More Real Estate on the Market – Make an Offer

Now that we’ve all had an aerial look at A-Rod’s Miami mansion that’s currently for sale, here’s another listing of note.

It’s Derek Lowe’s Mediterranean-style house in Manhattan Beach (south of L.A.). Built two years ago, the 4,260 square-foot residence owned by the Dodgers pitcher/free agent consists of four bedrooms and five baths, plus (and this is a big selling point) a heated floor in the master bathroom – perfect for those damp, chilly mornings in coastal California. But wait! There’s more! Just a half-block from the ocean, the house boasts water views galore, not to mention a gourmet kitchen for your personal chef!
All this for only $5.7 million. Cheap compared to A-Rod’s place, right? Where does Lowe think he’s going?
Anything is possible. The question is: Do Yankee fans want him in NY? Speaking for myself, I think he’d get clobbered by AL hitters if he came back to the league. But then I have zero credibility. I thought Javier Vasquez was a good signing and look how that turned out.


  1. Jane Heller

    Steve, the new Stadium has the same dimensions as the old one, I believe. But are you really saying the Yankees should get Lowell b/c he’d be an effective pitcher for us or b/c you think he’d be awful, which, of course, would be great news for the Sox? (I see a conspiracy here. 🙂

    Greg, the LA papers have been full of Lowe’s giddy nights with his Fox TV girlfriend, which would make him right at home in NY. They could hang with A-Rod and Madonna. As for the drinking, we took Sidney Ponson, didn’t we?


    Yeah, but a lot of people thought Vazquez was a good signing. A lot of people thought Pavano was a good signing too. As for Lowe, he’d be a lower in the order kind of guy. My sincere hope is that Mussina comes back. He figured out how to pitch with his velocity, and though he may not win 20 next year, he’ll give us enough to competitive.

  3. Jane Heller

    I’d like to see Moose come back too. Sounds like he’ll retire though and I can’t blame him. Better to go out on a high note.


    Jane, let’s not forget that guys like Kevin Brown, Vazquez, and Pavano were being hotly sought by other teams as well. The Yankees were somewhat on the defense putting up the money for those bums.

    As for Derek Lowe, he could be a good 4th or 5th starter. One main issue is if he can take the “heat’ in New York. The guy perspires like a fire hose. Also, the fans in Boston would roast him over his personal life issues. Lots and lots of heat!

  5. jboogie

    I would only go after Lowe if none of the other biggies come to NY. Those biggies being Burnett, CC, and Peavy.

    The way I look at it is they have 3-4 SPs right now, Wang, Joba, Hughes and Pettitte/Moose. I’m hoping for a 1-2-3 of Moose, Wang and Joba. Hughes will probably be able to hack it as a 5, especially with his vision corrected. I think they’ll go after 2 and I’d put Lowe on the bottom of my list.


  6. Jane Heller

    I’m not worried about RS fans roasting Lowe, primo. He got plenty roasted whenever the Dodgers went to SF to play the Giants; it’s the same kind of atmosphere. Btw, while Pavano and Vasquez were sought after by other teams, I don’t remember GMs salivating over Brown. Wasn’t he a George Pick?

    So if your rotation at the moment is Wang-Joba-Hughes-Pettite and/or Mussina, J-Boogie, that means you think Hughes can be effective and give us innings and get over his tendency to nibble AND stay healthy. I hope you’re right. And okay, I’d be in favor of going after Lowe if we can’t sign CC/Burnett. I’m just not wild about the idea. He doesn’t inspire confidence.

  7. Jane Heller

    You were too busy watching the Cardinals, Jeff. But hey, the Yankees’ loss was the White Sox’s gain. They got two Yankees disasters, Vasquez AND Contreras.

  8. steve_t

    Lowe would be treated pretty well by Sox fans. He left on reasonably good terms and he did win the clinching game in the ALDS, ALCS, and World Series of 2004. That alone deserves a standing O upon his return to Fenway, no matter what uniform he wears.

