Thanksgiving at CC’s Place

The Major League owners met today and officially designated Hal Steinbrenner as the “control person” of the Yankees, officially ending George’s reign of terror tenure as boss. 
My Hal. He’s something, isn’t he? In his first pronouncement as Control Person, he took a very Georgian stance on the Sabathia situation: “We’ve made him an offer. It’s not going to be there forever.”
In other words, “Hurry up or we’re taking our $140 million off the table.” I like it. Direct. No-nonsense. Even slightly intimidating, judging by Sabathia’s expression here.
However, CC quickly reminded himself that he still has that backup offer from the Brewers, which gave him the confidence to counter Hal with: “I’m not making any decisions until after Thanksgiving. I’m eating my turkey in peace.”
She-Fan has just learned that when Sabathia said, “my turkey,” he meant it literally. I know it sounds implausible, but while his family shares the turkey his wife Amber labors over every year, the big guy gets a large bird of his own.
And he finishes it in one sitting. No leftovers! Not even a drumstick! And he polishes off an entire vat of gravy!
I got acid reflux just thinking about this, so I called Amber Sabathia to verify the story. She was extremely friendly and confided, woman to woman, that she often worries about her husband’s cholesterol levels.
“I bet,” I said. “But how do you cook two turkeys at the same time? I’m sure you must have a huge kitchen and lots of household help. Even so, I have trouble making one turkey come out all moist and golden brown.”
That’s when poor Amber broke down in tears. “Thanksgiving is an annual nightmare, if you really want the truth.”
“I’m so sorry,” I said. “I had no idea. Do you want to talk about it?”
“No.” She sighed. “I’ll just email you the video of CC’s turkey from last year. You’ll understand.”
A few minutes later, this landed in my inbox.


  1. levelboss

    she-larious! those Jennie-O commercials are very funny
    perhaps between the Steinbrothers, the Yankees can start rockin another great era in the Yankees’ storied history
    new management, new stadium, new era

  2. juliasrants

    Maybe that was part of the deal Jane – new stadium, new boss. George’s managment style worked for a while, hence all the Yankees’ World Series’ Rings. But I think if you start looking at the teams that have been successful of late you see that managment treats people like human beings. Now if Hal would throw a turkey dinner for the whole Yankee organization then they might be on their way towards a great season. Oh wait. Some of those luxury boxes are still unsold. Hmmm….and if they invited C.C. in an attempt to lure him to the Yankees that could get expensive. Perhaps they would be better off serving bologna sandwiches! Good luck with the new management. I think Yankee fans are going to need it!

  3. happyyoungster

    Now, that’s a turkey!
    How many can C.C. buy with 140 million?

    Let’s do the math…

    Average turkey costs around 20 bucks…
    divided by 140 million…

    comes to 7 million turkeys!
    Bon appetit big boy!!

    Jane, stop by the blog…I just posted my first video!

    P.S. Visited your website-very impressive!

  4. Jane Heller

    Thanks, levelboss. Let’s hope the new Stadium brings us luck.

    Hey, Julia. Yes, there were all those hirings and firings in the Bad George days, sigh, but the Steinbrenner family is also incredibly generous – from taking kids off the streets in the Bronx and giving them important jobs in the organization (do a google search on Ray Negron, for ex) to donating to multiple charities. Still, I think your bologna sandwiches are a good idea!

    Fast Eddie did come out swinging, Mark. Glad to have him on the blogs and will go leave him a comment.

    Love your video, Nick!!!!!!!! You were great on camera, and your catches were definitely camera worthy. Great marketing. I should hire you to promote my book.



    Should we start worrying that, in a fit of compulsive behavior, CC would eat on of our infielders?

    El duque

  6. Jane Heller

    I forgot about that Schilling recruitment trip, Greg. Maybe it’s not too late and Cashman can fly to California for a piece of CC’s turkey.

    El Duque, it’s possible. But maybe CC really doesn’t eat that much and just has a slow metabolism.

  7. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jane …

    [lol] — At the video of “the falling turkey” !!! It made me think of the scene in “Rocky 1”, when Burt Young threw the cooked turkey out the back door of his house !!! … No matter what happens, CC Sabathia and his family will have a very Happy Thanksgiving … They can all enjoy, either a very nice, quiet, $100 Million meal provided by the Milwaukee Brewers; or, they can “Feast” on a “Nine-Course”, extra innings, $140 Million “one-of-a-kind” offering, courtesy of the New York Yankees !!! ……….. Jimmy [27NYY] …

  8. Jane Heller

    That’s right, Jimmy. CC can choose the Brewers’ three-course meal or our buffet!

    Thanks, Mark. I love discovering other blogs and turning people on to them. Lisa and I found out we lived near each other in my NY days. She’s great. As for the fire here, it was set by 10 college kids who built a bonfire (during fire season – really smart) and thought they’d extinguished it. Now 200 homes are gone. They’ll probably be charged with negligence, since it wasn’t really arson.

  9. raysrenegade

    That is why I live in a bottom floor apartment…….free food.
    That was so funny.

    I am sorry to see King George no longer can be at the controls of the Yankees. I have known the guy for a few years and think the world of the guy, but his health is a problem right now and the ballclub is streaming along.

    The “H” brother, Hale and Hank better get it right, or that 2 Billion Dollars stadium might have a few empty seats. But it is too early to predict what money will do before Christmas. Maybe CC will wait until January 1st for tax reasons……

    Have a great Thanksgiving

    Rays Renegade

  10. Jane Heller

    A bottom floor apartment. LOL, raysrenegade. I’m sorry to see George turn over the reigns b/c he was so entertaining. Never a dull moment. And he didn’t hesitate to try to make the team better, even if his decisions weren’t always sound. And there was little matter of being suspended from baseball. But I bet he gets into the HOF. Enjoy your turkey!

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