The Mysterious Case of the Fractured Fibula

Let’s face it. I was a bandwagon Dodgers fan during the playoffs. The Yankees were out of it, so I rooted for Joe and Donnie’s team. When the Dodgers didn’t make it to the Series, that was it for my interest in them….until today. I was cruising around the MLB blogosphere and came upon the item by Prince of New York about this man.

Yep, pitcher Chad Billingsley was in the news. According to media reports, Chad slipped on the ice outside his Reading, Pennsylvania home on Friday.
He was diagnosed with a “spiral fracture of the fibula in the left leg” and underwent surgery on Saturday. His doctor had to put a plate in the leg.
(It may or may not have been the same pattern as my grandmother’s Wedgewood.) Poor Chad will be in a cast for two weeks.
leg cast.JPG
Supposedly, he’ll be ready to throw by spring training, but I ask you: Do they take us for fools? Do they expect us to believe that he really broke his leg falling on the ice outside his house? Do they assume we’ve forgotten all about this man?
Nomar (or should I say Ramon) Garciaparra showed up at the Red Sox spring training camp in 2001 with a very strange wrist injury – a “split tendon” that kept him out of the lineup for a long, long time. How did it happen? Was it a delayed reaction to being hit by a pitch two years before, as Nomar theorized? Or did he injure the wrist in a suspicious manner that would have violated his contract?
Since ballplayers aren’t always the most truthful individuals, She-Fan decided to investigate the Chad Billingsley case. Did he break his leg while engaging in some forbidden activity?
For starters, the “ice” part of the story doesn’t hold up. He claims he lives in Reading, PA, right?
Yeah, well I checked Reading’s weather for November 21st, the day in question, and here’s what I found out.
No snow. No ice. No precipitation of any kind, only sunshine. I’m not saying it’s been warm there. I’m just saying.
What’s more, he’s a professional athlete who’s much too coordinated to slip and fall like some lame cartoon character.
So here’s what I’m thinking: Chad’s assertion that he went down on the ice is merely a cover, intended to keep the Dodgers from voiding his contract. Perhaps he was secretly doing this.
Or this.
Or this.
(Well, sometimes things get out of hand.) 
Or he was afraid to tell the Dodgers that he was making his reality show debut on this.
So many possibilities. If I were a Dodgers fan I would demand that Billingsley tell the truth. He should follow the example of a certain Yankee.
boonehr.jpgAaron Boone hit that homer off Wakefield and was an instant hero. Then, in the off-season, he did this.
A no-no. He tore a ligament in his knee, and the rest is history. But if Aaron hadn’t manned up and come forward, the Yankees wouldn’t have cut him loose and ended up with this guy.
And his gal.
Life as a Yankee fan would have been very different indeed.


  1. thegoodofthegame

    I don’t mean to burst your bubble or anything, but I happen to live in Reading, Pennsylvania.

    There was, in fact, a snow/ice storm Thursday night into Friday that didn’t stick on the ground, but instead melted leaving a nice coat of water on the ground that resulted in “black ice” the next morning.

    It was bitter cold that day and there were several car accidents in my area alone. So I have no doubt that Chad slipped on ice. A lot of normal non-professional baseball player, non-cartoon people did.

  2. juliasrants

    I’ll have to agreewith Scott. Black ice is a real hazard here in the North East. One of the few hazards you don’t have to deal with in Southern California! My question though – if his injury turns out to be more serious then originally thought would that throw the Dodgers into the hunt for pitchers?

  3. gotmilb

    Hey, I think my grandmother had the same Wedgewood pattern as yours! I still think we are related somehow …

    Counting the months until the big book release and trying to get Amazon to play nice with me so I can have the honor of being the first one to pre-order!!!

    Happy holidays …


  4. Greg

    Remember Jeff Kent’s off-season injury. If I remember correctly, the Giants were claiming he got injured on his motorcycle, which was forbidden by his contract. Kent was claming different.

    Are you really glad that Boone told the truth, because if you haven’t noticed but since A-Rod has come to the Bronx, the Yankees Octobers have been getting shorter and shorter and well, I guess I don’t need to tell you.

    A-Rod does have some things in common with Ernie Banks though.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

  5. Jane Heller

    Scott, I sure hope you didn’t slip and fall on the black ice. Sounds treacherous. And here’s hoping Chad gets back on his feet real soon, so he can dispel any nasty rumors by bloggers.

    I think the Dodgers were in the hunt for pitchers before Billingsley’s injury, Julia. But maybe they’ll step it up with regard to Sabathia. If he wants to play in CA, it could be a good fit, given the right offer.