    Steve T

  9. Jane Heller

    I agree, Steve, but maybe you can explain why Damon gets booed at Fenway? He was an integral part of the ’04 championship and yet he gets treated like a traitor, while Millar gets to throw out the first pitch at the WS last year. Mystifies me.

  10. Greg

    Damon gets booed because he left for more money to go to the Yankees, when during his 4 years with the Red Sox he had said he would NEVER sign with the Yankees. That is why Red Sox fans boo him. Personally, I don’t boo him.

    As for Brown, he was traded to the Yankees. So no other teams were going after him on the FA market: On December 11, 2003, Brown was traded to the New York Yankees as part of a deal that sent Jeff Weaver, Yhency Brazobán, Brandon Weeden, and $2.6 million in cash to Los Angeles.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

  11. steve_t

    Easy one: JD pulled a Schilling and said he’d never sign with the Yankees, but unlike Schilling, he took the money. Also, he went from Sox to Yanks as opposed to Millar who went to the lowly Orioles (and wanted to stay in Boston, but wasn’t offered a deal).
    To this day Orlando Cabrera is greeted at Fenway like he’s Yaz, and he only had half a season in Boston. That’s the way it is: you leave the family for the enemy and you’re dead to us. (Sorry, watching some Sopranos reruns lately).

    Anyway, back to Lowe, it looks like he’d prefer to play for a winner:

  12. Jane Heller

    Okay, Greg and Steve, my RS experts. I appreciate your perspectives. So let me get this straight. Lowe left the Sox for more money, but since he didn’t end up with the Yankees he’s cool with you guys? Damon didn’t get the money he wanted from the Red Sox and went to the Yankees, who did pay him what he was asking for, and that makes him a bad guy? Last season I asked a Yankee about all this and here’s what he said, “Fans think we’re greedy for taking the money, but in this game money is respect.” He was being honest about how the players and their union feel about getting the most $ they can. They have great pensions and health care and more than enough money to live well for the rest of their lives. So for many, it comes down to whether an organization “respects” them. Yes, there will always be players who put a higher priority on lifestyle and comfort zone. Lowell being a case in point. I’m just saying it’s complicated. As for that piece about Lowe wanting to be back in Boston? Then Boston is where he should land. I don’t want anybody on the Yankees who doesn’t want to be there. Good luck to him.

  13. PAUL

    I find it odd that players put their houses for sale before they’ve even filed for free agency; Tom Glavine did it last year, but he knew that he was either going back to Atlanta to play or going back to Atlanta to retire. The Dodgers must’ve told Lowe straight out to forget about another long-term deal.

  14. Jane Heller

    Either that or: #1) he needs bigger digs for him and his girlfriend; or #2) he knows how bad the real estate market is and figures it’ll take over a year to sell the place.

  15. Greg

    If I recall correctly, I don’t think the Sox offered Lowe a contract after 2004, either.

    I think they only offered Damon and Pedro deals, with Damon taking more money with the Yankees and Pedro taking more years and moneys with the Mets. Although, Pedro didn’t get booed when he came back with the Mets.

  16. Jane Heller

    So it sounds like the Damon defection was more of a slap to RS fans than the others. The truth is, if Bernie William had signed with the Sox after the Yankees no longer wanted his services, I wouldn’t have booed his return to the Stadium. But if Jeter went to the Sox for more money, BOOOOOOOOO.

  17. steve_t

    Damon was a star on the Red Sox, maybe the biggest one in terms of face time. On the Yanks he was just one of the bunch. Fans reacted negatively because of where he went, not because he left for more money than the Sox offered. Lowe didn’t leave to take more money–he was never offered a deal to stay, which makes me think he may not come back to Boston even if he wants to.

    Steve T

  18. Jane Heller

    Got it about Damon. And I think you’re right about the Sox not signing Lowe. The Yankees have been known to let players walk and then bring them back. I don’t recall the Sox doing that, but you’d know better than I.

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