Kevin and Robbie’s Excellent Adventure

First….The fire in Montecito/Santa Barbara is now 80% contained, and my house is out of danger. “Relieved” doesn’t begin to describe it. Thanks to those who expressed concern. Much appreciated.

Moving on to Yankees news, this week will be about free agents and trades and potentially new players in pinstripes. But it will also be about the travel plans of our hitting coach.

Yes, people, Kevin Long is flying to the Dominican Republic. His mission? To work on the swing of Robinson Cano because Kevin takes his job very seriously.
Trouble is, this is Cano we’re talking about, and I’m not so sure how seriously he takes his job.

He likes to have a good time.
My hunch is that from the minute Kevin arrives in San Pedro de Macoris, it’ll be all play and no work and the boys will party.
A beautiful seaside city known as “The Cradle of Shortstops” because of all the professional ballplayers who’ve called it home, San Pedro boasts such famous faces as
and, most infamously, Sammy.
The most popular drink in San Pedro is the “Guavaberry,” that’s part native fruit and a whole lot a rum. I’ve got a buzz just thinking about it.
I can foresee Kevin and Robbie belting back a few of those and then hitting the town. Maybe they’ll head to the beach and pick up some fine bikini-clad women.
For lunch Robbie will introduce Kevin to native food.
(I know that’s rice and beans on the left, but are we possibly looking at curried goat on the right? And do they have Pepto Bismol in the Dominican?)
Next up: Robbie introduces Kevin to a local custom whose name I can’t mention without being censored.
After a siesta, the boys will have a few more guaveberry shooters and then hit the casino. They don’t have CC Sabathia money, but they have enough to do damage at the tables.
After a dinner of some delicacy that involves spindly creatures of the sea
they’ll very likely feel the Latin beat and go dancing.
And then all of this will be repeated for another six days. Kevin will come back to the States hung over and exhausted. Girardi will ask, “So how did it go with Cano?” And Kevin will lie and say, “I totally fixed his swing. Mission accomplished.”
Maybe if Kevin watches this video about San Pedro de Macoris before he leaves, he’ll be better prepared to withstand the temptations and actually make a difference in our second baseman’s offense. Take a look, Kev. And travel safe.


  1. levelboss

    funny (as usual)
    i think it’s cool that Kevin Long is still working and helping Robbie get his groove back.. hopefully Robbie can mash the ball in 2009 and bring his power and consistency up again

    that picture of Manny and Robbie.. hmm, is there gonna be a similar picture except with Manny in blue pinstripes?

  2. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jane …

    It’s great to hear that you are safe; and, also, that your house was not affected by the fires … My prayers and thoughts go out to all in California, and hopefully all the wildfires will be totally put out soon !!! … As for the travel [vacation?] plans of Robinson Cano and Kevin Long, the Dominican Republic looks like a fun place to be, especially, this time of the year … It goes without saying, the Yankees need Cano to have a “very productive” year in 2009 — and, I think he will !!! … The key is for Cano to start the season off with a “Big” April and May which will build-up his confidence for the rest of the season … Cano did have a great “Spring Training” last year, but for whatever reason, he started the 2008 season off poorly, and never really recovered … At the all-star break, though, Cano went home, and received some hitting tips from his father which did seem to help Robinson. So, maybe, Cano’s father should be part of his hitting instructions with Kevin Long ? … But, it still seems the biggest loss for the Yankees after the “2007” season, was: Larry Bowa not being re-signed as third base coach … The Yankees are looking to open their bank vaults for CC Sabathia [and, rightfully so] … Maybe, if they offered Bowa an “offer he couldn’t refuse” [something like the largest contract ever offered to a third base coach], well, I think, that would have been one of the best moves of this winter for the Yankees !!! … It didn’t happen, and Bowa is headed back to L.A. to help Joe Torre’s Dodgers once again … Oh, well, it’s a loss for the Yankees, Robinson Cano, and Melky Cabrera !!! … Let’s hope Kevin Long can somehow help Cano “find his swing”, but, more importantly, make sure Cano doesn’t lose the swing [again] during this season !!! … One final thought, Jane … I don’t know why I haven’t asked before, but it would be “awesome” to be included on your “Blog Links List” … I will be sure to link your Blog on my list [when I finally get around to actually putting the list together] … Robinson Cano is trying to “find his swing”; I’m trying to “find more time in the day” — but, I will start my “Blog Links List” soon !!! … Thanks, Jane !!! … Go Yankees … Number 27 in 2009 !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]


    “Every picture tells a story.” No wonder Robbies always smiling. Long gets a three year deal and exotic travel while the offense crashes. “How about that.”

    Mark/Baseball Hot Corner

  4. Jane Heller

    The key to Cano is getting him off to a good start, levelboss, just as Jimmy commented. I’m tired of all the “he’s a slow starter” excuses. Let him hit in April and May, not just in September when it’s too late.

    I think a lot of the guys from the Dominican are friendly with each other, Julia. They’re one big happy group over there!

    Jimmy, I agree it would have been huge to bring Bowa back. But I can understand why he’d rather stay with Torre in L.A. And I like having Pena as bench coach with more responsibility. As for the blog roll, why don’t you let me know once you’ve got yours up and I’ll be happy to post your link to my roll.

    Mark, when I was browsing stuff for this post I found a music video where Cano makes a cameo and was he ever smiling at all those girls. I couldn’t post it b/c it wasn’t G-rated or even PG-rated. But the guy has fun, no doubt.

    Hey, Steve. I started to type in the word for the fine art of rooster dancing but remembered that MLB was watching and the word would have been deleted in a nanosecond!


    Good to hear that your safe and sound Jane. All those food pictures you put up really got me in the mood for some Dominican cooking, nice job lol I think Cano puts too much pressure on himself, when he was a rookie he just went out and played. I think last year he must have felt the pressure to perform for the first time. Like Jimmy said, if he gets off to a good start then he’ll be OK. I just hope he doesn’t go Knoblauch on us and need the services of a sports psychologist.

  6. Jane Heller

    Go Knoblauch on us? Don’t even think it, Rad! Besides, Chuck was very intense and Cano seems happy go lucky. Totally different personalities. So I don’t think it was the pressure of the new contract, because he got off to a bad start in ’07 too. Whatever the problem, I certainly hope Long can fix it in between shots of Guaveberry drinks.

  7. jboogie

    Hi Jane-

    Glad everything is OK with your house. I can’t imagine what that must be like. Not knowing what you’ll return to when you evacuate. Geesh.

    I’m glad that K-Long is on his way to the DR. It shows that the Yanks are committed to Robbie and that makes me happy b/c I think he’s a special talent. i’d argue that he’s probably one of the more talented Yankee. He just needs to harness his energy and remain focused on the task at hand and not be so lazy. Hopefully, Girardi does a better job of managing him in ’09.


  8. Jane Heller

    Hey, J-Boogie. Glad you see you back in action. I, too, want Girardi to do a better job with Robbie. Waiting until the end of the season to bench him was ridiculous. He needed that kick in the pants a lot earlier.

  9. bern_asoto

    Jane, where’s Melky in all this? He and Cano are best buds. Don’t tell me this is the time he’s chosen to get serious about his career? Lol!

    A Show Of Their Own
    Lady At The Bat

  10. Jane Heller

    Hey, Bern. I almost posted that music video of Melky and Cano (and Jose Reyes) but thought better of it! Yes, I’m sure Melky’s right there during Robbie and Kevin’s excellent adventure, high fiving and dancing and doing his thing.

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