope you have fun with whichever one you see.

    I like Julia Roberts too, Greg, and she’s good in this movie. Clive Owen is absolutely hot, but then you aren’t interested in that part.

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