Guess Which Book Joe Torre Is Reading?

Yep. Mine.

Before he left New York to join the Dodgers for spring training, Torre spent the day with Tom Goodman, whose Goodman Media handles the PR for Joe’s Safe at Home Foundation. Just as their board meeting was getting underway, Tom presented Joe with a copy of “She-Fan,” in which I had inscribed a personal note to the former Yankees manager. No, it did not say anything rude. I simply said I hoped he would enjoy reading about the 2007 season from a fan’s pov. Still, I wonder if Joe is sitting on his cross-country flight right now, wincing at the part where I called him out for not taking the team off the field during the Midges Incident in Cleveland.
Other points of interest….While Joe blitzed his way through Larry and Letterman, I’ve been getting the royal treatment from bloggers, and I’d like to express my appreciation. Many sites have posted extraordinarily nice reviews for the book, especially Was Watching and Sox and Pinstripes. Others have done Q&As with me, including Respect Jeter’s Gangster, We’ve Got Heart (a Nationals blog) and The Bronx View, which also hosts a great podcast. And I can’t forget the comic geniuses at It It High, who’ve been doing shtick about the book and making me laugh in the process.
If anyone has time on his or her hands on Sunday, I’ll be interviewed on a show called “Talking Baseball,” which airs on Radio America; I’ll be on live at 4:30 pm ET. I think it’s satellite radio, but for all I know it comes to us from someone’s basement.
Later on Sunday, I’ll have the pleasure of appearing with MLBlogs’ own Brit Morgan (The Yankees Baseball Whisperer) and Bernadette Pasley (This Fan’s Life) on their radio gig, “A Show of Their Own.” I’ll be interviewed at 6:30 pm ET, so call in at 347-945-7751 and say hi.
Oh, one last thing. I’ve got a piece running in Sunday’s New York Times sports section. It’s about my adventure with a tarot card reader. Seriously. I’ll post it when it’s available.
Correction: I’ll be on “A Show of Their Own” at 9:30 pm Eastern Time, not 6:30. Thanks to Bern for pointing that out!


  1. redbirdchatter

    Thanks for the heads up on the radio interview! I usually catch part of “Talking Baseball”, but I would have been sad to miss you! I believe Ed Randall hosts that show. If so, you’re in luck, he’s one of the kinder more benevolent interviewers.

  2. redstatebluestate

    I think he is reading it, Jane. On Costas’ show last night, he said one thing he’d change was allowing Joba to pitch in that mess of bugs. (then he winked at the camera and mouthed the words “thanks Jane!”) Okay, I’m lying about the mouthing part, but he did say that.
    Just cracked it last night and I’m enjoying it. Turns out we have something else in common besides loving baseball: Grandpas who smoked La Primadoras. Ah… that is taking me back to good times.

  3. Jane Heller

    Good thing is right, Julia. Can’t watch games when I’m trying to bring home the bacon.

    Jenn, I missed Letterman, except the clips I saw on some blogs. Hope your book comes soon!

    LOL, duque, you comic genius you.

    Kathy, I hope you’ll listen in. I was told the hosts are Tim Donner and Phil Wood.

    Thanks, Kaybee. I’ll do my best.

    I think Torre’s got his hands full, hardball, but you never know.

    Jeff, your grandpas smoked those stogies too? Funny! I can still smell them – peeuewww.

  4. flairforthedramatic

    While most of baseball fans are reading Joe T.’s book, he’s reading yours [or better be] .. awesome. 🙂
    I haven’t picked up your book yet b/c I’m flat broke, but I will as soon as I can and I read it non-stop ’till I finish it 🙂
    – V [ ]

  5. Elizabeth D

    I FINALLY got your book! I’m going to start tonight and I’m very excited. As I read my father the description on the car ride home, he was laughing and thinks that it sounds great. I’m definitely going to call in.

  6. Jane Heller

    And yay to you, Elizabeth! (Somehow the comments got scrambled in order. Sorry.) Glad your father was laughing at the description. Not a bad start, right?

  7. Erin Kathleen

    You got Torre to read your book? I am soooo jealous. I once sent Ron Gardenhire an email telling him to stop batting Gomez in the leadoff spot, since his OBP was .256, and got nothing. He didn’t even take my advice until like a month later!

    I will definitely have to check out “Talking Baseball” and “A Show of Their Own”, maybe I’ll even call in and bother you:)

  8. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jane …

    I see there is a lot of excitement regarding the release of your book … What do they call that in the industry ??? … There’s a lot of “buzz” about your book !!! … Well, I did go to a B&N in White Plains, New York, the other day, to purchase your book and Joe Torre’s book. I called earlier in the week and reserved both books, so when I arrived at the store I expected to have both copies ready behind the counter for my purchase. When I approached the counter, and gave my name, and names of the books I reserved, the bookseller looked, and looked, and looked, and could not seem to find the books. So, you know the next step … The bookseller goes to the computer, and looks, and looks, and looks, on the computer screen, and finally finds the order. As this is happening, I look at the shelf in the corner where the reserve books are located, and, yes, I see my name on one of the books. So, I inform the bookseller that the book is indeed on the back shelf, and he goes to get the book, and I’m sure, the other book as well, because they both have to be together on the shelf, right? … Well, no. Only one book was there, and it was “The Yankee Years” by Joe Torre and Tom Verducci … My head dropped in disappointment, and I then asked, “when will the other book”, your book, Jane, ‘Confessions of a She-Fan’ be delivered to the store.” Again, the bookseller returned to the computer, and looked, and looked, and looked, at the computer screen for the answer, but no information could be found, except, that the book was on order, and would arrive at the store at some point in the future … Now, I have to say, the bookseller was very patient and helpful, and made a suggestion that the book could be on a shelf in the baseball section. So, I said “thank you”, and headed to the sports section of the bookstore, hoping your book was there. But, since it was not up front, reserved with Torre’s book, I really had little hope I would find the book on the shelf. I walked to the back of the store, and made a right turn towards the baseball section. Now it was my turn to start looking, and looking, and looking, for the book, as I held my reserved copy of Joe Torre’s book tightly under my left arm, as it was the “only” copy of “The Yankee Years” in the store, as all other copies of the book were already sold-out. I arrived at the baseball section, and looked up and down, left and right, for about a minute when, there it was, right in front of my eyes, on the top shelf, your book, Jane !!! … I reached up to scoop the book off the top shelf, like Johnny Damon did last year, when the ball stayed on top of the leftfield wall at Yankee Stadium; and, I hit my second homerun of the day, as that was the last “Confessions of a She-Fan” book in the store. So, I now held in my hands two valuable baseball books, and I rushed to the front of the store to complete my purchase by paying for both at the cashier. I now look forward to reading both books. How was your day, Jane ??? Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L” …

  9. Jane Heller

    Jimmy, what a story. You should be the one writing novels. I could have been sitting on your shoulder as all that was happening. Very vividly told! Mostly, I’m just sorry you had to go through that. B&N should have had the book reserved for you. And it’s disheartening to hear that they just had the one copy way in the back. But you found it and I’m glad about that. Hope it’s worth all your trouble.

  10. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jane …

    Thanks for the kind words about my comments !!! … With all the cold weather and snow we had last week, and the events in the B&N, it was an adventure purchasing your book; but, it was worth it !!! … I hope to put aside some time this week to complete reading the book, and will give you my thoughts about your book, then !!! … From the pages I have read so far, it looks like a great read, Jane … So, I’m sure the overall review will be excellent !!! … Jane, take care, and have a great day !!! …… Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L” …

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