Rays-Phillies Game 5: Singing in the Rain

It sure was pouring in Philadelphia tonight. Did you see the rain? The soaked grass? The puddles in the infield? Or were you, like the umpiring crew, pretending it was a perfect evening for Baseball’s Fall Classic?

Seriously. Was that how we want a potential clinching game to go? Why didn’t they stop things earlier? Instead, we were stuck with a sloppy play by Rollins, some questionable walks by Kazmir and at least one manager looking awfully grumpy.
Maybe Joe was still stewing over that dark spot on Blanton’s cap. Or maybe he was wondering why Crawford didn’t run out that ball in the first inning.
Still, he had to be relieved that Pena and Longoria finally got hits and that Upton slid home with the tying run. Whew, huh? Now the Rays are done with Hamels and will face the Phillies tomorrow night feeling a little better about their chances. Or will they play tomorrow night, given the forecast for more rain?
Poor Phillies fans, thinking the Series was a done deal. Speaking of which, did anyone see Chris Matthews rant about his team on “Hardball” tonight?
“If the Yankees or Red Sox were in the World Series, I’d call my friends who are fans of those teams and wish them luck,” he said. “Did any of them call me and wish my Phillies luck? Nobody. Not one call.” Man, was he a whiner. Wish I had the video.
In the meantime, here’s a little Gene Kelly “Singing in the Rain” remix to keep us feeling nice and soggy until tomorrow night – or whenever they finish Game 5.


  1. Jane Heller

    Snazzy is right. Sorry about that awful weather in the Northeast. It’s warm and sunny here in California, not counting that we could have a wildfire any second. (Please, no.)

  2. Jane Heller

    I, too, like Hardball better than Countdown these days, Jeff. Keith has gone over the top with his “commentary” and his O’Reilly stuff. Chris is doing a good job on the issues. Love when he got that Congresswoman from Minn to say she wanted the media to investigate who’s anti-American. Still, he’s whiny when it comes to be a Phillies fan!

    Maddon’s cap will be on everyone’s must-have list for Christmas, primo. Unless, of course, they want to look good.

  3. primomailx@gmail.com

    Jane….you incredible blogger host…..as Fernando would say on SNL……”It is better to look gould than to feel gould, darling.”

  4. Jane Heller

    Let’s put it this way. I’m too vain to wear that cap, even if my ears were freezing off. Btw, it’s funny that everyone’s commenting on the cap and not saying a word about last night’s game. What does that tell us?

  5. primomailx@gmail.com

    Unless you live in Florida or Philadephia, the World Series is a yawn. It is sad when the weather and Bud Selig get more ink than the event.

  6. Jane Heller

    I know a lot of people feel that way, so I’m wondering why I don’t. Aside from the one blow-out, the games have been competitive. There’s been good pitching, some power hitting and some base stealing. Call me crazy, but I’m enjoying this series – well, as much as a Yankee fan can enjoy anything that doesn’t involve pinstripes.

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