The Biography Of A Yankee Fan: The Cliff Notes Version

I was interviewed today and, not surprisingly, the first question was: “So how’d you get to be such a Yankee fan?”
Such a Yankee fan. As if there is any other way to be a fan?
I explained that my Yankee-ness kicked in when I was a little girl.
There must have been something in the drinking water at my house. I learned how to say “Casey Stengel” before I could say “Cinderella.”
When I was in high school I fell in love with Mickey Mantle.
I wanted to marry him, even though he was already married and I was the biggest prude ever. (Do people still use the word “prude?”)
After college I did get married – to a guy named Paul.
He played a nice game of golf, but wasn’t much of a baseball fan. How could it possibly work out between us?
I re-focused on the Yankees, even though these were the lean years with “stars” such as HoCo
and Big Hair.
A few years later I tied the knot again – with another man named Paul.
(Note: Having husbands with the same first name really makes life easier. You never call out another name in your sleep by mistake.)
But alas; this Paul was a Mets fan. We tried to make it work, but how could it?
Single again, I threw myself back into the Yankees, idolizing Don Mattingly and going to games whenever I could.
In 1991 I finally found true love with Michael.
He was a Yankee fan too, so I took another walk down the aisle.
Marriage1.jpgMichael and I watch every game together, but he’s a different type of fan than I am. He’s mellow. He enjoys every contest, win or lose. He actually thinks tension-filled pitcher’s duels are fun.
I, on the other hand, am driven insane by close games.
I have no sense of perspective and go mental when the Yankees lose.
If you heard me yelling at the TV whenever Kyle Farnsworth would serve up a bomb to the #8 hitter in an opposing lineup, you would think I should be locked up.
But as crazy as my team makes me, they’ve also brought me more happiness than I ever thought possible. When they win, it’s the best feeling in the world.
I know the above photo looks like an ad for a laxative or a feminine hygiene product, but I couldn’t find a good one of a woman jumping for joy.
Oh, wait. Here it is.
jumping for joy.jpg
This pretty much sums it up.


  1. juliasrants

    Jane – your house sounds like mine! I will be yelling at the TV so much during baseball games that my husband will leave the room because he says that I am stressing him out too much! Our men just have to accept us for who we are. (Why is it that other men think our husbands are so lucky to be married to sports nuts, but our husbands don’t always feel that way?) And want to let you know I am LOVING your book! I am laughing out loud as I’m reading it! Great job!




    You raise a fundamental question about free will and fate: Are we genetically imprinted to be Yankfans, or is it a learned experience? Do we actually have a choice in our “alternative” lifestyle? Personally, my favorite cartoon characters growing up were Mickey Mouse and Yogi Bear. Who do you think they translated into? el duque

  3. hardballblog

    Hey Jane, I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on your book coming out. As an aspiring sports writer I really look up to you and I really appreciate you spending a good amount of time at MLBlogs. I think I speak for the whole MLBlog community when I say congratulations and I hope your book becomes a best seller.

  4. skidavidski

    I have your book on hold at B&N….I am going to read your book and Mr. T’s (Jeter reference) at the same time. On Amazon if you search for your book or Mr. T’s and it offers the two books together. Good luck with the book sales.

  5. Kaybee

    Great story! And congrats on the book! That is so exciting to actually have it on the shelves now. And I am so much more involed into the game than any guy I’ve ever watched it with. It’s pretty funny actually 🙂

  6. Jane Heller

    Guess we’re kindred spirits in the yelling department, Julia. But our husbands are lucky. They could have gotten stuck with wives who say, “Turn off that game!” Really glad you’re having fun with the book.

    I think it’s nurture AND nature, duque. I was pre-programmed in the womb to be a Yankee fan, then learned it from watching The Mick.

    Thanks, hardball. Really nice of you to stop by with the kind words. I didn’t think this book would happen and it did, so you can be a sportswriter if you put your mind to it!

    Two Lisas, Mark? LOL. So you know where I’m coming from! Thanks for the reinforcements.

    Wow. So you’re buying both books, skidavidski? I appreciate it and hope you enjoy mine and Mr. T’s!

    Thanks, Jeff. So – wait – you see me on Prince’s blog because he’s a prude too? I think not.

    Kaybee, maybe we’re just more emotional than the guys because we’re not afraid it let it all out!

  7. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    While I don’t have a husband or even a boyfriend to annoy this season while yelling at the TV, my brother got so irritated when I would yell that he would throw his pillows at me in my room. Or down into my dad’s living room when I would take over the big screen downstairs. 🙂 tells me the my copy of your book has left Sacramento. I hope that means it’ll be here when I get back from class!

  8. Jane Heller

    You only have two more weeks until spring training, Jen, so you’d better get on the boyfriend/husband thing. You definitely need a male to annoy once the season starts! Hope your copy of the book arrives.

