Andy Pettitte: “The Yankees Should Show Me More Love”

As Yankees bloggers reported hours and hours ago (I’m such a slug), Andy Pettitte has let it be known that he’s angry at how his negotiations with the Yanks have gone. Ken Davidoff of Newsday spoke to “people familiar with his thinking.” What people? His agent? His wife? His minister? I hate unnamed sources, but bottom line: Andy’s pissed.
At the top of his list of grievances, according to People Familiar With His Thinking, is the following.
“He believes the Yankees should display more appreciation for all that he has done for them.”
That’s what he wants? More appreciation? No problem!
I called Brian Cashman. He tore himself away from a pending trade that would send Nick Swisher to the Blue Jays for Roy Halladay, and we hammered out a multi-faceted plan of attack. Here’s what Andy will get from the Yankees in the way of appreciation.
#1. The traditional reward for a job well done.
#2. Mementos from the old Yankee Stadium. Not just anybody gets these. Not for free, anyway.
Yankee Stadium Seats.jpg
#3.  A simple but heartfelt appreciation in skywriting over Andy’s house.
#4. A private, at-home concert by Yankees tenor Ronan Tynan, who will sing “God Bless America” as many times as Andy wants him too – without taking a breath.
#5. A private, at-home concert by Madonna. The idea is to show Andy that anything A-Rod has, he can have too.
#6. A singing telegram to say, “The Yankees love you.”
#7. The guy comes with a box of these. Screw Joe Girardi’s rule about sweets.
#8. A deluxe order of prime beef. Very handy when those People Familiar with His Thinking drop by for dinner unexpectedly.
#9. The chance to bump Paul O’Neill and be Michael Kay’s color commentator on YES.
#10. A year’s supply of the good stuff. Enough said.
Now, it’s possible that Pettitte won’t be swayed by any of this, and that “appreciation” is just a euphemism for “money.” If so, he’ll be joining the players featured in my two previous posts as ex-Yankees and I’ll be forced to write the words “Goodbye, Andy.”


  1. Kylie

    Andy, sweetheart, don’t you want to come play for your hometown team? Wouldn’t Houston be a great place to finish out your career? Plus I’d love seeing your face all the time again.
    Alas, Ed Wade has decided that it is not to be. Sad.
    Kylie —

  2. prosenivy

    I don’t think ‘Goodbye Andy’ will be too painful after his ’09 numbers are in. I don’t think Andy’s got much left. Madonna private show, or not. In fact, ironically, I think they both have the same amount left in the tank…certainly not much. And unfortunately for him, Andy doesn’t have the luxury of pulling in JT and Britney to help him out on game days.

    Prose and Ivy

  3. Jane Heller

    Kylie, you should call the Astros and tell them you want Andy back. He’s very needy right now.

    You could be right, Jeff. He wrote a book for kids about maintaining his “purity,” and Madonna is not pure.

    Yeah, let’s give him an online hug, levelboss. One….Two….Three. HUG. I hope he felt it. I know I did.

    I still think Andy can help the Yankees, Ryan. He’ll eat innings and be a veteran presence in the rotation. Going out and getting Ben Sheets doesn’t do it for me.

  4. Jane Heller

    My thinking exactly, Jeff. The Yankees already have Burnett, so the last thing we need is another DL-bound pitcher.

  5. redbirdchatter

    I don’t understand why he thinks the Yankees should show him appreciation (in the future) for all he had done (in the past) for them. Have they not been paying him millions of appreciation over the years? Shouldn’t contracts be about what a team thinks a player will do for them next year? The past has been bought and paid for. My dad always said that if a person puts in a hard day’s work and gets paid for it, then at the end of the day neither the employer or the employee owe each other anything. It’s a cold hard fact of the business world. Good Luck, Andy, finding any other team to ‘overpay’ you.

  6. Jane Heller

    I thought you’d like the Swisher-for-Halladay invention, Jeremy!

    Maybe the Red Sox fans should send him a little love, Julia. I’m sure he’d be very grateful.

    Yes, the Yankees have been paying him millions, Kathy, and they’ve also taken him back with open arms after the HGH thing. I think he owes them one. But as you say, it’s a cold hard biz.

    I think the appreciation he wants comes in green, Kaybee.

  7. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Petite definitely has a right to feel under appreciated, no negotiations with Roy Halladay! Yeah that caught my eye :). I think the airplane note in the sky, and the singing valentine should come at the same time. Great ideas Jane! You really should form some kind of appreciation committee for the Yankees, they could really use you to retain (and reel in for that matter) players!

  8. Jane Heller

    I’d be happy to start an Appreciation Committee for the Yankees, Elizabeth. All they have to do is ask.

    Duque, did you know Andy wrote a book for young adults called “Strike Zone” about his life of integrity? It’s true. I wonder if holding out for more than $10 million constitutes integrity. I think not.

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