How Much Power Does Scott Boras Really Have?

As I sit and wait for some free agent to sign somewhere….tick tock, tick tock….I can’t help but be reminded that one man controls the destiny of almost every coveted player except CC and AJ. (Maybe he doesn’t handle clients who go by initials only.) He is The One who will oversee the futures of the following…..
not to mention Jason Varitek, Garret Anderson (or did he retire), Ivan Rodriguez (he should retire) and Julian Tavarez (he should be locked away in a padded cell). The One of whom I speak is, of course, this man.
You can tell he’s Scott Boras by how hard he’s plotting and planning. The question is: Is his power limited to the fates of baseball players? Or does it extend far, far beyond the realm of sports?
Like can he negotiate a bailout for these three?


Can he reunite these men at Madison Square Garden, including the dead ones?
Can he take away all the calories in this and turn it into a health food?
Can he make this man funny again?
Can he cause it to rain in drought-stricken California?
Can he cure diseases and enable us to live forever?
If he can do all that, he can surely do this.
Yes, if you are really so powerful, Scottie, you can make this happen simply by handing over your FAs to us for a pittance. It would be a gesture of good will after what you put us through with A-Rod last year, and it would make you a god in New York.
Unfortunately, it would make you the opposite everywhere else.
Your choice, Scott. Use your power wisely.


  1. PAUL

    Two words RE Boras’s power: a lot.
    That being said, there’s been some blowback in recent years (ARod being the prime case) and teams don’t want to deal with his BS. You have to admire his audacity in saying that Jason Varitek deserves the same contract that Jorge Posada got (and this is after Varitek hit .220 and Posada was out for pretty much the whole year), but it’s a case where the star player like Mark Teixeira is gonna get his money no matter who his agent is, but Boras gets him pretty close to exactly what he wants. The players further down on the trough have to wonder where Boras’s loyalties are. Garret Anderson just hired him; at his age, what does Anderson think he’s gonna get? Unless Boras goes to the Angels and says, “You want Teixeira? You gotta give (blank) to Anderson,” at which point the Angels are one of the organizations that’ll tell him to take a hike. If I were considering drafting a player and Boras was his agent, that would disqualify him unless it’s a “can’t miss” ARod-type of player. The aggravation ain’t worth it.

  2. rycat24

    I’m sure eventually Hollywood will come out with a heartwarming film called “Little Scottie” where they show how underneath the shell of arrogance of and ruthlessness lies the soul of a child. I can see it, I cast Robin Williams as Scott Boras.

    CRyan24, 3:10 to Joba

  3. redstatebluestate

    Tavarez needs to be locked in a padded cell, you’re absolutely right on that one, Jane. Loved the bit about Woody too because I was a Woodyphile for many years until he got really weird and started making crap films. Boras is the devil incarnate, I think we can all agree on that. I have a feeling Lucifer couldn’t match Boras’ scheming creepiness.

  4. Greg

    I think Boras only has as much powers as the owners let him have. I can’t stand Boras myself, but if I was a player, I’d be glad that he is my agent, because I know he is going to do his damndest to get me the best deal out there.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

  5. Jane Heller

    Paul, I think telling the Angels, “I’ve give you Tex but you also have to take GA,” is a great idea and not unprecedented. Remember that the Red Sox “took” Lowell b/c he was part of the Beckett package. Happens all the time in book publishing. A publicist will be told by a talk show producer, “We’ll take Unknown Author A if you give us Bestselling Author B.” It’s called extortion!

    Boras does look like Capt Kirk, Julia. Good catch, so to speak. Beam him up indeed.

    Love the Disney movie, Catherine. Robin Williams would work but I’m liking Julia’s Capt Kirk image, so I’d go with William Shatner.

    Boras is creepy, all right. But Jeff, wouldn’t you want him as your agent, as Greg suggested? Think of all the money you’d make writing RSBS.

    Duque, are you insinuating that I need Pamela Anderson-type “enhancement?” Are you saying that a movie about me chasing after Yankees would require an X rating? Or do you simply admire Pam’s acting?

  6. redstatebluestate

    In a round about way, yes, that’s what I’m saying, Jane. If you can get me a meeting with Boras, I’m in. And I think there already is an X-rated film in the works featuring a woman who chases Yankees. It’s called: Madonna’s A-Rod Ambition Tour.

  7. thegoodofthegame

    If Scott Boras is the devil incarnate… What does that make Drew Rosenhaus?
    Objectively speaking, if I were Boras, I wouldn’t want all my free agents going to the same team. I’d want as many teams (Yankees included) involved as possible to keep the prices high. But even the Yanks have a spending limit.
    The dude’s a evil genius but they all get their comeuppance in the end. You wait and see.

  8. raysrenegade

    Beautifully done.

    I could only dream of writing like you. Seriously, I have pegged myself into writing just Rays information and articles. I might just take my December and January to explore my “She-Fan” side.

    Always a pleasue to red your blogs. You might be becoming my favorite Yankee. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and keep warm and safe.

    Rays Renegade

  9. Jane Heller

    My movie takes place pre-Madonna, Jeff. A-Rod was still involved with the stripper/lap dancer in ’07. Ah, those were the days.

    I agree, Scott. If I were Boras, I’d try to spread my clients around and involve as many teams as possible. But I think teams are getting wise to him. There may come a time when they “just say no.”

    Wow, Rays Renegade. Flattery goes a long way with me. I just might send you some turkey. Stuffing too.

    ***** Alert ****** In the post I wrote about Boras, I posed the possibility that he had the power to make it rain here in parched California. Guess what? It’s POURING right now! No kidding. Of course, we’re bracing for mud slides in the areas burned by the fires, but you can’t have everything.


    Does CC know about the mud slides and fires?–he would be much safer in the Bronx. “admire Pam’s acting?” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Mark/Baseball Hot Corner

  11. Jane Heller

    CC must know about the “weather events” we have here in CA, since he’s from these parts. But I’d be glad to give him a call and reinforce the point, Mark. Let’s get his cell number.

  12. Jane Heller

    I think there will be a flurry of activity after this weekend – lots of deals that’ll give us bloggers plenty to write about.

  13. Jane Heller

    Yikes! I had no idea I was featured until I just read your comment, Neal! So cool!

    Thanks for giving me the visibility, Mark. You’re so mischievous the way you drop in and leave a comment and don’t mention it!!!! I’m with you on the cake, btw.

  14. Elizabeth D

    I totally agree with you about the battle between the pitcher and the batter, and how it is so unpredictable. Absolutely anything can happen, which is why baseball is so beautiful. Scot Boras is crazy, I’m pretty sure he can do anything… or at least he has me convinced.

  15. Jane Heller

    Boras works in mysterious ways, but let’s see how his free agents do in the next few weeks. Varitek….Tex….Lowe…Manny? Where will they go? And for how much?

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