The Yankees Have Only Played Five Games, But…

…Jorge Posada is swinging a steaming, smoldering, stinging, hot-as-a-jalapeno-pepper bat.


He homered and doubled against the Rays yesterday and singled twice against the Twins today. That gives him four hits already.
No, my finger didn’t spazz out on the “Image Here” key. I was just trying to prove my point. The man’s finally got it going after sitting out most of last season with a shoulder made of spaghetti, and I’m flippin’ happy about it.
Still, what I’m about to say pains me.
It’s possible – just possible – that he won’t be able to catch effectively until much later in the season. Which means he won’t be in the lineup because we already have a DH.
I love Matsui, I do. He’s been a veritable RBI machine for the Yankees over the years. But he has two bad knees. He can’t play the outfield except in an emergency (war, plague, pestilence). He’s clogging up the DH spot.
To put it another way, Jorge needs to be our DH for as long as it takes his shoulder to heal, and Godzilla needs to join Cody Ransom on the bench. Or (God, forgive me) be traded.
Well, there is another option. The American League could decide to allow us two DHs instead of one, the second DH existing solely for catchers with shoulder injuries. Thus, Matsui would be the Regular DH and Posada would be the Catcher DH, enabling Molina to crouch behind the plate but never have to step up to it.
The point? The Yankees haven’t won a World Series since 2000, as our enemies are quick to point out, so we’re done fooling around. We need Jorge’s steaming, smoldering, stinging, hot-as-a-jalapeno-pepper bat in the lineup no matter what, DH or no DH.
Programming note: Tomorrow is my book party here in Santa Barbara.
I won’t be able to watch Saturday’s rematch of Yankees-Twins, because I’ll be signing books and guzzling samples from the “She-Fan Beer Tasting.” So if anything exciting happens, call the Hollister Brewing Company and ask for me. Pix of the party in tomorrow night’s post.
Update: Posada “tweaked” his shoulder while stretching in the on-deck circle yesterday and was scratched from today’s lineup. It’s my fault. I wrote about him in this post. It was a curse, like the SI cover is a curse. I’m sorry. From now on, I will not praise Yankees players for fear of causing them harm.


  1. scofid

    Catching is definitely my biggest concern. If Jorge has to spend any considerable time at DH, I don’t like the catching duo of Molina-Cash. Good backups, but that’s it. I feel fairly confident about center and right fields, because there is good, healthy competition. I just wish we had more at catcher…

    Good luck with the book signing! I am still ready my copy (I’m slow, but the book is as fantastic as I thought it would be!).


  2. PAUL

    The promotional design looks like an old-school boxing poster:


    (whichever shows up first)

  3. Jane Heller

    We’ll see, Erin. These spring training games are so funny because they take out the regulars and put in the scrubs and anything can happen! Call me if something throws a no-hitter, okay?

    That’s my concern, Scott. Molina’s great defensively, but he’ll wear down if he’s used a lot. And I’m not so sure about Cash. We need Jorge at full strength. But hit bat has to be in the lineup, one way or another. And take your time with the book. There won’t be a quiz!!!

    I will have a pulled pork sandwich for you, Mark. Probably two!

    My sentiments exactly, Julia. In a perfect world….

    LOL, Paul. I don’t think we’d bring in much of a crowd for that though.

  4. letsgoyankees

    Wow, what you said really is frightening! Hopefully, Posada will be opening day catcher, and we can all breath a big sigh of relief. If (God help me!) he is not, then the brass will simply switch Matsui and Posada off on Dh until he is ready, depending on who is the hotter hitter. Meanwhile, Molina will stay play awesome, gold glove caliber defense. He is the best defensive catcher I’ve ever seen.

  5. letsgoyankees

    By the way, it doesn’t really matter because Joba was purposely throwing junk, but Yanks lost again. Texeira made a great defensive play and I believe he singled, but don’t qoute me on that. Yankees played very good small ball, something they had big trouble with last year. That’s a good sign. And I think Posada will be fine. No proof, I just get the impression that he isn’t that worried.

  6. raysrenegade

    Why can’t the Tampa signing be at a beer tasting………I am truly jealous now.

    March 6th is coming soon. Will I need to bring extra security to protect my Rays cap? Seriously, looking forward to the day.

    I talked to Chad Orvella today. That was the first game pitch he has thrown since his shoulder surgery. He told me it was in the perfect spot for an outside strike, but Posada muscled the ball out. I watched it again on MLB.TV, and he not only muscled it out, his forearms were tweaked.

    The guy is going to have a great year if he keeps that kind of hitting up this year.

    Rays Renegade

  7. Jane Heller

    Letsgoyankees, I hope you’re right about Girardi switching up Posada and Matsui as the DH, if Posada isn’t ready to catch. We needs to go with the hot bat. And yeah, we lost today and the pitching was putrid, but I like our moving runners over and in. As you say, we couldn’t get that done last year.

    I don’t think we’d get much for Matsui, Neal, given his ailing knees. But weren’t the Giants interested him at one point? He can still hit the ball with consistency. If we could get bullpen help, maybe it’s worth it?

    I wish the Tampa signing was like the one today, Renegade. It was so much fun, and everybody loved the beer tasting. (Plus the food was fantastic.) But that’s what happens when you’re the local girl. I’m a stranger in Tampa. Sigh. You’re the only one I know!

  8. diamonddiva

    Jane, I hope your book party went well. After reading the interview with the gals at the We’ve Got Heart blog, I got your book. I just finished it, and I LOVED it! I am recommending Confessions of a She-Fan to all of my she-fan friends.

    Also, it’s a real kick to see one of my photos in the video trailer for Confessions of a She-Fan. I’m Shelley G — you used my close-up shot of Mike Mussina. I was so flattered when you first contacted me about using that photo, and it was cool to actually see it in the video. 🙂

    Good luck with your book, and go Yankees!

  9. Jane Heller

    Hey, Shelley G/Diamonddiva! I’m so glad you loved the book and I’m thrilled you’re recommending it to other she-fans. You bet I used that photo of Moose in the video. It was fabulous, and I appreciate your giving me permission. Take care and thanks so much for stopping by.

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