  9. gotmilb

    IT CAME!!! IT CAME!!! I feel like Nevin in “The Jerk” … I am SO glad I pre-ordered a bazillion years ago …

    I CANNOT WAIT to read it (did a quick skim and really can’t wait) … tonight with a nice glass of wine and a hot bubble bath …

    And I can’t wait for you to come on Baseball Honeymoon ( and I promise not to ask you “so how did you become a Yankee fan”?

  10. Jane Heller

    Jeff, I won’t tell Paul. This is a good way to keep our opinions a secret. Shhhh.

    It’s a fun time, King. Sort of like a birthday!

  11. Lissi

    That was really funny but I guess I should expect nothing less from you. I am like you I hate close games but I am not as bad as my mom or my dad who pace or just yell uncontrollably at the TV and claim that one missed play just cost the Cardinals the entire season in April. 🙂

  12. pinstripepride3

    Jane, congratulations on the book release. I ventured out in the snow during lunchtime (to two different bookstores) and got my copy. I just read the prologue and I’m looking forward to reading the rest.

  13. Jane Heller

    I think I’m like your mom and dad, Melissa. You just described me perfectly! But I’m getting better. After writing the book, I am no longer suicidal after a loss. Progress!

    Pinstripe, what loyalty. Seriously. I heard it was snowing there again. I hope the book will be worth your trip out in that weather. Brrrr.

  14. bigjay21

    Uh oh…. My current gf is a Mets fan…. And here I was thinking it could last…. You have destroyed my faith in love Jane!!!
    *runs away crying*
    *comes back*
    *blows raspberry*
    *runs away crying again*

  15. pinstripepride3

    The weather could never be too bad for a good book about the Yankees…or lunch. From what I’ve seen so far, I know I won’t be disappointed.

  16. Erin Kathleen

    Congratulations on your book release. It sounds really good, and as soon as I have a job again I’ll go out and buy a copy. I suppose I could’ve asked for one for my birthday, but I got tickets to the hockey game instead. The Ducks are in town, and the Wild are battling for a playoff spot, so you know how it is. Hockey is the only thing that makes me yell at the television more than baseball.

    And I have to agree with your husband. I love pitchers’ duels, too. Watching anyone try to out-duel Franciso Liriano when he’s on top of his game is way more exciting than watching Morneau hit a lot of home runs.

  17. Jane Heller

    Well, Big Jay, it wasn’t JUST the Mets part that did us in. So there’s hope for you and the current gf. Don’t give up on her yet.

    Pitcher’s duels are way more exciting, Erin. They just give me heart attacks! And if I were you, I would have chosen the hockey tix over my book. Not even close.

  18. bostonredsoxgirl46

    I’m SO excited because I’m going to the bookstore and buying your book as soon as one of my parents gets home. I would take my car out on my own (err, illegally yes…) but I don’t have any money anyway so, I am forced to wait. I’ll be reading it during all of my classes!

  19. The Yankees Baseball Whisperer

    lol Jane, I always get the “how did you become such a Yankees fan” question too. And, I have to admit, during Yankees games and Duke basketball games my house is rather loud.

    Anyway, I got your book today and can’t put it down. I wish you much success and I can’t wait to interview you on Sunday!


  20. PAUL

    A prude? I’m a sex-machine!!! Remember, like “The Most Interesting Man In the World”, I’m a lover, not a fighter; but I’m a fighter too, so don’t get any ideas. Come to think of it, with this new information coming to light, it may not be my writing genius that’s attracting Jane to my blog after all.
    Marrying one guy named Paul is bad enough, but two? Jeez.

  21. Jane Heller

    Elizabeth, you can’t read my book during classes. It’ll be my fault if you get bad grades and I couldn’t take the guilt!

    Looking forward to Sunday night too, Brit. I know you and Bernadette will come up with interesting questions for me.

    Well, it’s not as if I went looking for Pauls, PAUL. As for you being a sex machine, then how do you have time to write all those in-depth posts?


    hey jane!
    i love this blog and i cant wait to read your book 🙂 also i just wanted to say that im a senior in high school and the word prude is still very much used!! lol we use it for someone who has never been kissed before.

  23. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jane …

    Yes, I remember the Horace Clarke days very well; and, also, Mickey Mantle at the end of his career during the same time … I will always cherish those Yankee teams, as they were teams in the years that I first started following baseball and the Yankees !!! … Nice biography in your above post, Jane !!! … I am now waiting for the movie version of your book to be released; and, Reese Witherspoon is still my choice to play you in the movie !!! … “Congratulations” on the release of your book today !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

  24. Jane Heller

    Thanks, levelboss!

    Jimmy, I think you should do a post with your biography as a Yankee fan. I’d be very interested to read it. Reese Witherspoon, huh? I certainly wouldn’t object!

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