On The Radio Today!

In case anyone’s got the radio (or the computer) on this afternoon, I’ll be on “The Natural,” a daily sports show on WVNJ, 1160-AM, 3-5 p.m, airing in New York City, North Jersey, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland, as well as through WVNJ.com. My segment will be live at 4:15 ET. The host is Greg Marotta.

According to his bio, he played football for Memphis State and Villanova, then went on to become a sports agent, serving as technical advisor on the movie “Jerry McGuire.” (Maybe I should ask him about Boras?)
You can read about Greg and the show here.
So listen in, people. Maybe I’ll say something intelligent or, at least, amusing.
Update: Well, that was fun. Greg introduced my book by calling it: “Confessions of a She-Fan: The CURSE of True Love With the New York Yankees.” LOL. He was a very nice guy, and we talked about the book, then moved on to Torre’s book (he’s angry about it and subscribes to the “what happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse” theory), the A-Rod controversy (he thinks CC, AJ and Tex should send Alex a thank-you note for hogging all the attention and keeping them under the radar), and the pressure on Girardi (he believes the organization will try to hire Mattingly back if the team falters). He ended the interview by asking me what I ate for dinner last night, and we discussed the proper technique for cooking angel hair pasta!


  1. hseely@twcny.rr.com


    Tell me that you didn’t say you had angel hair pasta. Please, lie to me if you have to. You cannot go on New York media representing Yankee fans everywhere and say you were eating angel hair pasta. You ate steak. Rib-eye, cooked in a pan with butter. Understand? With onions and maybe a couple sausages on the side. And beer. For greens, you had frenchfries. We have to keep up appearances, all of us.

    el duque

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