Dodgers-Phillies Game 3: The Bench-Clearing Brawl That Wasn’t

My adopted team, the Dodgers, won decisively thanks to a five-run first inning and effective pitching throughout – a good, solid performance to shut down the Phillies. Congratulations, Joe. I’m glad your guys are still out there fighting.
Speaking of fighting, how about that nutty third inning? In retaliation for Martin getting hit, Kuroda threw one at Victorino, who took the opportunity to point out where his ribs are located.
As a result, there was the obligatory clearing of benches
manny held.jpg
as well as a perfect moment for Joe to man-hug Manny.
No punches were thrown, not even those meaningless, baseball-player-type swings and misses. Order was restored quickly by the umpires, although the way Buck and McCarver hyperventilated you would have thought they were talking about 


  1. Alby55

    I don’t think Victorino gets to decide were the ball can be thrown, he said he knew it was coming, well duck and take it. I think it’s funny that we haven’t seen Proctor all series but he’s in the middle of all the action.(second pic)

  2. Jane Heller

    I thought Victorino’s whole act was ridiculous, alby55. “Hit me in the ribs, not the head.” Over and over again he kept yelling and pointing. We got it, Shane. We really, really got it! And yeah, it’s funny seeing Proctor. I guess Joe won’t use him unless there’s a blowout. Is he even on the roster? I know Tanyon Sturtze isn’t.

    LOL, primo, on the hair pulling.

  3. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Jeff. Seeing Duncan and Lopes go at it was like a being beamed back to the future….or something. It’s always interesting to see who rushes into these little dustups and who hangs back. The Yankees didn’t have a lot of fighters, but when Daryll Strawberry was on the team he was always the first one out there.

  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    Torre’s like ‘Manny don’t be Manny right now. You are the only shot we have at winning this.’ I’ve never seen a player make so much of a difference on a team. He makes all the other hitters better, and has really stepped up his game.

    If I were Philly, I would try to get him to do something not smart. I agree the Victorino thing was a little repetitive.

  5. Jane Heller

    That’s what I was thinking, welikeroy. Repetitive and over the top.

    Calm down? Don’t take away our fun, neal! Getting fired up by almost-brawls is part of the game.

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