    Happy holidays to you too, Lisa. I’m looking forward to calling in to “A Show of Their Own” when you’re the guest on Dec 6th. It’ll be fun to say hi. And thanks for the support for my book. Very much appreciated.

    I do remember Kent’s injury, Greg. And Paul wrote about it on his blog. There are a few examples of off-season injuries, which is why I thought I’d have a little fun with the “mystery” that sometimes surrounds them. And while Boone did have one magical at-bat and seemed like a good guy, I’ll take A-Rod on my team any day, just like the Red Sox were prepared to do once upon a time.

  6. PAUL

    I’m becoming the Oliver Stone of the MLBlogosphere.
    I’d be more inclined to give a guy like Boone a break even though it was technically in his contract that he can’t be shooting hoops; he could just as easily have done that doing sprints on the beach. As for Kent, you ride a motorcycle and cost yourself gametime because of it, you ain’t gettin’ paid. Simple as that.

  7. thegoodofthegame


    Maybe I should apologize. I sense the sarcasm and maybe I need to clear something up.

    I’m controversial. When everyone agrees, I get bored, so I stir things up.

    I saw a hole in your post so I filled it. Didn’t mean anything personal by it. Hope you can understand. It’s just my nature.

    I like you. You’re passionate, and I only like arguing with passionate people. But please don’t think I’m drying to be disrespectful.

    Best regards,
    ~ Scott

  8. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Duque. Barbara will live on in our hearts forever, along with The Beave. (I had such a crush on Wally.)

    Scott, we’re a friendly group at MLBlogosphere. That’s what I love about it as opposed to other blogging communities. Yes, we spar with each other about our teams and anything else that’s on our minds, but we do it in good fun. At least, we should. So in that spirit, I’m glad you’re here and welcome your comments.

  9. Jane Heller

    Correction….I meant to write earlier that Lisa Winston, who covers the minor leagues on her great MLB blog “got milb,” will be a guest on “A Show of Their Own,” on Dec 1st, not Dec 6th. Sorry about that.

  10. Elizabeth D

    Interesting about Billingsley.. and with Nomar, that was disastrous, I sure miss him though :(. Another player who faked an injury this season was Manny Ramirez, when he claimed to have a knee injury but the MRI brought back nothing.. A blessing in disguise, I suppose, that Boone got injured?

  11. levelboss

    Boone’s injury i think preceded ARod’s acquisition.. throughout the 2000’s the Red Sox have had a revolving door on shortstops.. can you imagine if the Red Sox had gotten ARod for ss? Boone’s injury at least opened the door for ARod to be a Yankee (albeit at third instead of ss)

  12. Jane Heller

    There are two camps of Yankee fans: those who enjoy having Alex Rodriguez on their team and those who wish he had stayed in Texas. (Well, I suppose there are some who are neutral, although I have yet to meet them.) I’m in the first camp. I don’t believe that A-Rod has put a curse on the Yankees. I don’t believe he’s the worst thing to happen to them since Carl Pavano. And I don’t think the drama of his personal life will be the ruination of life as we know it. I find him very entertaining and I especially like those 50+ HRS and 150+ RBIs in ’07. May he thrive in ’09.

    Boone’s injury did precede A-Rod’s acquisition, levelboss. We were supposedly going ahead with Enrique Wilson as our third baseman that year and then – bam! – we traded for A-Rod. Which is why I’m still not convinced that Nick Swisher will be playing first for us on opening day.

  13. levelboss

    “Which is why I’m still not convinced that Nick Swisher will be playing first for us on opening day”

    from, Tim Dierkes found this..
    ‘Also, [Michael] Silverman [of the Boston Herald] talked to one source who suggested the Yankees’ acquisition of Nick Swisher “could be a prelude to another deal with a National League club.” Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News says the Yankees still plan to add an impact hitter.’

    looks like you may be right, Jane!


  14. Jane Heller

    Our Yankees are crafty. We can’t believe anything they say. For all we know, our opening day starter will be Cole Hamels. (I’m kidding. Nobody yell at me.)


    I think after this year Scott Boras will never have to work again, he can just hang it up as the greatest sports agent ever. If I was an owner I would hate the guy, but as a player he would be my best friend.

  16. Jane Heller

    I’m not so sure I’d sign with him as a client, Rad. Sure, he gets top dollar but he’s such a phony. How can you believe anything he says?

  17. raysfan

    ooh that’s gotta hurt. I know how he feels. I was quite handicapped a few years back. I don’t really think it was a mystery. I just think he was clumsy that’s all.

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