You’re Invited – Save the Date!

Hey, are you busy on Saturday, February 28th from 3-5 p.m.?

If not, I’m having a party and I want you to come. It’s a “Take Me Out to the Book Launch” event to celebrate the publication of this
and to ring in the ’09 baseball season.
(See? I’m in such a festive mood I let the Red Sox win that one.)
The bad news? The party is in Santa Barbara. The good news? There’s gonna be free beer!
And not just any beer. Our host is the Hollister Brewing Company.
They’re not only providing their great micro-brewed beers, but they’re creating a special beer named after the book. (I think they’re calling it the She-Fan Stout. 🙂
And what goes with baseball and beer? You guessed it.
They’ll also be serving their famous sliders
and chicken wings
and pulled pork sandwich. Yum.
Isn’t all that worth a plane trip? A train ticket? A little drive?
Co-sponsored by our great local newspaper
the party will feature possible guest appearances by the coach of the Independent League champions, the Santa Barbara Foresters, as well as some of the players.
Check out how many Foresters went on to play in the majors. It’s quite a list.
We’ll have entertainment on the big screen TVs
and autographed books for sale.
And don’t worry about making conversation or mixing in with my friends.
There will be plenty of interesting people to hang out with.
O.K., then just come for the beer.


  1. Jane Heller

    Julia, will do. And I’ll probably have some signings in FL during spring training in March. Maybe I’ll go to Ft Myers and Red Sox fans can line up for me there – ha ha.

    Kaybee, a lot of people won’t be drinking the beer, I promise you. And I’ll personally keep the scary guy away from you, so bring some friends and come on up!



    We’re hiring Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper to live-blog it.

    el duque

    P.S.: We WILL look for a live-blog.

  3. Jane Heller

    Excellent idea, duque, although my husband tells me I AM Kathy Griffin. Does this mean you’re not coming? It’s only a quick hop from Syracuse.



    Unfortunately, I’m competing in the windshield-scrape off that weekend.

    Maybe we’ll hold an East Coast simulcast?

    el duque

  5. Elizabeth D

    I wish I really wish I could come to this, but I live on the other side of the country. I hope maybe to meet you if you’re on the east coast for Spring Training. That’d be great, I want to get my copy autographed :). Hotdogs are the perfect baseball food.

  6. steve_t

    Sounds like a great time, Jane. Keep us in the loop for the NY signings. Would be nice to meet you in person (and get my copy autographed, of course). I’ve been traveling back and forth from Boston to NY so often, the ride doesn’t seem so bad any more.

    Steve T

  7. Kylie

    The title of the entry should have been “don’t read this unless you’re planning on being in California on February 28.” Because this just makes me jealous that I won’t be in California until the summer! If you magically make it down to Texas at some point, let me know so I, too, can party!
    Kylie —

  8. Skip

    Hi Jane! I’ll be there in spirit, but I’ll have a beer and dog here in your honor! How’s that? Maybe you could “live” blog the party?!?

  9. Jane Heller

    Windshield scrape-off. Not a good excuse, duque. I went to college in Rochester, and it didn’t snow every day. Oh, wait. It did.

    Greg, the East Coast event will happen if I get on a national TV show. Then I’ll be in NYC.

    Elizabeth, I’ll definitely post the dates of the spring training signing. Right now it’s looking like the second week in March.

    Sorry about the car, Jen. Wish I could send one to San Diego for you, but it’s not in the budget.

    Prince, eating and networking isn’t as easy as it sounds. Nobody talks to you if you have ketchup all over your face or pulled pork between your teeth.

    It would be nice to meet you too, Steve. I’ll be sure to let everyone know if I come East.

    LOL, Kylie. Much better headline than mine!

    Live blogging the party is always an option, Skip. But if that beer they’re naming after the book is any good, I could lose my ability to type.

  10. alexcoast2coastbball

    Haha, that sounds like a great time Jane… hope everything goes well… i wouldn’t be able to make it– it’s my brother’s birthday and not to mention it’s held on the otherside of the country from where i live 😦

    -Alex H

  11. Jane Heller

    Plenty of beer on 2/28, Jeff. All you need is a plane ticket.

    Too bad you can’t join us, Alex, but thanks for the good thoughts. So it’s your brother’s birthday on the 28th? I know the perfect gift for him.

  12. Jane Heller

    I wish you could be there too, Brit! But I’m excited about being on your show on February 8th. I hope people will tune in.

  13. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jane …

    That would be great, to be at your Book Launch Party, but the trip to the West Coast may be just a bit too long at that time … I will be there with you, though, in spirit; and, eat a hot dog, and give you a toast with an ice cold beer, for your success, Jane, and the sucess of your book !!! … I look forward to one of your book signings here in the New York area, later on in the year !!! … The Party looks like it will be fun; I wish I could be there !!! … Take care, Jane !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  14. Jane Heller

    I know you’ll be there in spirit, Jimmy. I’m counting on it!

    Ketchup around the face works every time, Paul. No one will talk to you, or if they do they will back away in seconds.

    I’ll be sure to do an alert if I’m in Texas, Dan. I never got there when I was writing the book in ’07 because the Yankees didn’t play the Rangers in Arlington during my leg of the trip. But one of these days….

  15. Jane Heller

    King of Cali, it’s not THAT far from SF. Come on down!

    Well, I guess poopie diapers do take priority over book parties, Happy. We’ll miss you.

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