1. levelboss

    wow you really pulled out all the stops on this one, Jane..

    i gotta say, that Jeter has an impressive resume..
    Carl Pavano’s resume includes Alyssa Milano supposedly..
    at work, i joke with another baseball fan about Alyssa’s “40-man roster” or her “starting rotation” (as she seems to favor starting pitchers)

  2. Jane Heller

    Jeter does have an impressive resume, levelboss, and I bet I haven’t even scratched the surface. What intrigues me how he just coasts along while A-Rod makes headlines.

    Disturbing it is, rastaseed. I think it is a she-man (as opposed to a she-fan).

  3. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Interesting how you used to live in Stuart, it’s pretty nice. Did you enjoy it?
    That picture of “Arodonna” is quite disturbing, and I had no idea that Jeter had that kind of resume. Incredible how he just coasts by while A-Rod gets all the speculation.
    And I have to agree, the Hot Stove is so slow this year, it’s really unbearable.

  4. juliasrants

    What would we do without gossip this off-off-season to live in a castle? Will he learn to love cricket? Can he “bust-a-move” on stage if Madonna pulls her main squeeze up to dance? The possibilites are endless! Thanks for getting us thinking Jane.


  5. Jane Heller

    I liked living in Stuart, Elizabeth. My house was in a community called Sewall’s Point. Really pretty place surrounded by water. Just too many hurricanes. But then here I am in the land of earthquakes, fires and mudslides. I must be crazy.

    You raise a good point, Julia. Can A-Rod dance? I wonder…..

    El Duque, are you saying “we are so dead” because A-Rod will be too distracted to hit 50 HRS next season? Or because the romance will be too hot for the planet to handle?

  6. alexcoast2coastbball

    So, how long until Arod and Madonna’s ‘friendship’ ends and we don’t have to worry about it bothering A-rod durring the regular season.

    and i was dying of laughter at that photo with the group of guys holding up the pictures of Madonna and A-rod was staring right at them… priceless.


  7. Jane Heller

    So weird that the comments are getting scrambled. First, El Duque’s was right after Julia’s, which is why I answered them in that order. It does make me look like I’m psychic, responding to comments before they’re made, but if anyone knows how to fix this, it would be great.

    Alex, my personal opinion (neither A-Rod nor Madonna has permitted me into their inner circle) is that their “friendship” won’t last much longer. But even if it did last, what’s the harm? As long as he’s happy, right? I love the photo in Toronto too.

  8. marks8@optonline.net

    Lou Gehrig, thought he ws the luckiest man… Jeter rules. Life isn’t fair, are there no blogger groupies?

    Mark/Baseball Hot Corner

  9. gotmilb

    Oh Jane, Jane, Jane …

    I am embarrassed to admit that I can identify both Vanessa Minnillo (former Miss USA or maybe Miss Teen USA and the almost-Mrs. Nick Lachey) AND Gabrielle Union (just watched the last 10 minutes of “Bring It On” with my daughter last night while channel-surfing).

    And Minka Kelly, of “Friday Night Lights” fame, is one in a long line of John Mayer castoffs … I think she may have come between Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Aniston … or one of his other Jennifers or maybe Cameron Diaz …

    I remember the first time I interviewed Jeter, he admitted he had a crush on Mariah Carey. It was so sweet. And yes, this was before they met. And obviously she likes younger men since I think her husband is about half Jeter’s current age.

    Well, he’s hot, he’s single and he can get pretty much any girl he wants so I have a hard time holding it against him. Even if I had arranged, back when Dana was 4, for him to take her to her prom (I think that is one of my first blog entries actually).

    Happy holidays!!! “Talk” to you soon!


  10. Jane Heller

    “That guy in the background of the Kabbalah center pic” – you’re right, Paul. It’s Clemens. LOL. He, too, was coming out of a prayer meeting, having been converted by Madonna right after his Congressional hearing.

    Groupies for bloggers. Interesting idea, Mark. Is your picture up at Baseball Hot Corner? Maybe show everybody a beefcake pose and see what happens.

    Wow, Lisa. You not only have the minor leagues covered. You have the entertainment world covered! But the most impressive part of your comment is that you got Jeter to admit he had a crush on Mariah. He never talks about his personal life. You are so Barbara Walters!

  11. levelboss

    lol, it’s so funny to see other people using my terminology (“resume”, as in “stud resume”).. i made that up one day about three or four years ago as a joke about a dude’s dating history

    i think originally it was about Wilmer Valderama’s resume – very impressive; and now John Mayer also seems to have quite the resume

  12. Jane Heller

    We’ve all stolen your term, levelboss. And yeah, John Mayer seems to do pretty well. But the king is Lance Armstrong. Is he ever NOT with someone?

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