The “Young And Stupid” Defense: Bogus Or Believable?

Timothy Egan has a thought-provoking post on his New York Times blog regarding Michael Phelps and A-Rod, both of whom labeled their pot/steroids adventures as youthful indiscretions – i.e. they used the “I was young and stupid” defense.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I would like to admit that I, She-Fan, was young and stupid once. O.K. More than once.
Here, for example, are a few of my transgressions while in high school….
1) I regularly lied about being at the library and instead was at Yankee Stadium so I could flirt with him.
2) I cut school to go have a hamburger at the local coffee shop and stole the keys to my friend Billie Pardo’s car to do it.
3) I conned my parents into letting me spend a summer in France by promising to take college courses, only to spend my days here.
4) One year I had two dates on New Year’s Eve because I couldn’t decide which guy to go out with. Andy Kampf brought me home at midnight and Jimmy Lowell picked me up at 12:05, and neither was the wiser.
5) I was in a high school sorority, and during Hell Week I forced a pledge named Penny McGill to eat several of these raw.
6) I drank Singapore Slings at the bowling alley with Christy Guzzetta, because it was the only place in town where they didn’t ask for I.D.
party girl.jpg
I was young and stupid, as well as naive and immature. I’m glad I won’t be forfeiting an endorsement deal with Kelloggs or a multi-million-dollar contract with the Yankees to set the record straight.
But I feel so much better with the monkey off my back. 


  1. phillies_phollowers

    I once “assisted” unknowingly in stealing an entire area rug from a college dorm lounge and delivered it to someone’s room…can you say “alchohol and a bit of persuasion”? I can. :O) Could write a whole book just on things I did while incoherent…ha, ha!


  2. Jane Heller

    I saw it, maxguys!!! It’s been on too, which was sooo exciting.

    Great idea, Sue. The college years should be next. Plenty of mischief during that era.

    Julia and Melissa, it was really unusual that we had sororities and fraternities when I was in high school. They weren’t sanctioned by the school; in fact, I think we had them on the sly. But I remember begging my parents to let me join and they finally relented.

    The logistics of stealing an area rug from a dorm sound difficult, Jenn! I’m sure there’s more to that story.

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