Rocking the Vote

The Yankees blog, “Was Watching,” has posted a survey asking which other Yankees blogs people read.
O.K., so maybe you’re not a Yankee fan. I get that. But you visit this blog every now and then, right? So how about doing your civic duty and checking the box next to the name “Confessions of a She-Fan.”
(I have no idea why I’m outlined in turquoise. Please don’t hold that against me.)
It’s not a contest. I won’t win anything, I promise. Not a microwave. Not a toaster oven. Not even a quart of milk. In fact, I probably won’t make it into the top 50. My blog hasn’t been around long enough and I don’t write about things like slugging percentages, plus the big boys on the blogosphere are way more popular. But it would be fun to be a tiny blip on the radar screen.
If you feel so inclined, go here.
If not?
Get. Off. My. Lawn.
Update: “Was Watching” had a technical glitch and they’re doing a recount (shades of the 2000 presidential election). Here’s the new link to the survey if anyone hasn’t been sufficiently annoyed by this already.

Update 2.0: “Was Watching” cancelled the survey. Apparently, people voted more than once and tried to beat the system! We are a truly corrupt society. What a surprise.


  1. Jane Heller

    Julia, that’s sweet! Thanks!

    Shameless promotion it is, levelboss. I voted for myself and 12 others, so I’m sure I killed my own chances.

  2. Jane Heller

    Thanks, kaybee. I take that as a big compliment. Either that, or you get bored reading everybody else’s blog and you end up here out of sheer desperation!

  3. steve_t

    I agree with Greg about those left off the list–the most glaring omission being “Heartland Pinstripes.” Jane I hope you kick tail on that survey. Then you can rule the Yankee blog world, forever outlined in your glowing turquoise body-halo.

    Steve T.

  4. Jane Heller

    Glad I got your vote by default, Greg! “Prince” isn’t a Yankees blog (Paul’s a Mets fan – shhhh) and Vanessa’s “Flair” should have been on the list. Hm.

    “Heartland” was omitted too, Steve? That’s downright un-American. I love Jason’s blog and so do others. Must have been an oversight by “Was Watching.” In any case, I’m grateful for the support of my three favorite Red Sox fans. My glowing, turquoise body-halo and I thank you.

  5. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Dan!

    You too, Brit. You should be on their list. Bern’s on it.

    Prince is non-partisan in his analyses, Greg, but in the deepest recesses of his heart he roots for the Mets, that other New York team.

  6. Kylie

    Oh, and according to an aura website, a turquoise aura means you’re sensitive, compassionate, and a healer. Go you!

  7. Jane Heller

    Wow, Kylie. Love that my turquoise aura might be a good thing instead of some Photo Shop glitch 🙂 And thank you for reading my blog even though I root for your “possibly most-despised team.” Does that mean there’s another team you might despise even more?

  8. Jane Heller

    Mark, if anyone deserves a vacation it’s you. You must be exhilarated but exhausted. Have a wonderful trip.

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