A-Rod/Tex Rift? Does It Matter?

The Yankees blog “Was Watching” posted about the supposed tension between A-Rod and Teixeira when both were with the Rangers. Maybe there was a rift back then, but Tex said during his press conference that A-Rod was one of the players who got in touch to congratulate him on becoming a Yankee.

There’s a long history of teammates not getting along, even hating each other. But in most cases, the strained relationships didn’t affect the success of the ball club.
For instance….
Babe and Lou, despite mugging for the camera together, were said to be polar opposites who felt genuine enmity toward each other. Did it hurt the Yankees? Nope.
Neither did the resentment between Thurman
and Reggie.
Jorge and El Duque had a dustup in the dugout after a game
but the Yankees more than managed.
Turning to other teams, the Dodgers did just fine in spite of bad feelings between Don Sutton
and Steve Garvey. (Did anyone like Steve Garvey?)
The Red Sox didn’t suffer just because Carl Yazstremski
wasn’t thrilled about sharing the spotlight with Tony Conigliaro.
When Torii Hunter was with the Twins, he threw a punch at Justin Morneau
but they kissed and made up.
Even last year’s Cinderella, the Rays, had two players who got in each other’s faces.
But Garza and Navarro patched things up and won the Al pennant.
Baseball teams are like families – there’s a good chance someone won’t get along with someone else. But the teams that push through to the playoffs find a way to make even negative chemistry work.
It all comes down to being able to put aside petty differences, recognize the greater good, and go like this….


  1. Jane Heller

    Happy, you’re right about Sutton’s ears! And Thurman’s ‘stache beats out Giambi’s for sure.

    I think most teams do have player rifts, Jen. That’s just the nature of things. A manager should be able to handle all the personalities and make sure nothing gets out of hand. Joe Torre was great at that.

  2. alexcoast2coastbball

    Haha, nice post Jane… and they said the same thing about there being a problem with A-Rod and Jeter, but they actually resolved their differences and became friends. I just don’t see how Mark wouldn’t do the same, for the sake of the team.

    -Alex H

  3. Jane Heller

    Yeah, the A-Rod/Jeter thing seems to have been resolved, Alex. They’re not best buddies anymore, but they’re good teammates.

  4. Greg

    Of course it matters. Sports Talk Radio would be out of business without stuff like this. I mean, almost 5 years later, people still talk about Schilling and Pedro not getting along on Boston sports talk radio. Blah!

    Red Sox Ramblings: http://thevendahhh.mlblogs.com

  5. Jane Heller

    I didn’t know Schilling and Pedro didn’t get along, Greg. I would have added them to the list!

    But the guys aren’t naked in the photo, Julia! I made sure they were at least wearing thongs!

  6. jimmy27nyy

    Yeah, Jane …

    I read something about Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira not getting along in Texas …. I don’t know what the reason was back then; hopefully, it is over !!! … I think, winning will bring everybody together, just like with: George, Billy, Thurman, and Reggie !!! … But, if A-Rod gets off to a bad start, and Tex starts off hot, I think the fans will be very quick to boo Alex; a lot more so, then, if Tex starts off slow, and A-Rod has a big early part of the season !!! … Anyway, I agree [as you stated in some comments on my blog], Teixeira should bat behind A-Rod in the lineup … A-Rod (3) and Tex (4) should take a lot of presure off Alex, and the batting order is much more solid with Tex behind A-Rod [even if it’s A-Rod (4) and Tex (5)] … Enjoy the beautiful sunny weather in California, as I look at the snow falling to the ground, out my window, here in the Bronx !!! … Take care, Jane … Spring Training will be here before we all know it !!! Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L” … http://baseballtheyankeesandlife.mlblogs.com/

  7. Jane Heller

    Jimmy, I think the supposed rift was due to comments A-Rod made after he left the Rangers – something about the young kids not trying hard or knowing how to win, etc. – and Mark took exception. But they seem to have straightened it out. And yes, I do like Tex batting 4th behind A-Rod. A-Rod has speed and Tex doesn’t, so it makes sense to me. Stay warm, Jimmy. I heard the snow is really coming down in NY.


