Goodbye To You Too, Jason

While I’m in the mood to bid farewells, I hereby give Jason Giambi a personal sendoff.

He had lobster claws for hands at first base and couldn’t throw to second to save his life, but he provided some real power with his bat. And he was a great guy in the clubhouse.
One of the Yankees beat writers told me that Jason is fond of picking up strangers and taking them out for a night on the town. “He signs autographs for fans and buys them drinks,” said the writer. “And then he puts his arm around everybody and says, ‘Hey, I’ve got a limo downstairs. Where would you like to go?’ He treats the fans exactly the way you’d want a major league ballplayer to treat you.”
So, yeah. He did steroids. But he apologized and fought his way back, and now he’s with the A’s again.
He can grow the ‘stache and wear his golden thong, and he can let his hair get as long and greasy as he wants.
He wasn’t Mickey Mantle. He wasn’t even the Jason Giambi who won an MVP with the A’s. But he was a Yankee for seven years, which is long enough to care.
So to Jason I say: “Party on, dude!”
(hat tip: New Stadium Insider)
Oh, the memories….


  1. levelboss

    goodbye 2001-2008 era Yankees..
    Randy Johnson
    Roger Clemens (again)
    Gary Sheffield
    Aaron Boone
    Pettitte (?)

    hello new Yankees era!!!

  2. steve_t

    The only thing about the Giambi that bugs me is he never actually said he did steroids. He only implied it. “Stuff” I think is the word he used. I guess he’d be in jail for perjury otherwise. Assuming he was clean after the whole federal case (literally), Giambi could still hit the ball a long way. He seems like a nice enough guy. Hope he gets a warm welcome back in Oakland. Overall, though, a regrettable signing for NY–way too much cash for not enough in return.

    Steve T.

  3. Jane Heller

    Levelboss, you forgot Miguel Cairo 🙂

    Can’t believe how he gets into the descriptions of the ‘stache in that video, Julia. I think it became a living thing for him!

    You’re right, Steve. He never used the “s” word and there may have been a legal reason for that. He cheated, no question. But he was the first to step up and at least act remorseful. The Yankees certainly didn’t get their money’s worth with his signing. And I’m not sorry to see him go, baseball wise; I can’t wait to have a first baseman who can actually field the ball. I just liked his fun-loving personality.

  4. levelboss

    there’s a notion – for lack of a better word – that the Yankees win World Series when there’s a Democrat in office..
    the only exception in history was when Eisenhower was in office..
    NOT saying i’m superstitious (and i’m neither Democrat nor Republican) .. just saying it’s weird and coincidental and interesting that the Yankees were not getting it done from 1981 to 1992 and 2001 – 2008 when Republicans were in office, but during Carter and Bubba’s terms in office, the Yankees had multiple WS victories

    interesting huh?

  5. Jane Heller

    I’ve read that, levelboss. I’m very superstitious when it comes to the Yankees, so I’m hoping it’s all true! Same thing with A-Rod and how he wins the MVP only in odd-numbered years. If that holds, we’re in for a good time in ’09.

    Hey, V. Hopefully, Damon will carry on as the fun-loving dude in that clubhouse. Or maybe A.J. will be the guy. He’s fond of pulling pranks on his teammates.

  6. Jane Heller

    He really does treat fans like that, Tom. I’ll never forget the teenaged girl who had the biggest crush on him. She’d hang out in the parking lot at Yankee Stadium after the games waiting for him to get into his car. He’d always let her take a picture with him or sign her scorecard or whatever. Most of the others just drive away.



    In some alternative universe, we didn’t have six other DHs in our lineup, and Jason could retire as a Yankee.

    I yearn to live in that place.

    el duque

  8. Jane Heller

    I wouldn’t go that far, duque. Let’s let Giambi retire as an A.

    Now that he’s shed the corporate Yankee look, he’ll probably go caveman, Jeremy. It’s in his DNA.

  9. levelboss

    lol, reality shows are my guilty pleasure.. i’m a nutcase..
    American Idol
    Dancing with the Stars
    Flavor of Love
    Rock of Love
    Charm School
    13 Fear is Real (new)

    i follow all the episodes like i follow all 162 games in a baseball season

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