In the End, It Was All About Amber

Say what you will about the negotiating skill of Cee Cee’s agent, the persistence of Brian Cashman, the bank accounts of Hank and Hal, the shock and awe aura and mystique of the New York Yankees, and the willingness of Reggie Jackson to be dragged into this soap opera. We all know the truth: It was Amber Sabathia, forevermore known as A-Sab, who got the deal done.
While Cashman was making nice to the couple at their house yesterday, Amber slipped away from her husband and the kids.
She placed a phone call to me. She’d read my blog post about Scarsdale and wanted to ask me a few more questions about the town. So instead of going on and on about the school system and the real estate market and the fine, upstanding community members, I told her about the things she really cared about: the best hair salon, the best place for a mani/pedi, the best masseur, the best store for Jimmy Choos. (They’re shoes, people.)
jimmy choo oopshi.jpg
She hurried back into the meeting, gave her husband a furtive wink, and Cee Cee clasped Cashman’s hand.
“I’ll do it,” the pitcher said with a wide grin.
A-Sab called me back later. “You totally eased my mind, She-Fan. Thank you.”
“No, thank you,” I said and wondered if I’d be getting a call from Mrs. Sheets next. 


  1. levelboss

    wow Amber’s hot
    now that CC is gonna be onboard, who’s next? Ben Sheets would be cool too and then a power bat (there are rumors that Hank likes Manny btw)

  2. jimmy27nyy


    You certainly did your part in helping to get the CC deal completed … Now, all Yankee fans should “thank you”, by going out and buying your book when it’s released !!! … By the way, the “Sabathia Family Photo”, on your post, is a very cool picture … They look like a very nice family !!! … The Yankees still need more starting pitching, though, and I think, they should focus on signing: Derek Lowe and Ben Sheets; and, also, Andy Pettitte !!! … But, I still feel the Yankees main focus should be the signing of Mark Teixeira … How about an offer of: 8 years / $184 Million for Tex ??? … It’s good to know the Yankees have the money to make that deal happen, as well as, sign two more starting pitchers … Also, it would prevent Teixeira from signing with the Red Sox, who have expressed a lot of interest in signing Tex !!! … Anyway, this is a very great day for the Yankees Organization and all Yankee fans … Take care, Jane !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

  3. Jane Heller

    Of course A-Sab is hot. Why else would Cee Cee cater to her every whim? I like the idea of Sheets, levelboss, and a power bat named Teixeira. Now those would be nice Christmas presents. Manny? Not so much.

    Thanks for recognizing my contribution to the Cee Cee signing, Jimmy. Sometimes it takes a woman’s touch to get things done. You’re right: We mustn’t forget about Pettitte. Maybe now that the rotation is coming together, Cashman can work out a deal for him – AND Tex.



    I can’t wait to see what Amber looks like in a t-shirt that tells everybody to *** off.

    el duque

  5. kastandya

    If Ben Sheets wife dosen’t call, please do me a favor and call her. I want nothing more than for Sheets to be a Yankee next year.
    I’d also like the Yankees to pay him $14-15 million a year over the next few years. Then they can absorb his constant nagging injuries and he can sit on the bench with his blisters, and streched elbows, and broken pinky nails, and collect a huge check from New York.
    So, again….please call Mrs. Sheets and fill her in on all the great things about New York that you told A-Sab about.

  6. levelboss

    hmm.. would Ben Sheets be Carl Pavano 2? fat contract and mostly time on the DL?
    who’s gonna be #2 in the rotation.. Sheets, Burnett, or Lowe?

  7. Jane Heller

    Amber won’t wear that tacky T-shirt, Duque. She and I have a shopping trip planned, and she’ll be wearing only Gucci.

    I just left you a comment, brewcrw. I know you’re angry, but it’s not my fault that I’m a Yankee fan. I was born that way.

    Great that I made the list, Mark! I didn’t come onboard here until the end of the season, and I certainly wasn’t expecting such a nice reception.

    Ben Sheets could be another Pavano, levelboss, but so could Burnett and we’re talking to him about five years. Insanity. We need to sign Pettitte as a backup if nothing else. The last thing we need is a bunch of disabled pitchers.

  8. raysrenegade

    I loved this article.
    Isn’t it refreshing you have a powerful woman behind such a great pitcher. I know alot of times the wife takes a backseat in contracts and any baseball decisions, but I think she knew a great deal and a huge upside for their future with this signing.

    Woman and power can be sexy on the right woman.
    And with saying that, congrats on your Top 10 ranking for 2008. I always enjoy reading your stuff and look forward to more that make me think and laugh a nice chuckle.

    Glad you got that fantastic recognition of your work.

    Rays Renegade

  9. Jane Heller

    Thanks, renegade. You’re always so supportive of my ramblings, and I appreciate it. And I do love that Sabathia’s wife had a say in his decision. I really do hope she’s happy in New York.

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