Fun in the Sun for the Cash Man

Kicking off on Monday is the first big event of the Hot Stove season – the gathering of general managers in Dana Point, California. To give everybody a taste of what Brian Cashman and others will be treated to when they’re not sequestered in some conference room, here’s a look at the Orange County coastal town of about 36,000 residents.

With 7 miles of Pacific Ocean, Dana Point is home to a spectacular harbor providing slips and mooring for over 2500 boats.
Maybe Cash will take a spin on a yacht. Surely Scott Boras must have one.
Or maybe he’ll throw caution to the wind and go parasailing.
Or he could troll for a couple of big fish for the Yankees (like Sabathia/Teixeira).
He could always play 18 holes, since golf is a great way to do business and have some laughs.
And, while he doesn’t strike me as the adventurous type, he could check out the legendary surf break called Killer Dana. Hang ten, C-Money!
My house is only about three hours away, so I guess I could invite him over for dinner one night. But how do I know if he’d like my cooking? What if I make steaks and he turns out to be a vegan? Too much trouble. Let him stay down there in Dana Point with the other GMs and, hopefully, make a few excellent deals for the Yankees.


  1. PAUL

    I wouldn’t worry about his diet; the man’s worked for the Yankees for twenty-two years, which means he’s accustomed to eating untold amounts of crap. Any kind of food you put in front of him would be a welcome respite. Just serve him some gruel and he might crawl into the pot craving sustenance.

  2. Jane Heller

    Prince, did you just say I should serve Cashman pot? I think it’s against the law.

    You’re about the 10th Red Sox fan I know who thinks Manny is Yankees bound, Greg. My Sox-fan brother-in-law, who lives in Concord, NH, says he’s SURE Manny’s going to the Bronx. (He loves Manny, even after what he did, so he misses him.) I know the NY Post had a story in which Cashman said of a Manny signing, “I’m not ruling it out” or something of that wishy-washy nature. But the Yankees don’t need another mediocre outfielder/DH with a history of “issues.”

  3. PAUL

    I played ball with a guy in college who dealt pot and he and his partner pulled into a hotel parking lot to put their stuff into dime bags and the cops pulled in and instead of arresting them and doing paperwork all night for a rap that would’ve resulted in nothing, they lectured them on the importance of going somewhere indoors to prepare their wares. The exact quote as I remember it was: “Go inside next time; people are gonna think you’re a coupla fairies.”

  4. districtboy

    They should have the meetings in Atlanta, and have the meetings in Dana Point *next* year. Assuming the Nats draft Stephen Strasburg first overall next year (I swear to god, if they don’t…) it would follow the pattern of having the meetings in the hometown (of there about) of the year’s first overall draft pick (D. Price, Nashville, TN, T. Beckham, Griffin, GA, S. Strasburg, San Diego, CA)


  5. Jane Heller

    Wow. That’s interesting, Aaron. Just shows you I should be following the hometowns of the draft picks. But Dana Point is pretty nice, so I’m sure the GMs are living it up.

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