Final Day At Spring Training (With The She-Fan Cam)

While the Yankees were in Lakeland pummeling the Tigers 12-3 (so much for the complaint in my previous post about the “anemic offense”), I took a drive to St. Pete for a visit with bestselling author Peter Golenbock, a former Fairfield County, CT resident who moved to the area in 1990. 

Peter has written books with the likes of Sparky Lyle (The Bronx Zoo) and Johnny Damon (Idiot), but the big news is his forthcoming biography of George Steinbrenner. A few months ago I read the manuscript and wrote a bit about it here.  
Yesterday Peter took Michael and me on a tour of downtown St. Pete and while we were sitting at a cute little gelato place overlooking the water, I whipped out the She-Fan Cam and asked Peter to elaborate on the book.
On the drive back to Tampa, it hit me that my spring training adventure was just about over, and I got very depressed.
Now it’s Monday morning and I’m even more depressed. I’m about to check out of the Marriott and head for the airport, instead of rushing over to the ballpark this afternoon to watch Andy Pettitte in his spring training debut. Bummer! I don’t want to leave! Say it ain’t so!
But I’m very grateful I had the chance to be here at all, so no more whining (at least not on this blog).


  1. latinyankeerebel

    Aww… don’t feel bad! You had fun and that is the most important. Plus, your great journalism made us feel as if we were there with you.

  2. phillies_phollowers

    I know exactly how you feel…I am still depressed days later! :O( I’ll recover once opening day arrives!
    And I finished your book on the plane ride home…LOVED it! So sad I missed the book signing though…I was in the air reading while you were signing :O)



    Well, have a safe & relaxing ride home as you wing your way westward…and Thanks So Much for your great reports from fan’s-eye level all thru your trip. Love how you think to get a sample of every kind of fan and person at the park — there’s nothing/nobody quite like it! And that interview with Golenbock was just as equally fascinating…great stuff!
    By the way, I just learned that today is Purim, aka “Jewish Mardi Gras” — they say you’re SUPPOSED to overindulge — well then, have a BIG ol’ glass of wine for everyone and anyone!! And then have it again with your extra 3 hours!!!

  4. crazy19canuck

    Don’t be sad! You had a great time…I doubt you’ll forget the navy guy (who drove Julia crazy with those pants!), all the cute little kids, massive amounts of pictures and videos, a book signing, meeting Renegade (yes, you are the envy of a lot of people!) and oh yeah…a few Yankee games! From all of us that can’t make it to Florida – you let us have a little glimpse of all the fun in the sun! Thank you!

  5. gcf123

    Jane. I believe you have your information incorrect with regard to Felix Lopez’s son. He is NOT the son of of his Steinbrenner wife but the stepson. Also when he was arrested it was BEFIORE Lopez was married to Steinbrenner so all of that happened well before they were involved.

  6. raysrenegade

    Peter is a trip.
    I have known him for a few years because of a friend of mine in SABRE. I got to finally meet him during Fan Fest when we chatted for a few minutes about Huggins-Stengel park in St. Petersburg, Florida.

    the video was awesome. Thank goodness I did not stay long enough to be featured in a She-Fan video. They would know just how southern I was the moment I opened my fat mouth.

    I am glad to had pure sunshine and no rain while you were here. I know living in Cali you do not need extra sunshine, but it makes watching baseball more fun. Also congrats on your first round victory in the Max blog tourney. I have a huge fight in front of me with Jimmy from the “Baseball, The Yankees and Life ” blog.

    Rays Renegade

  7. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jane …

    Great interview with Peter Golenbock on his upcoming George Steinbenner book !!! … I’m interested in reading the many stories in the book, especially, about why Steinbrenner’s deal to buy the Cleveland Indians fell through !!! … Wow, imagine how baseball history would have been different if George Steinbrenner became owner of the Indians !!! … Certainly, Nettles and Chambliss would not have been traded to the Yankees from Cleveland; and, Gabe Paul would not have been the Yankees General Manager at the time. He would have stayed with the Indians and Steinbrenner !!! … Anyway, I look forward to the Golenbock book; and, also, Bill Madden’s upcoming book on George Steinbrenner !!! .. But, of course, I still have to read your book [first], Jane … Yes, I know, I still haven’t had the time to just sit down and read your book !!! ………… I have to read it before the start of the new season !!!
    Jane, take care, and have a safe trip home !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  8. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, RaysRenegade …

    I’m ready for a great contest against your mlblog in the first round of: “The Max Blog Tournament” !!! … It will be a tough battle, so best wishes to all !!! … We are in the same bracket as Jane’s blog, though … So, in the end, whichever blog advances to the final round, will have to take-on Jane’s, “Confessions of a She-Fan” mlblog !!! … I would say, good luck to Jane; and, good luck to all blogs in our bracket !!! …
    Take care, RaysRenegade !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  9. letsgoyankees

    Don’t feel to bad, A-Rod’s only missing three weeks (well, minimum)! Liked your blogs in ST. You should try something similar in the reg. season. Or better yet, report to Fenway Park and reprt there! (Now THAT would be interesting!) You may have to hide the she fan cam in a backpack or something…

  10. Jane Heller

    Jeff, you’ll never guess what: The flight home had decent plane wine! I’m not saying it was good, but it wasn’t kerosine.

    I wish you had been with me, Latinyankeerebel. There can never be too many Yankee fans at spring training. Not in Tampa anyway.

    Sorry you missed the signing too, Jenn. It would have been great to meet you. So I have to wait until Opening Day for this post-spring training depression to lift? Noooo. I want to go to another game tomorrow. And another game after that!

    Thanks, Dave. The time difference going west is a killer. It’s 9 pm in CA right now, but midnight for me. Weird.

    I’d love to hear that story, Julia. Maybe you could do a blog post about it?

    I hope you can see your Padres in ST, Kaybee. It’s such a great experience.

    Canuck, glad you enjoyed the “reports” from Tampa. I sure enjoyed writing them up. What a fun week.

    I appreciate the clarification, gcf123. I must do a better job of getting my facts straight, and apologize for any inaccuracies.

    I should have guessed that you and Peter had some connection, Renegade, because you seem to know everyone there is to know! Yes, CA has sunshine but it’s in the 50s right now and there is snow on the mountaintops. Enjoy your warm temps.

    Metsmainman, I was an advocate of the surgery, even when it was the more invasive procedure. I just figured it would be better for A-Rod and the Yankees if he got it over with right away instead of trying to limp through the season. But the “hybrid” surgery he had today sounds like a good compromise.

    You’re right, Jimmy. There will be two books on Steinbrenner: Peter’s and Madden’s. And things certainly would be different if George had bought the Indians. I wonder who would own the Yankees in the 21st century?

    Good luck to Renegade and Jimmy in the Max’s tourney. You’re both winners as far as I’m concerned.

    I wish we’d gotten a chance to meet in FL, Elizabeth, but I know we will one of these days. Thanks for even considering the trip.

    I think George will be portrayed as the complex man he is, Tom. And maybe he’d even appreciate having a biography about his life, warts and all.

    I’m relieved to hear that A-Rod’s rehab has already started, Letsgoyankees. I just hope he doesn’t push it and incur a setback. As for the She-Fan Cam, it may get a rest but it will reappear, have no doubt.

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