  8. redbirdchatter

    Yes, there is always some person anywhere you work that you would like to see “traded” or “designated for assignment”, but if you are a professional, you put on your big girl panties (or in this case jock straps…or maybe mantyhose) and deal with it.

    As always, great pics!

  9. hseely@twcny.rr.com


    Ah, yes, I remember that pissing-contest with Georgie. It was about a girl. Funny how little things in life can be so serious at times.

    el duque

  10. Jane Heller

    El Duque and Jorge fought over a girl? No way.

    SORRY about the pic, Jeff! I’ll be more discriminating from now on, okayyyyy?

    Which one was certifiable, Prince? Johnstone or Garvey?

  11. Jane Heller

    Yikes is right, Ryan. I’m about to post something else, so hopefully the picture will be a distant memory for everyone!

  12. PAUL

    Johnstone was considered the “crazy” one when he played (and wrote perhaps the funniest baseball book I’ve ever read “Temporary Insanity”), but was actually a stable, family man. Garvey was considered the consummate professional—conservative; well-spoken; well-dressed; consistent in every way; preparing for a political career—but was despised by guys like Ron Cey and Don Sutton, who saw him as a hypocrite; he once sent a birthday card to one of his daughters that was signed, “Best Wishes, Steve Garvey”; and his later escapades (sexcapades?) revealed the “real” Garvey. As a player, Garvey has a legit case for the Hall of Fame, but his personal life turned into a disaster when his career ended.

  13. bluepaul@gmail.com

    jane! this is my first time to your blog and i have to say…youre an amazing writer. im adding you to my list of cant-miss bookmarks. keep up the good work and ill be looking for your book in february.

  14. Jane Heller

    Now that you mention Johnstone’s book, I do remember it, Prince. And I also remember that anecdote about Garvey’s birthday card to his daughter. LOL! As for his personal life, I was living in NY when Cindy Garvey co-hosted with Regis and I remember HER tell-all book. A disaster is right.

    Thanks for the kind words, bluepaul. Stop by again!

  15. zkonedog

    As long as the rivalry between two players doesn’t split the team in two and his handled only by the two in question, a little tension won’t break a club.

    Being a Twins fan, I know that Morneau and Hunter did have a little dust-up, but they handled their differences very professionally after the emotional outburst and didn’t create two camps in the clubhouse.

    Unlike the Dallas Cowboys, of course, who were split down the line between Romo/Whitten and Owens and couldn’t win a game down the stretch.


  16. Jane Heller

    It did seem like Morneau and Hunter handled their situation professionally, zkonedog. Exactly how it should be done. I think you’re right about two players splitting the team and how that’s when fans should worry.

  17. maczig6@gmail.com

    Dear She-fan, As a matter of fact a lot of people loved Steve Garvey and just a little FYI, they still do! Remember that disgruntled wife who wrote a fictitious tell all book on their life together & their so called unhappy marriage? Well sadly, she showed up at the foot of his bed a good 10+ yrs later, hmmm…… for such an unhappy marriage, she sure was willing to scare the heck out of a new Mother & the exhusband she trashed all over America, let’s just say jail & psychiatry followed. As for the situation between Sutton & Garvey, Sutton made a rude comment regarding his then wife & Garvey felt the need to defend her honor. As for his private life, leave it alone, its just that “private”. You don’t know him & its obvious you most definitely do not know the disgruntled ex wife. People are fools to listen to the tabloids or a one sided book. Steve Garvey is a retired Major League Baseball player to you, to those of us who actually know & love him, he is a caring, loving father & a stand up great friend to the rest. As for the Hall of Fame, look at everything he achieved together as a whole, whatsoever you read off the field is not fact, MLB stats & records are, so decide for yourself & make sure your being honest, please, for youself! Thanks, MacZig6

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