Opening Night At The Film Festival

Since there was no real Yankees news, except that Freddy Garcia went to the Mets (does this mean we’re giving the #5 slot to Hughes outright?), I went to the movies.
Tonight was opening night of the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and the Arlington Theater was packed for the kick off to the 10-day event. After a red carpet entrance by several stars, including local resident Jeff Bridges (my husband once saw him in the drug store buying….well, it wouldn’t be right to say),
the crowd settled in for the first film to be shown. It was “Nothing But The Truth,” a political thriller about a journalist who gets thrown in jail when she refuses to reveal the source of her headline-making story.
She’s played by Kate Beckinsale.


Her lawyer is the always-reliable Alan Alda.
And the meanie federal prosecutor is Matt Dillon.
I wouldn’t say I was on the edge of my seat during this one – I glanced at my watch maybe two or three times; never a good sign – but if you’re in the market for a decent rental down the road, this movie would work.
Tomorrow I’m looking forward to “Sugar,” the baseball movie I’ve been telling you about. But in the meantime, here’s the trailer for “Nothing But The Truth.”




    As a working print reporter, I can hereby attest to the fact that all female journalists look like Kate Beckinsale. I myself am constantly mistaken for Viggo Mortensen. el duque

  2. jimmy27nyy


    Like a great marathon runner, you are keeping pace at #2 on the Leader’s List; and, then, will pickup the pace down the stretch of the final mile to “top” both the MLBlogs Leader’s List and the Best Sellers Lists in the same week !!! … “Congratulations” on your #2 ranking, again, on the latest “Leader’s List” !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  3. Jane Heller

    Clint doesn’t have this night until Thursday, Julia. Still not sure if I’ll get to go, but I’d like to console him for “Gran Torino” being snubbed by the Oscars. How could they?

    LOL, duque. Even when Kate goes to jail in the movie, she looks pretty glam (except her hair is dirty). And I’ve seen you. Viggo has nothing on you.

    Alan Alda is actually funny in the movie, Jeff. He’s the only one who is too.

    I wish I could have a tape recording of you, Jimmy. I’d play it every time the Yankees lose so I’d always have hope. You’re the best.

  4. mlbmark

    Lisa and I went to see Milk and The Wrestler, the latter at your recommendation, and both were outstanding. Kind of the same fate for both at the end, although Milk ended on an uplifting tone. I could see both winning the Oscar. I hope it’s one of them. I have not seen the Curious Case yet. Have a great weekend, and congrats again for holding fort at No. 2 in Latest Leaders! You guys are about 1500 page views apart for what it’s worth…that’s all I can revealz!


  5. Jane Heller

    Glad you guys liked the movies, Mark. I think Mickey Rourke is a shoo-in for Best Actor, even though Sean Penn gave a great performance. Hollywood loves a comeback story. I wasn’t wild about Benjamin Button. I actually nodded out.

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