My Latest New York Times Article

If anybody’s interested, here’s a piece I wrote about being a Yankee fan and having “playoff envy.” It’s in today’s Times sports section. Thanks to Andrew at the Yankees blog, Scott Proctor’s Arm, for featuring it in his post today.



  1. Jane Heller

    Thanks for reading, Steve. I appreciate your comment. About last night’s game, do you think Beckett is hurt? What’s the Boston media saying?

  2. metmainman

    Ha, try being a Mets fan and knowing you actually should be in the playoffs. Contending all season and falling on the last day is worse than not conteding at all.

    Even better, try being a Cubs fan. 100 years and most fans have never seen a title. Then an absolute heartbreak this year.

  3. todddrew4justice

    Nice story in The Times. It’s an interesting take. I won’t be joining you though. I love Joe Torre, Don Mattingly, Scott Proctor and Larry Bowa, but the Dodgers will forever remain sworn enemies in the Bronx. I guess baseball grudges are cleaner on the other coast.

  4. bronxstop

    Jane…awesome piece.

    Honestly, it is so weird with the Yankees out of the playoffs.

    But I don’t know what would be worse. Getting bounced from the playoffs again in the first round, or not making them at all.

    Let’s face it. A lot of things would have had to have gone right for the Yanks to make it out of that first short series.

    Wouldn’t it have been just a tiny bit harder to swallow if they got there, but couldn’t deliver– again.

    Hopefully next year they come back looking like a new team (in a new stadium) and play like they have something to prove. And we all know, that they all know, they must.

  5. steve_t

    Everyone says Beckett is fine, but I wonder if he’s holding back from his scares with his elbow and that tingling feeling he had in his fingers. Who knows? All I know is something very wrong is happening to screw up his game and it’s either either physical, mechanical, or emotional.

    If he were truly hurt, they’d shut him down immediately and go with Lester, Wakefield, Matsuzaka, Byrd, and Lester for Game 7 if necessary. Still good enough to win with Lester going twice. Byrd has been tough in the postseason as the Sox learned last year vs. Cleveland. Francona won’t tip his hand until he has to, so I’d guess we’ll assume Beckett will go in turn until we hear differently.

    Steve T

  6. Kylie

    It’s just… awkward not to have the Yankees in the playoffs. That’s really the only way I can describe it. Just like it was awkward for the Braves not to be even in contention or anything. It just doesn’t seem possible.
    Kylie —


    Hi Jane, not only was it great to see another Heller article in the New York Times, but you expressed my feelings perfectly! I have also switched to the Dodgers–couldn’t stand the thought of not watching baseball during October, and Torre is the closest thing we have to a Yankee connection–plus I love watching Manny play like a madman!

  8. Jane Heller

    Thanks for all the comments. I actually took a baseball break to go see the movie “Body of Lies.” Lots of blood and torture (you guys will love it), but some good acting too.

    Metsmainman, I feel your pain. The Mets were so close, only to falter. And yeah, the Cubs haven’t won it in a century, which must be agonizing for their fans. Yankee fans are spoiled – we’ve been there year after year – but now now we’re on the sidelines and we don’t know what to do with ourselves. It’s just very weird, as bronxstop said. (I disagree that getting bounced in the first round would have been tougher. At least we would have had a week of suspense.) Or, as Kyle says, awkward. Like the earth suddenly became flat.

    It’s a funny thing about being a Yankee fan and rooting for the Dodgers, todddrew4justice. I don’t have a grudge. I know there are some who remember the Brooklyn years and could never root for them. I also have friends who are Red Sox fans and would cut off a limb rather than root for Manny. I guess my affection for Joe and Mattingly trumps everything else. But let me be clear: I’m only a temporary Dodgers fan. It’s just my attempt to feel like a part of this postseason!

    I appreciate your thoughts on Beckett, Steve. And I forgot about Byrd. He beat the Yankees in the 2007 ALDS so I’m sure he’ll be seeing action at some point. Actually, I wonder why we didn’t see him last night after Beckett came out.

  9. Jane Heller

    Hi, Janet. Glad you liked the article. My feeling about the Dodgers is that if I can’t have the Yankees, I’ll go with the next best thing: Torre, Mattingly and Bowa. Unfortunately, they need to win tonight or we’ll be forced to look elsewhere for baseball gratification!

  10. jboogie

    Great piece in the Times. I’m definitely with you as I have a case of playoff envy myself. It’s tough watching a Yankeeless postseason, but it is what it is. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

    I can’t get behind adopting a team though, even if it’s only for the playoffs. Sure there are teams I’d rather see win over others, but I can’t openly root for them. It’s like I blogged yesterday. To me there are only 2 teams in baseball. There’s the Yankees and there’s “not the Yankees.” And if it’s “not the Yankees” winning, it’s all the same to me. Right now I’d like to see the Dodgers win, followed by the Phillies, then the Rays, then the Sox. But whoever wins, they’re “not the Yankees” and that’s what bums me out. We didn’t even have a chance.


  11. Jane Heller

    I know what you mean, J-Boogie, believe me. Tonight I had a friend over to watch Dodgers-Phillies. He’s a longtime Dodgers fan so I figured it would be fun to have him comment on some of the players I didn’t know that well. Instead, whenever Ethier would make a catch in right, I’d start going on about Bobby Abreu. Whenever Furcal would do something at short, I’d talk about Jeter. You get the point. I was “rooting” for the Dodgers but my brain is hardwired to the Yankees. There’s just no getting around it.

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