Rays-Phillies Game 1: Cole Hamels for President

Yes, I believe he should throw his cap into the ring. Consider all his positives:
* Consistent (notched his fourth consecutive postseason win tonight)
* Cool under pressure (only surrendered two runs over seven innings)
* Connects with “real Americans” (not just Pennsylvanians but Joe the Plumber too)
* Can really multitask (once pitched while trick-or-treating for Halloween)
* Appeals to women (obviously).
Does he have the experience to be president? That’s what you’re asking yourself. It’s true that he’s just 24 and has pitched in the majors for a mere two seasons. But don’t we need change? Someone who can inspire us with his youth and vigor? I mean, we’ve had years and years of Jamie Moyer and are we really better off?
Oops. There’s a problem with his candidacy. He doesn’t sound presidential. Not at all. Have a look.
But seriously. He did a great job tonight keeping the Rays under control. I’d take him in a nanosecond if he ever wanted to play for the Yankees. Duh.


  1. steve_t

    He was great last night. Sadly, for the Phils there’s that sharp decline as the rotation wears on. Those Rays pitchers can keep them down over the series. Even with the Phils up 1-0, I’ll take the Rays in 6.

  2. PAUL

    Would this be better described as love or lust?
    Buster Olney has a link that says Curt Schilling has no intention of attending the World Series; I didn’t click on it because I don’t really care, but I think it will somehow, some way be able to go forward without him. That’s just my well-thought-out guess.

  3. Jane Heller

    I agree, Steve. That’s why I made King Cole the star of this post – because I doubt the Phillies will have another hero in what I expect to be a Rays-dominant series.

    He’s too young for me, Paul. Sigh. But he’s a damn fine pitcher. As for Schilling, I thought Buster Olney was a good journalist. Is Curt not going to the WS a “story?” I think not.

  4. Jane Heller

    Hey, John. Congratulations on the book. Very cool that it was blogging that inspired you to write it after years of collecting baseballs, autographs, etc. I hope it sells really well!

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