Rays-Red Sox Game 6: I’ll Get to It in a Sec….

There is breaking news out of Yankeeville. No, A-Rod didn’t opt in or out of his contract or have Scott Boras announce that he’s marrying Madonna. It was Joba who upstaged the proceedings. Seems he was driving his BMW down a Lincoln, Nebraska highway at 1 a.m. and – surprise! – he was drunk! When the police pulled him over for speeding, they discovered alcohol on his breath and an open “container” of booze on the passenger seat (hope it wasn’t that cheap wine that comes in a box – euww). So while we were all watching baseball and cursing out TBS, young Mr. Chamberlain was being arrested for a DUI.

The cops haven’t released the mug shot yet, so this will have to do.

O.K. On to tonight’s game. The Rays were feeble – like a different club after having been slapped down to earth on Thursday night. Beckett, who was not the dominating pitcher of old, was still good enough to flatten their offense. (What’s with that white pendant he always wears? It looks like a Life Alert thingie from the commercial where the old lady goes, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”) And the Ray’s pen continued to have more holes than Swiss cheese. Can they regroup and beat the Red Sox tomorrow? I doubt it. I’m predicting an all-red World Series, which will require us to adjust the contrast on our TVs.
Back to Joba. I’m sure he’s too busy arranging bail and apologizing to Cashman to be sitting in his holding cell reading my blog. But if he is, indeed, reading it, here’s a little clip that just might sober him up.


  1. steve_t

    I was planning on writing something like there go the Yankees trying to steal the spotlight from the Red Sox, but as I think about it, I wonder what the effect of handing these kids (under 25) boatloads of cash to play ball. The major league minimum I believe is $390,000. That’s a lot of cash for a kid who was probably earning an hourly wage a couple of years ago. Let’s hope this is an isolated incident and not the start of some serious issues for Joba. Fame and wealth at a young age can be a great thing, but only if they’re prepared to deal with all that it entails.

    And by the way, the second time that guy crashed into the wall–funny as hell. Sometimes I feel bad for laughing, but I’m sorry, that’s priceless.

    Steve T.

  2. Jane Heller

    First, the video…That guy crashing into the wall is hilarious. What isn’t funny is that he got behind the wheel of a car in that condition. I agree that fame and fortune at a young age can be tricky. Look at Lohan, Spears, etc., as well as some athletes. And I hope the Yankees will get Joba into rehab if he’s really got a problem. But let’s face it: DUIs happen to people of all ages. Are you reading this: Tony LaRussa????

  3. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Ouch, that’s bad news for Chamberlain… is there any evidence to him having a legit drinking problem or was it just a one time dose of stupidity? Hopefully he’ll be able to recuperate, he’s a great pitcher even though he’s hard to face. I hope that the Rays continue to have that ‘deer caught in headlights look’ as they continue to realize: oh…. we ARE playing the Boston Red Sox.

  4. Jane Heller

    I seem to remember that certain veteran players – like Jeter and Pettitte – spoke to Joba this season about excessive partying and not spreading himself too thin. Somebody needs to sit him down now, before the problem gets worse, and rein him in…. Yeah, the Rays did have that look, like they did in Game 1. Just please promise me, redsoxgirl, that you won’t lord it over us Yankee fans if you win it all again. We’re feeling very fragile right now 🙂

  5. primomailx@gmail.com

    Either way, Yankees fans will win tonight. If the Rays win, we will be happy for them. If the Rays are defeated, one could argue their future dominance of the AL East is in severe jeopardy. They are a good, young team but they are exposing their weaknesses on a national stage.
    My prediction is the Rays will have the lead when the 3rd out is recorded in the final inning.

  6. Jane Heller

    Interesting prediction, primo. Are you thinking Lester will falter tonight or that the Rays’ bats and bullpen will do a better job? Not sure I agree that, if they lose, they won’t be a formidable club next season. I don’t think their success has been a fluke.

  7. primomailx@gmail.com

    I think Lester pitches well, but the Rays find a way to win. I do not think the Rays lost three in row many times this year, if at all.
    The Rays were not a fluke this year, but they are fragile, and teams will find a way to exploit that next year.
    Opposing teams will begin to pitch around their best hitters.
    Also, pitching coaches have another year of watching the Rays and they will prepare accordingly. In short, the Rays surprised the whole league this year. That element of surprise is gone now.

  8. Jane Heller

    You’re right about the element of surprise being gone, that’s for sure. Teams will make adjustments now. I just don’t think they’re going away any time soon. Of course, for the Yankees’ sake, I hope I’m wrong and we bury them in ’09!

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