For Aspiring Writers Out There

There’s a blog for writers – especially writers of mysteries, crime novels and legal thrillers – called Criminal Brief. Each day of the week, a different writer from their roster of authors contributes. One of them is my friend Melodie Johnson Howe, who was nominated for the prestigious Edgar Award for best mystery. She went on vacation last week and asked me to pinch hit for her. Since she’s the Tuesday contributor, my guest blog is up on their site today. It’s about how my obsession with the Yankees changed my whole attitude toward the writing process. If you’re interested, check it out.



  1. PAUL

    How about a site for aspirating writers? That’d fit me better, I think.
    Did you see Bobby Meacham got fired? It was: A) a shot over the bow at Joe Girardi since Meacham was one of his two hand-picked coaches and is a warning for next year that he could be next; and B) it reminded me of when Meacham was a rookie, cost the Yankees a game with an error and George Steinbrenner was so pissed that he didn’t just send him to the minors, but he sent him to Double A!! I’ll have more on this in my blog tomorrow (or later tonight).

  2. Jane Heller

    I did see Meacham is history and I can’t say I’m sorry about it. He caused too many outs with his reckless waving in of hitters. And supposedly Girardi relied on him at the expense of the much more respected Tony Pena – one of the causes for dissent in the clubhouse. I’m hoping this move by Cashman is the first of many.

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