Rays-Phillies Game 5: Phinally Over

In what can only be described as an anticlimax (unless you’re a Phillies fan), the boys from Philadelphia took down the Cinderfellas from Tampa Bay to win this thing and put an official end to the ’08 baseball season. Congratulations, Phillies, and kudos to the National League for letting the world know you’re not that bad.

Just a few random thoughts before I say goodnight.
Don’t Lidge and Ruiz look like they’re doing a commercial for match.com?
Do they not sense that Ryan Howard is about to jump on top of them and crush them?
When Maddon put Fernando Perez in to run, shouldn’t Perez have stolen second AND third before we even blinked? The guy is fast.
But mostly I’d like to ask a question: What is the purpose of mascots? (Don’t get me started on white rally towels. I respectfully request that Major League Baseball ban them.) Plenty of teams have furry creatures that roam the ballparks. There’s the Philly Phanatic.
There’s Raymond, who stomps around Tropicana Field.
There’s Ace, the cheerleader of the Toronto Blue Jays.
Even the Red Sox, who pride themselves on being purists, have Wally.
wally.jpgSo are the Yankees missing something? Do we need a mascot too? Or do we already have one that gets the fans excited about the game?
Yep, we do. And his name is Der-ek Jet-er. Clap clap clap clap clap.


  1. steve_t

    The Yankees are too highbrow to have a mascot. Heck, these are the same guys who assume that every city they visit knows them by number. One they put names on the backs of their traveling grays, it’ll be a matter of time before their mascot is revealed. I’ll guess it’s either a bag of cash or a giant world series ring. I should get into marketing.

    Steve T

  2. Jane Heller

    Holy cow. You did predict Phillies in five, Prince! I just went to your blog and scrolled down to that post. Sure enough, you got it right. I bow down to you.

    Interesting comment, Steve. The Yankees are too highbrow for a mascot. As for the bag of cash, let’s see how much the RS spend this off-season. Rumor has it you guys are in the market for a starting pitcher, a first baseman, a catcher, a couple of relievers, even yet another shortstop. Ca-ching!

  3. steve_t

    Yep, that’s the beauty of the Yanks. No matter how much another team spends, they always spend more. I’m sure the Sox will pony up some serious money over the winter since they actually dropped in payroll last season. Not so sure about Teixeira, but maybe Burnett or Peavy by way of trade. By the way, I hear Manny’s being considered by the Yanks. A-Rod and Manny back-to-back? How could the Empire resist?

    Steve T

  4. Jane Heller

    My response to the Yankees-always-spend-more thing is: The Yankees make more to spend. Lots of revenue coming into the organization, although in this economy I wonder how people will be able to afford ticket prices at the new Stadium. Fenway’s not cheap either. Still, history shows that in tough economic times baseball provides an escape…..As for Manny, I keep reading that too. It was in today’s NY Post, for ex, probably fueled by Cashman’s statement that he’s not ruling Manny out. Personally, I think the last thing the Yankees need is a mediocre outfielder/DH who causes trouble. We need pitching and a first baseman!

  5. Jane Heller

    You have interns? I have a cleaning lady who comes on Mondays. Does that count? Thanks for the link to your post about the mascots. Really funny. When I was at the Trop last year, a Rays fan made sure to tell me that Raymond, their mascot, was a woman. Equally opportunity! Yay!

  6. happyyoungster


    just found out about your new book. Sounds like I will have to buy that for my wife…and for myself.
    I find that one of the toughest things about being a diehard baseball fan is balancing family responsibilities along with it.
    Hope you have some good advice in there…

    Enjoy the offseason (I won’t) and enjoy C.C.!!


  7. Jane Heller

    Actually, I do have advice about how to balance being a diehard baseball fan with being a good spouse. My book is a cautionary tale! Without giving anything away, I was totally ignoring my husband as soon as the season started. Then we both went on the road following the Yankees to all the games and realized some interesting things about marriage. So there’s a lot of baseball in the book but some truths about being a fan too. Hope you and your wife will enjoy it. Meanwhile, glad you stopped by my blog and now I’ll go check out yours! (And I’m not so sure we’ll get CC. I had my heart broken before with Santana.)

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