A-Rod’s Risky Business

Yankee fans who are regulars over at Peter Abraham’s blog have already seen this, but I couldn’t resist posting it too. It’s a TV commercial for the Guitar Hero World Tour and it’s a rip off of Tom Cruise’s underwear scene in the movie “Risky Business.” Starring in the commercial is A-Rod, among others. My suggestion to him? Don’t give up your day job and let Madonna do the musical shtick.

Also on Peter’s blog….Larry Bowa is staying with the Dodgers as third base coach. Guess he didn’t read that post I wrote about the charms of New York (the one with the steak and the cheesecake).


  1. PAUL

    For me, Guitar Hero will always be associated with Joel Zumaya injuring his valuable right arm playing the stupid thing. My reaction at the time was if I was Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland, it would be like the copy machine-smashing scene out of Office Space, only with Guitar Hero as the target.
    I’m not surprised at Bowa staying with the Dodgers; I didn’t think there was much of a chance of him coming back to the Yankees anyway. He’s not a guy who’s grasping for every penny he can get; he loves working with and for Torre; and he hated the way the Yankees disrespected Torre when they got rid of him. If they’d just out-and-out fired Torre, I think it would’ve sat better with Bowa; they did it chicken(bleep) and that probably irritated Bowa more than anything else. Plus Bowa and Girardi would be a powder keg waiting to explode.

  2. Jane Heller

    I’m not surprised Bowa is staying with the Dodgers either. But remember, even after Torre left, Bowa said he would stay on as third base coach if the Yankees wanted him to. They didn’t and off he went. Now there’s speculation that the Brewers ex-manager (Dale whats-his-name) is a candidate for Meacham’s replacement.

  3. Jane Heller

    Thanks for the heads up, Paul. Sounds like the fans and the organization disagreed though. In any case, I also heard the Yankees might move Tony Pena over to third and replace him at first. Once this annoying WS is over, we can all move on to the real business of baseball.

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