Rays-Red Sox Game 2: A Five-Hour Ordeal

Seriously, I thought only Yankees-Red Sox games lasted longer than most doubleheaders. But tonight’s contest was destined to be a marathon when it became clear that both Kazmir and Beckett couldn’t hold onto a lead.
This game had it all, including seven homers. And thanks to the crack reporting by the crew at TBS, it also had more than I ever wanted to know about Terry Francona’s addiction to…
At the start of the game, Francona had a bucket of 72 wads of double bubble gum. And again, thanks to TBS, we got to watch him chew and then spit out every one of them. The guy’s teeth must be totally rotted out.
Back to baseball, the winning pitcher was the Rays’ rookie, David Price.
He’s their version of Joba Chamberlain, I guess, and he certainly got the joba done tonight.
As for the last man standing? Or, should I say, sliding?
That would be another Rays’ rookie, Fernando Perez, their version of Brett Gardner. He scored on Upton’s shallow fly ball to Drew to win the game and proved that the Yankees need to get younger and speedier if they want to compete in this division. Maybe Cashman should have his people out there scouting track stars. Couldn’t hurt.


  1. primomailx@gmail.com

    Last night Tampa became the city that never sleeps and the Rays became the team that said “not so fast” to the Red Sox. Francona blundered going so long with Beckett who has lost his dominance this year. I think the teams play back in Tampa before it is over.

  2. PAUL

    I’d give him a pass on the gum-chewing because he weaned himself from a lifelong addiction to chewing tobacco, which is probably worse for the teeth than gum. They’re probably completely rotted out already. That chewing tobacco addiction is no joke. Pete Harnisch almost had a nervous breakdown quitting the stuff.

  3. Jane Heller

    Primo, I actually thought of the words “Grady Little” when I saw how long Francona left Beckett in there. But it was Masterson and Timlin who blew it. It would be great to see the series move back to Tampa, especially if the rest of the games are as close as the first two.

    I agree on the gum-chewing, Paul. I just didn’t need the close-ups. Talk about oral fixation.

  4. Jane Heller

    Hey, ransfan. Thanks for stopping by. You must be pretty happy with the way things are going right now. I’ll be rooting for your guys tonight (and hoping the game doesn’t go five hours).

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