CC’s First Day At Sleepaway Camp

Thanks to the above photo from the AP, I got to see CC Sabathia take his first warm-up tosses at Steinbrenner Field. And thanks to Pete Abraham’s blog, I got to listen to CC answer questions from the media.
What struck me most was how easygoing and relaxed he sounded – not fazed in the slightest by the scrum of scribes assembled in the dugout. For a man who had just scored a gargantuan contract, he was very…real.
What also struck me was how often he used the word “definitely.” We all have our verbal tics, and now Yankee fans know his. For example….
Q: How do you feel about being in the spotlight in New York?
CC: I’m definitely excited to be playing on the big stage. And I’m definitely glad I got a guy like A.J. here. We can kind of lean on each other and laugh about people taking our pictures.
Q: How do you feel about the subject of steroids?
CC: I definitely think it’s bad for the game because anybody who performs well….people are going to definitely assume they’re doing something.
Q: What’s your feeling about Alex Rodriguez?
CC: I’m looking forward to him getting down here and to being his teammate. I’ll just go up and introduce myself to him – I know him in passing and from playing against him. He’s a good guy, so I’m looking forward to hanging out with him.
Wait. Wait. Wait. That last answer didn’t have a single “definitely” in it, but the notion of CC and A-Rod “hanging out” did give me pause. How, exactly, would these two seemingly incompatible men spend their time together away from the game? And which of them would get his way?
I allowed my mind to wander – always a dangerous thing.
* Would CC convince A-Rod to eat lots of these?
* Or would A-Rod prevail upon CC to eat lots of these?
* Would A-Rod take CC shopping for this sort of attire?
* Or would CC take A-Rod shopping for stuff like this?
* Would CC encourage A-Rod to kick back and watch this?
* Or would A-Rod drag CC to one of these?
* Would A-Rod introduce CC to the mysticism found here?
* Or would CC turn A-Rod onto this?
* Would A-Rod make CC feel like a privileged prince?
* Or would CC make A-Rod feel like one of the guys?
Which is a long-winded way of saying that these two remind me of them.
But they’re both Yankees now. Here’s hoping they win a championship together.


  1. levelboss

    Jane, i want to tell you about a dream i had last night – ’cause you were in it!
    in the dream, i was at some mansion, and there was a party going on to celebrate your book.. you came by and we met and you were nice.. then i thought to myself, “Oh snit! Now she knows my secret identity! She’s gonna tell everyone at mlblogs!”
    the next part of the dream was when everybody at the party decided to move to another venue to continue the party.. i exited the mansion, and it looked very much like the back parking lot of my job.. it was rainy and cold outside.. people were driving off to the new location, but i couldn’t find the person i drove to the party with..
    and that was the dream! i know it sounds weird, but it’s true – i really did have this dream last night (Thursday night/ Friday morning).. i think my mind just mixed together your book debut, the back parking lot/patio where i smoke a lot on break at work, and the recent cold, rainy weather here.. that’s all 🙂

  2. PAUL

    C.C. definitely ain’t eatin’ no salads; and C.C. definitely ain’t gonna get off on the wrong foot by hanging around too closely with ARod; I’d say C.C.’s definitely gonna be a Jeter-running buddy. He’s definitely a smart guy,

  3. Elizabeth D

    Great picture at the top there. And it is good [for the Yankees] that CC is seemingly not intimidated by his gigantic contract. New experiences for the two of them if they become friends. But opposites do attract don’t they?

  4. Jane Heller

    Levelboss, we’ll have to get a Freudian interpretation of your dream. I dream about the Yankees, blogging, the MLB Network, you name it. It’s a disease, I tell you.

    Yes, a positive effect would be great, Julia.

    LOL, maxguys, although he says he didn’t know what kind of steroids he took. Maybe he could convince himself that a cheeseburger was a veggie burger.

    He does sound like a great guy, gomets. From everything I read and hear about him, he seems so genuine and likable – a good teammate. And thanks for the luck. Like every other team, we’ll need it.

    Let’s hope, Scott. They don’t have to be best buddies. They just have to get it done.

    And that definitely was a good comment, Paul!

    Opposites do attract, Elizabeth, and clubhouses are full of odd couples. It’s part of what makes the game so fascinating to me.

  5. phillies_phollowers

    Sleepaway camp? Ha, ha! You crack me up :O) That is the cutest thing ever…I feel like they are off to Band Camp with the rest of us geeks :O) As for the atire, maybe they will both grow huge fro’s and don day-glo bell bottoms, a’la 60’s. That would be awesome!


  6. Jane Heller

    I think they will be good for each other, Kathy. CC’s enthusiasm and loose style will be good for all of them.

    They are like the rest of us geeks, Jenn. Just a lot richer and more athletically inclined. Huge fro’s? Sounds very Oscar Gamble.



    I’m glad you’re optimistic, because this last week kicked the **** out of my hopes for this team. We barely got done with Torre’s book, then got hit with Arod. If any more names come out, they’ll probably be Yankees, because that’s the way this thing is going. (Nobody leaks on other teams.) I’m sorry. I’m getting that “Titanic” feel.

    Fortunately, your book should arrive on my doorstep any moment now. It had better be good.

    el duque

  8. Jane Heller

    Of course, I’m optimistic, duque. The ship will not sink and it’s too early to reach for sharp objects….Well, there is the Selena Roberts book that’s been moved up to April, so we’re sure to hear more dirt about you know who.

    That Onion article is hilarious, Jen. I love their humor! Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Erin Kathleen

    C.C. should spend more time hanging out with A.J., then maybe some of his durability will rub off on Mr. Injury-Prone. Plus, I’m not sure if A-Rod would be such a good influence on C.C. considering all of the shenanigans he’s been getting himself into lately.

  10. Jane Heller

    “If” is right, Alex. We shall see, but I’m hopeful.

    CC and AJ seem to have hit it off as the two newcomers in the rotation, Erin. And I like to refer to A-Rod’s escapades as “She-nanigans.”

  11. Orangebird

    I’m Orangebird writer of Up In Section 360 as seen on the blogs Julia’s Rants and Clemson Girl. I like C.C. much better then A.J. Burnett or Texeira. He seems like he’s a real likable guy and I will have trobule hating him. What if burgers where a banned substance?

  12. Jane Heller

    If burgers were a banned substance, CC and lots of other players would be in big trouble! Thanks for stopping by, Orangebird. Will check out your blog.

  13. Jane Heller

    The younger players looked up to him, Cob. That’s the sad part. He was nice to them and talked to them, and many said he was the first to text them to welcome them to the team. Now? Publicly, they’ll rally around him. Privately? No idea.

  14. mlbtribefan

    Congrats on being #1 on the latest list. Now onto the issue of CC. I really believe CC will do well because of Jeter. CC must stay grounded and not get too pressured. It may take some growing pains but I think CC will endure them. He can handle pressure when he has the offense to support him and allow him to make a mistake.

    Take care Jane!


  15. Jane Heller

    Thanks for the intel on CC, Aaron. I hear you on the offense. I’m hoping he’ll have the run support he needs this year, with the addition of Teixeira and a healthy Posada, plus Nady/Swisher. He said he’s buying a house in NJ, so he seems to be settling in for the long haul.

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